Proceedings of the Royal Colonial Institute, 25. kötet

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423. oldal - In the case of every person dying after the commencement of this part of this Act, there shall, save as hereinafter expressly provided, be levied and paid, upon the principal value ascertained as hereinafter provided of all property, real or personal, settled or not settled, which passes on the death of such person a duty, called
369. oldal - ... can be conveyed in almost anything; but spirits, whether disembodied souls or supernatural beings, have it and can impart it; and it essentially belongs to personal beings to originate it, though it may act through the medium of water, or a stone, or a bone. All Melanesian religion consists, in fact, in getting this Mana for one's self, or getting it used for one's benefit — all religion, that is, as far as religious practices go, prayers and sacrifices.
432. oldal - And We do hereby grant our especial licence and authority unto all and every person and persons, bodies politic and corporate, (otherwise competent,) to grant, sell, alien, and convey in mortmain, unto and to the use of the said Society, and their successors, any messuages, lands, tenements, or hereditaments, not exceeding such annual value as aforesaid.
435. oldal - Society, or any meeting thereof, or by the Council, contrary to the general scope or true intent and meaning of this Our Charter, or the laws or statutes of Our Realm, and anything done contrary to this present clause shall be void.
434. oldal - Institute, and appoint and dismiss at their pleasure all salaried and other officers, attendants and servants as they may think fit, and may...
250. oldal - GCMG, a VicePresident of the Institute, presided. The Minutes of the last Ordinary General Meeting were read and confirmed, and it was announced that since that Meeting 14 Fellows had been elected, viz.
431. oldal - MANCHESTER, and such other of Our Loving Subjects as now are Fellows of the said Society, or shall from time to time be duly admitted Fellows thereof, and their successors, are hereby constituted, and shall for ever hereafter...
328. oldal - Mountains, over £68,000; the whole of the cost of the Halifax Arbitration between Great Britain and the United States, arising out of the Washington Treaty of 1871 ; half the expenditure connected with the Treaty of Washington of 1888, to determine the construction of the Treaty of 1818 between Great Britain and the United States ; and that Canada is now engaged in settling the Alaskan boundary at her own expense, and pays one-half of the expenses, some £'20,000, of the Arbitration at Paris of...
368. oldal - The religion of the Melanesians consists, as far as belief goes, in the persuasion that there is a supernatural power about belonging to the region of the unseen; and, as far as practice goes, in the use of means of getting this power turned to their own benefit. The notion of a Supreme Being is altogether foreign to them, or indeed of any being occupying a very elevated place in their world.

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