food seem savoury and delicate unto former metal, the gain of a relative these three men and this tender vir- who had shared with the Buccagin,—but my hands, on which the neers in the plunder of Panama. I blood of man yet reeks unatoned for, had also been wedded for a nummay not presume to touch blessed ber of years, my wife was young food.” And spreading the fold of his and beautiful, and our daughter, an mantle over his face, and stooping only child, my own May Colvine, down, he appeared to busy himself here where she sits, was in her in mental devotion, while, tasting the thirteenth year, with a frame that supper set before us, and obeying the seemed much too delicate to survive mute invitation of the maiden to a the disasters she has since been glass of water, we complied with all doomed to meet. We were counthe forms which this extraordinary selled to carry her to warmer cliaudience seemed to impose upon us. mates, and were preparing for our After this was past, the young woman voyage, and my wife was ready to took up one of the instruments, and accompany me, when a large smugsinging as she played, with inexpres- glingcutter cast anchor in a deep sible sweetness and grace, her father woody bay which belonged to my gradually uncovered his face, his looks estate, and as I sat on the top of began to brighten, and uttering a deep my house, looking towards the sea, sigh, he waved his hand, the minstrelsy a person in a naval dress came and ceased, and he thus addressed us :- accosted me. He was, he said, the

“ I was not always an unhappy captain of the Free trader lying in the man—I had fair domains, a stately bay, with a cargo of choice wine, house, a beauteous wife, and a sweet and his mariners were bold lads and daughter: but it is not what we have, true, had periled themselves freely but what we enjoy, that blesseth by land and water, and often exman's heart, and makes him as one perienced the protection of Miles of the angels. I dwelt on a wild sea- Colvine's bay, and the hospitality of coast, full of woods and caverns, the his menials. They had heard of my haunt of a banditti of smugglers, intention to carry my wife and those fierce, and vulgar, and intract- daughter to a more genial climate, able spirits, who find subsistence in and, if we wished to touch at Lisbon, fraud and violence, and from a con- or to go to any of the islands where tinued perseverance in hostility to Europeans seek for health, they human law, become daily more harde would give us a passage, for they ened of heart and fierce of nature. honoured us next to commerce witha I was young then, and romantic, out law or restraint. But I'must and though I did not approve of the tell you, that the chief of this band, course of these men's lives, there ap- knowing my love for marvellous peared glimpses of generosity, and tales, hinted, that he had men on courage, and fortitude, about them, board, who, to the traditionary lore which shed a halo over a life of im- of their maritime ancestors, added morality and crime. I protected their own adventures and deeds; and them not, neither did I associate could, with the romantic ballads of with them; but they soon saw in Denmark and Sweden, mingle the the passive manner in which I re- Troubadour tales of France, the garded their nocturnal intercourse Moorish legends of Spain, and the with the coast, and the ready and singular narratives which survive delighted ear which I lent to the among the peasantry on my native narratives of their adventures by sea coast. To soothe and propitiate my and land, that they had nothing to wife he had recourse to another fear and much to hope. Their con- charm; from the pocket of a long fidence increased, and their numbers boat-cloak he produced a mantle of augmented, and they soon found a the most precious fabric, and spreadleader capable of giving an aim to all ing it out before her, with all its their movements, and who brought rich variety of colour, and Eastern something like regular craft and abi- profusion of ornament, offered it as lity to their counsels.

an humble present from himself and I was reputed rich, and was rich; his mariners. I need not prolong my treasures were mostly of gold this part of my narrative, we emand silver plate, and bars of the barked at twilight, and standing out of the bay, dropped anchor till morn- treated, I used force, and though I was ing dawn. The captain sat armed armed by anger and despair, with albeside us ; this excited no suspicion, most supernatural might, the door for he went commonly armed, and withstood all my efforts. But why related adventures of a trying and re- should I dwell upon a scene of such markable kind which had befallen him unutterable misery? What I endured, on foreign shores, with a liveliness, and what the woman I loved and and a kind of maritime grace, which adored suffered, are fit only to be were perfectly captivating. All night imagined, not, surely, to be spoken. we heard overhead the tramp and the Her wrongs were remembered, and din of sailors passing and repassing, her shrieks numbered by a POWER and with the grey of the morning we far more terrible than man, and a plucked up our anchor, spread our sails certain doom and deplorable death to a shrill wind, shot away seaward, was pronounced against them, at the and my native land vanished from my moment their joy was fullest. view. All was life and gladness, we The evening passed away, and danced and we sang on deck, and morning came, and through a little drained cups of the purest wine; wicket which looked upon the sea, the while the breeze favoured us, and the light showed me that my chamber was sky remained unclouded and serene. the treasure-room of the pirates, for

In about fifteen days the spice such they were, as well as smugglers ; groves of one of the Portuguese at the same moment a hole opened islands appeared before us, and as above, and a piece of bread and an the sun was setting, it was resolved antique silver cup filled with wine, we should remain at the entrance of were lowered down. Amid the mia bay till day-light. We were crowd. sery of my situation it seemed but a ed on the deck, looking on the green light evil that I recognized the silver and beauteous land, and a gentle vessel to be part of the treasure I seaward wind wafted the perfume of had left at home, and in seeking for the forest about us. My wife was a weapon to force the wicket I found then in the bloom of youth and beau- that my whole riches, in gold as well ty, full of health, and life, and love; as silver, had been seized and put on and as she stood leaning on my arm, board. I could now measure the the sailors smoothed their rough extent of my calamity, and prepared looks, and refrained from curses, so myself for a fate, which, among such much were they touched by her miscreants, could not be deemed far beauty ; but this awe lasted but a distant. The morning was not much little while. The captain was merry advanced when the sun dipped at once far beyond his usual measure of de- into a dark and tempestuous ocean light, and drained one wine cup af- of clouds, the wind began to whistle ter another to my wife's health and shriller and shriller among our sails, mine; he vowed I was as a god and the sea, upturned by sudden and among his 'men, and that my wife heavy gusts of wind, showed as far was reverenced as a divinity.“ But as the eye could reach, the dark and come,” said he, “ Miles Colvine, I tremendous furrows so fatal to mahave a curious and a cunning thing riners. The wind was from the land, to show you, which you alone deserve and I could both see and feel that the to see; I got it among the Moors, vessel was unable to gain the har80 come, and come alone."-I rose bour, and had sought security from and followed him, for my curiosity the approaching tempest by standing was unbounded, he conducted me out to sea. I heard the wind wax below, and opening a small wicket louder, and saw the billows roll, with in the wall of his cabin with a key, a joy that arises from the hope of reushered me in, and closing it sud- venge: the sky became darker, the denly upon me, locked it, and then I sea flashed over the decks, and the heard him bounding up the stair to tempest hurried the ship onward the deck. I stood half imagining this with a rapidity which alarmed the to be a jest, or something, at least, sailors, accustomed as they were to of a light nature ; but shriek after the element. The seams of the vesshriek of my wife, uttered in the pier- sel began to admit the sea, and everycing agony of anguish and despair, where symptoms appeared of her soon undeceived me. I called, I en- immediate destruction.

I heard a conversation over head for the hour is at hand, and as sure I shall never forget. “ I tell you," as I hate sin, and love immortal said a voice in lowland Scotch, happiness, I shall help you." I took “ good can never come of such evil the sword and followed in silence, as your captain and you have and coming on deck, I beheld a scene wrought; had you taken Miles Cole which the hope of sure and immedivine's gold and silver alone, the ate revenge rendered inexpressibly sin had been but small, and a grey- sweet. The captain and five sailors, headed repentance might have though nearly overcome with wine, mended all. But the bonnie lady! were seated on deck; the remainder her voice has been heard to-day, and of the crew had retired below; some tremble all you that touched her shouted, some sang, all blasphemed, sweet body, for here has come an and one loud din of cursing and avenging tempest. The sea will soon carousal echoed far and wide: the devour us, and hot hell will hold us; mingled clamour that ascended from and the mother who bore, and the this scene of wickedness and dewife who loved me, and the bonnie bauchery partook of all the evil babes I have nursed on my knee, will qualities of debased minds and the behold me no more; and all for be most infamous pursuits, and cannot ing in company with such hell-hounds be described. Discord had its full as you.” A voice replied to all this, share in the conference on deck bein a tone too low and suppressed tween the captain and his confedeto be audible; and the Scotchman rates; they were debating about their answered again. “ Lo, look, did shares in the plunder of my house. ever eyes behold such a sight, all “ Share ! by my saul, man,” said a around us the sea is smooth as glass, Scottish sailor to the captain, “ your and other ships pass by us under a share in Miles Colvine's pure gold gentle breeze, without a wetted sail, can be but small; one hour of his but we! the anger of heaven has sweet lady, a hundred leagues from found us, for on us the thick tempest land, was worth all the gold that beats, and the evil-one is pursuing us ever shone.”_" I shall share all fairto destruction. Othou eternal villain ly,” said the captain, laying his hand -captain, shall I call thee no more on the hilt of his cutlas," and first I - and you !-you fifteen wretches, shall share thy scoundrel carcase who shared with him in his crime, among the fishes of the sea, if I hear make you ready, for that storm will such a word again. Did I plan the neither leave you, nor forsake you, glorious plot of carrying away the till you are buried in the ocean.” At fair lady and her lord's treasure, to the very moment when ruin seemed share either with such a Scotch sawinevitable the tempest ceased, the ney as thee?” The wrath of the clouds passed away, and the de- Scotchman burnt on his brow, far scending sun shone brightly down, redder than the flush of the wine he making the shoreless waters sparkle had drunk. “ Fiend seethe my saul as far as the eye could reach. No in his kettles and cauldron, if ye bounds were now set to the joy of taste na' cauld iron for this !”-And the crew; they crowded the deck, out came his cutlas as he spoke. made a circle round several vessels “ That's my hearty Caledonian," said of wine and baskets of biscuit, and one of his comrades, “ give him a before the twilight bad passed away touch of the toasting iron ; didn't he a few only were capable of guiding give a blow to the head of my mothe vessel. The light grew very ther's own son, this blessed morning, dark, and as I sat in utter despair í for only playing pluck at the lady's heard the same friendly voice, that I garment. Ah, give him the cold had so lately heard,' say, “ Miles piece of steel, my hearty." A blow Colvine, put your trust in him who from the captain's cutlas was the ancan still the tempest, the hour is swer to this; several drunkards drew come.” In a moment the wicket their swords, and ill-directed blows, opened, and the same voice said, and ineffectual stabs, were given and « Take this sword, and come with received in the dark. “Now," said me. If you have courage to avenge my sailor, laying his hand on mine, the miseries and the death of your to stay me till I received his admobeautiful and wretched wife, come, nition, “ say not one word, for words


slay not, but glide in among them urged onward by a strong wind, like a spirit; thrust your blade, for scudded with supernatural swiftness anger strikes, but revenge stabs, through the midnight waters. We and I will secure the gangway and had entered the Solway sea, when fight along with you.' I heard and the storm, augmenting every moment, obeyed, and gliding among them, carried us rapidly along, and when thrust one of them through and opposite Allanbay, a whirlwind seizthrough; a econd, and a third ing our ship by the rigging whirled dropped, ere they saw who was her fairly round, and down she went among them.

The captain at- head foremost. Even in this moment tempted to draw a pistol, but my of extreme peril, I shall never forget sword, and my friend's, entered at the figure that, couched among the back and bosom ; and though two slain, started to its feet before me, yet remained unhurt, I struck my in health and unhurt. There is a sword a second time through the fate in all things: it was that fiend in bosom of my mortal enemy, as he human form whom I slew to-night. lay beneath me; and the last expir- Revenge is sweetest when it comes ing glance of his eye_was a look unhoped for. As we sank, a passing worth remembering. Ere this was vessel saved my pretty May Colvine, accomplished, the other two were her murdered mother's image, and both lying with their companions. her wretched father's love, and saved I have frequently imagined that a too the heroic sailor; while the firmness and strength, more than my drunken wretches went to the botown, were given me during this tom, without the chance of swimming desperate encounter. Meanwhile the for an existence they deserved not to remainder of the crew below set no prolong." bounds to their merriment and shout- Such was the narrative of Miles ing, and seemed, as my Scottish friend Colvine. He has been dead for severemarked, ordained to die by my hand, ral years, and though his daughter since their clamour, by drowning the wedded the man who saved her fac groans of their comrades, prevented ther and her, he refused to forsake them from providing for their safety. the sight of the Solway and the We fastened the cabin door, and bar- sound of its waters, and was found ricaded the gangway, keeping watch at his cottage door cold and stiff, with pistol and sword, with the hope with his eyes open and looking sean of seeing some friendly shore, or a ward. compassionate sail, while the vessel, Lammerlea, Cumberland.

MY FIRST PLAY. Ar the north end of Russell-court from the stillness of which I was there yet stands a portal, of some taught to prognosticate the desired .architectural pretensions, though cessation! I seem to remember the reduced to humble use, serving last spurt, and the glee with which I at present for an entrance to a wine ran to announce it. vault. This old door-way, if you We went with orders, which my are young, reader, you may not godfather F. Kad sent us.

He kept know was the identical pit entrance the oil shop (now Davies's) at the to Old Drury-Garrick's Drury-all corner of Featherstone-buildings, in of it that is left. I never pass it Holborn. F. was a tall grave pera without shaking some forty years son, lofty in speech, and had pretenfrom off my shoulders, recurring to sions above his rank. He associated the evening when I passed through in those days with John Palmer, the it to see my first play. The after- comedian, whose gait and bearing noon had been wet, and the condition he seemed to copy ; if John (which of our going (the elder folks and my- is quite as likely) did not rather borself) was, that the rain should cease. row somewhat of his manner from With what a beating heart did I my godfather. He was also known watch from the window the puddles, to, and visited by, Sheridan. It was Vol. IV.

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My First Play.

to his house in Holborn that young and I strode (shall I confess the ya-
Brinsley brought his first wife on nity?) with larger paces over my
her elopement with him from a allotment of three quarters of an acre,
boarding school at Bath-the beau- with its commodious mansion in the
tiful Maria Linley. My parents were midst, with the feeling of an English
present (over a quadrille table) when freeholder that all betwixt sky and
he arrived in the evening with his centre was my own. The estate
harmonious charge. From either of has passed into more prudent hands,
these connexions it may be inferred and nothing but an Agrarian can re-
that my godfather could command store it.
an order for the then Drury-lane In those days were pit orders. Be-
theatre at pleasure-and, indeed, a shrew the uncomfortable manager
pretty liberal issue of those cheap who abolished them !-with one of
billets, in Brinsley's easy autograph, these we went. I remember the
I have heard him say was the sole waiting at the door-not that which
remuneration which he had received is left—but between that and an in-
for many years' nightly illumination ner door in shelter–0 when shall I
of the orchestra and various avenues be such an expectant again with
of that theatre—and he was content the cry of nonpareils, an indispen-
it should be so. The honour of She- sible play-house accompaniment in
ridan's familiarity-or supposed fa- those days. As near as I can recol-
miliarity-was better to my goda lect, the fashionable pronunciation
father than money.

of the theatrical fruiteresses then F. was the most gentlemanly of was, “ Chase some oranges, chase oilmen; grandiloquent, yet courte- some numparels, chase a bill of the

His delivery of the commonest play;"-chase pro chuse. But when matters of fact was Ciceronian. He we got in, and I beheld the green had two Latin words almost con- curtain that veiled a heaven to my stantly in his mouth (how odd sounds imagination, which was soon to be Latin from an oilman's lips !), which disclosed the breathless anticipamy better knowledge since has en- tions I endured! I had seen someabled me to correct. In strict pro- thing like it in the plate prefixed nunciation they should have been to Troilus and Cressida, in Rowe's sounded vice versa—but in those Shakspeare—the tent scene with Di'young years they impressed me with omede-and a sight of that plate can more awe than they would now do always bring back in a measure the read aright from Seneca or Varro— feeling of that evening - The boxes in his own peculiar pronunciation, at that time, full of well-dressed monosyllabically elaborated, or An- women of quality, projected over the glicized, into something like verse pit; and the pilasters reaching down verse. By an imposing manner, and were adorned with a glistering subthe help of these distorted syllables, stance (I know not what) under glass "he climbed (but that was little) to (as it seemed), resembling-a homethe highest parochial honours which ly fancy--but I judged it to be sugarSt. Andrew's has to bestow.

candy-yet, to my raised imaginaHe is dead and thus much I tion, divested of its homelier qualities, thought due to his memory, both it appeared a glorified candy!- The for my first orders (little wondrous orchestra lights at length arose, talismans!-slight keys, and insignifi- those “ fair Auroras!” Once the cant to outward sight, but opening to bell sounded. It was to ring out me more than Arabian paradises !) yet once again-and, incapable of "and moreover, that by his testamen- the anticipation, I reposed my shut tary beneficence I came into posses- eyes in a sort of resignation upon the sion of the only landed property maternal lap. It rang the second which I could ever call my own- time. The curtain drew up- I was situate near the road-way village of not past six years old and the play

pleasant Puckeridge, in Hertford- was Artaxerxes ! shire. When I journeyed down to I had dabbled a little in the Unitake possession, and planted foot on versal History, the ancient part of my own ground, the stately habits it-and here was the court of Persia. of the donor descended upon me, It was being admitted to a sight of

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