fifth page, the following expressions, has a despotic censorship to abolish, which must serve as a specimen of and she has to guarantee her literary the whole, occur: “ But our young property against the interference of hands will not carry the censer before the police. Paris teems at this mothe idols to whom human blood is ment with placards, and pamphlets, sacrificed-before we were subjects and caricatures, on the death of of kings we were citizens of a coun- Napoleon ; but their existence is try; we will speak for it, and we ephemeral; the very day on which will wait for the future. Caroline they issue from the press they are was sacrificed to private interest, seized, and suppressed by the briz and Napoleon to policy. I hesitate gands of government. The publishnot to repeat, that both died of the ers have latterly successfully evaded same distemper! Where will that this interposition, by sending forth cruel delirium end, which has taken an immense impression at the mopossession of European cabinets? ment from the press, which is inWeary of treachery and perfidy, have stantaneously bought up by prethey resolved henceforward to em- arranged purchasers: this plan seploy only poison and the steel?” cures, at all events, some trifling The jury, after some deliberation, profit, before the pillage commences. acquitted the author of this produc- We have seen some of those protion, probably upon the ground, ductions, which are highly characthough not expressed, that it was a teristic of the ingenuity and invenlibel rather on the king of England tion of that mercurial country, than the king of France. This was We are sorry to have to place in followed by the trial of M. Flocon, the very front of our domestic intelas the author of a pamphlet ad- ligence the premature, but total faidressed to “ Francis Charles Joseph lure, of all the splendid anticipations Buonaparte, born at the Castle of to which his Majesty's visit to Irethe Tuilleries, March 20, 1811;" land had given rise in the minds of and its author, who also avowed those who possessed a superficial achimself, was charged with “ an at- quaintance with the character of that tack upon the order of the suc- people. The gaudy and hollow bubble cession to the throne, 'an offence of conciliation has burst, and a system against the person of the king, and of outrage, robbery, murder, and asan offence against the members of sassination has commenced, scarcely the Royal Family.” The passage to be paralleled in the annals of any on which the charge principally rest- civilized country. The counties of ed, was the following, “ Twice have Limerick, Mayo, and Cavan are at I seen the soil of France polluted by present the chief seats of the disturbthe steps of foreigners, whose arms

In the former of these counhave twice imposed upon us shame ties the outrages are of the most and slavery; and being then too horrible and aggravated nature. A young, I could not enjoy the glori- most respectable magistrate, a Mr. ous right of dying by the hands Going, was attacked upon the public of the enemy. T'ime rolls on, things highway, and, to use the vulgarly emchange, men pass away, sovereignis phatic phrase in which the intelligence are alarmed, yes, for the sad off- of his death was announced in Dubspring of a degenerate race !” M. lin, “ his body was made a riddle Flocon, who defended himself, con- of!Any one of the seven wounds tended that he had not transgressed inflicted on him must have proved the boundaries of free discussion al- mortal; and such was the daring lowed by the charter, and the jury ferocity of his assassins, that even agreed with him. So far we should the dead body was ohliged to be have to congratulate France, on guarded home by a military escort. having thus acquired the invaluable The unfortunate gentleman was disprivilege of the terposition of a tinguished for his loyalty, and has, jury before conviction and its con- we regret to state, left a large fasequences: but still she must ad- mily almost unprovided for. Govance much farther, before she verument have offered a reward of enjoys the glorious freedom of dis- 20001. for the apprehension of his cussion allowed in England. She murderers, who, as if to show that


they were actuated solely by a san- nobility of the kindom. A grand triguinary spirit, left his watch and a umphal arch was erected in his holarge sum of money he had on his nour, and a salute of 110 pieces of person untouched!

At a meeting artillery announced the moment at of the Irish privy council, it was re- which he passed under it! The city solved, and too justly, to proclaim was splendidly illuminated in the this district. In various other parts evening. We lament to add that his of this unfortunate country, midnight Majesty has had a slight attack of meetings, robbery of arms, and in- the gout, which confined him to his cessant organization, prove clearly chamber, and for a time interrupted enough that these outrages originate the national festivities. It is confiin previous concert. If any thing dently reported, that he means to visit were wanting to show this, it would Berlin before his return, and also that be the almost incredible, but too he has acceded to the urgent entreawell authenticated, fact, that in an

ties of the French monarch to receive hour after the murder of Mr. Going, in Paris some return for the numberit was announced to the country by less favours for which Louis is inbonfires upon all the hills, and echoed debted to this country. Lord Lauderby a savage yell of exultation from dale has received a summons to meet the villages! If this system be not his Majesty in that capital on the first speedily and manfully suppressed, of December. we should not be surprised at a re

Sir Robert Wilson has laid before newal of the horrors of 1798. In the the electors of Southwark copies of inean time, the different factions in all the correspondence which has Dublin seem labouring to evince how passed between him and the Duke of hollow and hypocritical were their York on the subject of his dismissal promises of forbearance. The ob- from the service. He has demanded noxious toast which brought down to know what charge has been prepublic censure upon Alderman Dar- ferred against him, who has preferred ley has been repeated, in spirit, it, and that he may meet his accusers though not in terms, by the new before a competent tribunal ;-he has Lord Mayor, who is in high favour also demanded from Lord Sidmouth with his party in consequence, and depositions which were said to have does not appear at all in disfavour been made against him, in order that with the government, as the Lord he might prosecute the parties who Lieutenant was not only present made them for perjury: these dewhen the toast was given, and drank mands have all met with a direct reit, but toasted in return, “ the Dub- fusal. It appears, however, from a lin Corporation.” If the King was published note of a conversation bein earnest, when he so strenuously tween Sir Robert Wilson and Sir recommended conciliation, this is Richard Birnie, that there has been strange conduct ; and if he was not no written information given against --but it is hard to say, whether the the ex-general. In the mean time the “ emerald flowers," and the “ laurel public have warmly discussed the crowns," and the shouts of servile and subject, and a subscription has been disgraceful adulation, which alter- opened to remunerate Sir Robert for nately insulted the spirit and under- his pecuniary losses. This already standing of himself and Lord Lon- amounts to a very considerable sum, donderry, deserved any other return and the leading

Whig Lords have conthan derision and disappointment. tributed munificently; the Duke of

The reception of his Majesty at Bedford, Lord Darlington, Lord FitzHanover has been quite as loyal, william, Sir Francis Burdett, and though with much less of servility and Mr. Lambton have each subscribed ostentation. He is splendidly lodged five hundred pounds; and a number at the beautifully-situated palace of of others in proportion. A meeting Herrenhausen, and on the 10th of was held at the City of London October made a solemn public entry Tavern for the purpose of advancing into the capital of his German domi- this object, at which it was agreed, nions, accompanied by his royal bro- that any overplus which might exist thers the Dukes of Cumberland and after defraying Sir Robert Wilson's Cambridge, and attended by all the losses, should be handed over to the families of Honey and Francis, the The American papers announce a two unfortunate men who fell victims new method of raising money by on the day of the Queen's funeral. lottery. The following is the expeMr. Lambton was in the chair, and dient, as announced by public adMessrs. Ellice and Hume made state- vertisement, and it is alike remarkments which certainly went altogether able for its novelty and its modesty. to exculpate that officer from any “ A young man of good figure and charge of having preconcerted with disposition, unable, though desirous, the mob the impediments by which to procure a wife without the prethe funeral procession was diverted liminary trouble of amassing a forfrom its course. As this subject will tune, proposes the following expeof course become the topic of parlia- dient for the attainment of his wishmentary investigation, we abstain es-he offers himself as the prize of from all comment, uninformed as we a lottery, to all widows and virgins are upon the facts which led ministers under thirty-two! The number of to advise the measure of dismissal. tickets to be 600, at fifty dollars

There has been a very curious ac- each. One number only to be drawn quittal in one of the courts of Paris, from the wheel, the fortunate proon the ground of excessive bud charac- prietor of which is to be entitled to ter! A man of the name of Desjar- himself, and the 30,000 dollars !" dins was tried, for having, on his own This ideal value of a husband seems, confession, admitted that he was an in some degree, countenanced by the accomplice of Louvel, the assassin of circumstance of two ladies having the Duke de Berri, and the case was in the course of last month fought a clearly proved. Desjardins set up, duel, from motives of jealousy, in as his defence, that he was so notori- the forest of Boulogne; two shots ous for his falsehood, that nobody in each were fired, but fortunately the the world could give credit to a fair combatants escaped, without any word he said, and produced a whole other wounds than those which Cuhost of witnesses, his friends and re- pid had previously inflicted. latives, who all swore to the fact with It is mentioned in the Irish pasuch effect, that he was declared not pers, that though the bogs are now guilty. We recollect but one similar quiescent, several mountains in the instance, which occurred some years county of Galway have lately moved ago in Ireland, on a charge against a away to the sea shore; it is rather man of highway robbery. In the late in the season for a visit to a course of the trial the prisoner roared watering place. These moving mounout from the dock that he was guilty. tains are situated on the estate of The jury acquitted him, and the Mr. Martin, the member of parjudge remonstrated. “ Good God, liament, and are part of the possesgentlemen, did you not hear the man sions which Moore has immortalized himself declare that he was guilty !” in the Fudge family. “ We did, my Lord,” said the fore- Place me amid O 'Rourkes, O 'Tooles, man, and “ that was the very reason The royal, ragged house of Tara, we acquitted him, for we knew the Or place me where Dick Martin rules fellow to be so notorious a liar that The houseless wilds of Cunnemara. he never told a word of truth in his Mr. Martin is so well liked in Gal. life.”

way, that nothing but a convulsion A statement of the revenue has of nature could deprive him of any been published, by which it appears of his territory. that there has been an improvement At this late period of the month of 849,000l. comparing the last quar- we can only refer our readers to an ter with the corresponding quarter in important Russian Ukase, which has 1820: in the Customs, an increase been just received, and will be found of 150,000l.; in the Stamps, about in our Commercial Report. The re50,0001, and in the Excise of very gulations to which it subjects all near 70,000l. We sincerely congra- trading vessels will materially affect tulate the country on this statement. the interests of England.

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6. At St. James's Church, by the Rev. Chas. Jas. Sept. 21. At Tamerton, Cornwall, the lady of Col.

Hovre, Hector of Blandford, Dorsetsbire, Heury Sir Edmund Keynton Williams, KCB. and KTS.

Charles, second son of Henry Hugh Hoare, a danghter,

Esq. of Barp Elms, in the county of Surrey, to 28. At her father's house, Bedale, Yorkshire, the Mrs. Prince, yonngest daughter of the late Ge.

neral Ainslie. lady of Sir J. P. Beresford, Bart. a soa. Oct. 3. In Hill-street, Berkeley-square, the lady

- H. W'. Sober, Esq. of White Stanton, oncret, of H, Brougham, Esq. a daughter.

to Elizabeth. youngest daughter of Sir John

Dashwood Kinx, Bart. MP. - At East Bourne, Sussex, the lady of R. Robertson, Esq. a daughter.

- At St. George's, Hanover square, Henry Fiplier 6. In Great James-street, Brdford-row, the lady

Sloane, Esq. of Rockbeare Court, in the County of Edward Holroyd, Esg. a daughter.

of levon, to Sarah, eldest daughter of the late 8. At Adbury-place, Berkshire, the lady of Sir

Thomas Porter, Esq. of Rockbeure-house, in the James Fellowes, a son.

same county. 9. At the Bishop of Chester's Palace, Chester,

9. At St. John's Church, Chester, Mr. Robert Lady Charlotte L.aw, a son.

Mercer, of Heburue Bridge, near Blackburn, to 10. In Upper Bedford-place, Russell-square, the

Miss Jemima Morris, of Chester. The parties

were to have been married thirty-six years aro; lady of Wm. Loftus Lowndes, Esq. a son. 11. In Foley-place, Mrs. Chas. Neate, a son.

the bridegroom has since that period been living 14. At High Legli, Cheshire, the lady of John Legh, in matrimony, and has liad eighteen children by * Esq. a son.

bis first wife : and what adus to the singularity 15. At Camberwell, the lady of Charles Jardine,

of this marriave, is, that until the day previous Esg. a daughter.

to its taking place, the happy couple had not 16. At Walmer, the lady of Rear Admiral Harvey,

seen each other for thirty-six years. • CB. a daughter.

10. At Mary-le-bone Church, B. R. Haydon, Esq. - At Landue, Cornwall, the lady of Thos. John historicul painter, to Mrs. Hymon, of StonePhillipps, Esq. a daughter.

houze, Devonshire. 17. In Upper Grosvenor-street, the lady of Dr.

13. At Llanno:the, Monmouthshire, John HawFitton, a son.

kins, Esq. of Balams, Herts, to Maria Anue, - At Loudam-hall, Suffolk, Lady Sophia Mac

daughter and co-leiress of the late Chas, Dodd, donald, a son.

Eso. of Piggot's End, Herts. 19. In Great Ormond-street, Queen-square, Mrs.

- At Atterdon Church, Kent, the Hon, Captain Duff, four fine children, three boys and ove girl.

Campbell, RN.MP. to Charlotte, second daugha

ter of Gen. Gascoyne, MP. IN SCOTLAND.

16. At St. James's Church, John Paul Bedford, At Drummond-place, the lady of Sir Wm. Mil- Esq. of the Theatre Royal, Dublin, to Miss liken Napier, Bart. a son.

Greene, late of the Theatre Royal Covent GarAt Edinburgh, Lady Torpichen, a son.

den. At Edinburyh, the Hon. Mrs. Liddell, the lady of - At Ansley, Warwickshire, John Chetwode, - the Hon. H. T. Liddell, of Ravensworth Castle, Esq. eldest son of Sir John Chetuode, bart. of Durham, a son and heir.

Oakley, Staffordshire, and nephew to the Earl At Edinburgh, the lady of Rear Admiral Otway, of Stamford, to Elizabeth Juliana, eldest daugh. Commander in Chief, a daughter.

ter of John Newdigate Ludford, Esq. DCL, of


At Roebuck-house, near Dublin, the hon. Mrs.
Peter La Touche, a son.

At Valleyfield, John Hay, Esq. jun. of Smithfield. la Rutland-square, Dublin, the Countess of Long

and Hayston, to Miss Anne Preston, daughter ford, a son.

of the late Lieul, Col. George Presion, of the At Belmont, in Queen's County, Lady Louisa Do

Royal Marines, and uiece of Sir Robt. Preston, rothea Campbell, wife of Major Gen. Campbell,

of Valleyfieid. Bart. a son and heir.

At Aberdeen, Wm. Knight, LLI). Professor of At Cork, the lady of Capt. Dilkes, RN. a son.

Natural Philosophy in the Institution of BelAt Dublin, the lady of Sir Francis Hassard, a

fast, to Jane, eldest daurhter of the Rev. Dr. daughter.

Glennie, Professor of Moral Philosophy and


At Malta, the lady of Geo. Ward, Esq. Deputy
Paymaster-General to the Forces, a daughter.

By the Rev. John Mackenzie, DD. the lord ElAt the Government-house, Jersey, the lady of His

ward Chichester, second son of the Marquis Excellency Sir Colin Halkett, KCB. and GCH.

of Donegal, to Ainelia Diana, daughter of Hene a daughter.

ry Deaue Grady, Esq. of Merrion-square, Dub



At Guernsey, Thos. Carey, Esq. of Rozel, in that Sept. 22. Henry Carter, Esq. of Parliament.st. Island, to Barbara, eldest daughter of the late Westminster, to Eliz. Jane, daughter of the late Col. Jackson, MP. for the County of layo, Dr. Bourgeois, and third niece of Sir Francis Irelan Bourgeois, of Dulwich College.

At Leghorn, by the Rev. Thos. Hall, Chanlain to Lately. Charles Dormer, Esq. son of the late Jas. the British Factory, the Hon. Arthur Hill Trc. Dormer, Esq. of Warwickshire, and Cousin to vor, eldest son of the Rt. Hon. Lord Viscount the present Lord Dormer, of Grove Park, to Dungannon, to Sophia, daughter of Gorzes Elizabeth Charlotte, daughter of Chas. De Coe- D'Arcy Irvine, Esq. of Castle Irvine, County of tlegon, Esq. of Ashford Cottage, Middlesex, and Fermanagh, Ireland. Welbeck-street, London.

At Leghorn, John Christie, Esq. of Hoddesdon, 28. At St. George's, Hanover-square, Thomas in the County of Hertford, to Caroline, eldest

Malling, eldest son of Col. Welsh, of Hertford. daughter of John Falconer, Esq. His Britanistreet, Mayfair, to Frances Sophia, daughter of nic Majesty's Consul General for 'Tuscany. the late Wm. Hunter, Esq;,

At Windsor, Nova Scotia, John M‘Kay, Esq. of Oct. 1. At Whippingham, Isle of Wight, Lieut. Bettyhill, Sutherlandshire, Captain 27th Regt. Col. Samuel Hall, 89th Regt. to Sophia, Mary of Infantry, to Amelia Isabella, third dau liter Lambert, eldest daughter of Charles Lambert, of the late Benjamin De Wolf, Esq. of that Esq. of Fitzroy-square, London; and of Os- place. borne-house, Isle of Wight.

DEATHS. 2. At St. James', Westminster, Major Jas. Hack.

ett, of the Hon. East India Company's Service, Sept. 20. In Wigmore-street, Gen. And. Cowell, to Marguerite, eldest daughter of the late Col. formerly of the Coldstream Guards, in his fuchs Gledsdale, of 'Whitehaven, Cuniberland.

year. 6. At St. George's, Bloomsbury, Thos. Hunt, Esq. 21. At Hampstead, after but a few minutes ill

of Montague-street, to Louisa, youngest daugh- ness, Catherine, the wife of Charles Barton, ter of the late Dr. John M. Lettsom, and Grand- Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister at Law. daughter of the late Wm. Nanson, Esq. of Rus- Lately at Harlyn, in his G6th year, H. Peter, sell-square.

Esq. formerly Licut. Col. of the Cornwall Mili. VOL. IV.


tia, and for many years a Magistrate of that ratio Nelson Matcham, second son of George County.

Matchum, Esq. and nephew to the late Adiniral 22. At Southwick Park, Mary Anne, the wife of Lord Viscount Nelson, and the present Earl. Thos. Thistlethwaite, Esq.

Oct. 12. After two years painful illness, aged 69, - At his house, Alsop's-place, Regent's Park, Wm. Augus, Esq. an eminent historical and Robt. Bath, MD. in his 74th year.

landscape engraver. - At Highbury-park, in his 71st year, Benjamin

IN SCOTLAND. Hopkinson, Esq. 23. At the house of her brother, Viscount Clif- At Greenlav- jouse, Galloway, Lady Gordon,

den, at Roehampion, the Honourable Emily wife of Si Alexander Gordon, of Calvennon. Anne Agar.

IN IRELAND 24. At Boxley-house, in Kent, in her 66th year, Mrs, Frances Marsham, aunt to the Earl of

At his house, Turner's Grove, county of Armagh,

aged 55, Arthur Kay, Esg, a magistrate of the Romney. 26. At Storrington, Sussex, Colonel H. Bishopp.

county and captain of the Armagh regiment of

in tia, youngest son of old Sir Cecil Bishopp, Bart. of

Ou his way to his residence in the county of Ca. Parliam-park, in the same county. 27. At Cullompton, Mrs. Hannah Palmer, widov

van, Col. Sankey, of the Royal City of Dublin

regt. of militia. The Colonel was one of the of the late Mr. John Palmer, of Raddon-court,

senior aldermen of the corporation of Dublin, Thorverton, aged 92 ,leaving eig- children, 47

and has cominanded the militia of the city ever grand children, and 45 grea tgrana-caildren, one

since 1793. of the latter is inarried. - At Greenwich, in his 630 year, Lient. Col. Wm.

ABROAD. Frederick Macbean, formerly of the sixth Re- At Constantinople, on bis travels, aged 27, J. giment of Foot, youngest son of the late Gen. Douglas Struit, Esq. only son of Joseph Strutt, Forbes Macbean, Royal Artillery.

Esg. of Derby. Lately at Orielton, the seat of Sir Jobn Owen, At Dinapore, Bengal (29th March), Col. Alexan

Bart. MP. (his guardian) Richard Le Hunte, der McLeod, CB, commanding the 59th regt.,' Esq. of St, Botolph's, Peinbrokeshire, and Ar. after an illness of only three days. trainon, County of Wexford, aged 18.

At kome, in his c0th year, Sir Walter Synnot, Bart. 29. Aged 78, Jas. Donnithorne, Esq. of Somerset. of Ballymoyer, in the county of Armagh. street, Portman-square.

At Muttra, East Indies, Charles Ryder, Est. Ma. 30. After a long illness, John Hewson, MD. of jor in the 34 native cavalry, son of Thomas Middlewich, Cheshire, nged 58.

Ryler, Esq. of the Charter.bouse. Oct. 1. At Plymouth, Georce Henry Strutt, Esg. of At Lisbon, Lady Maria J. Macdonell, widow of

Milford, Derbyshire, eldest son of Geo. Benson Lieut.-General Alexander Macdonell, of LochStrutt, Esq. of Belper, in the same County.

garry 2. Joseph Harpur, DİL. a gentleman well known Ai Madrid, Lieut. Thomas Attwood, son of T. in the literary world, by his work, “ On the Attwood, Esq. of his Majesty's band, and orPrinciples of Philosophical Criticism, as applied ganist of St. Paul's Cathedral. This inforto Poetry.” He was many years a Member of tunale gentleman lost his life by assassination. Trinity College, Oxford, and some time Deputy

At Bath, Upper Canada, aged 27, Daniel HagerProfessor of Civil Law in that University.

mani, Esq. barrister at law, and a member of 3. At Cheltenham, in her 81st year, Mrs. Whately, the provincial parliament of Upper Canada,

relict of the Rev. Dr. Whately, of Nonsuch- At Frankfort, Lady Charlotte Hill, eldest daughpark, Surrey,

ter of the Marchioness of Downshire, Baroness 4. “At his house in Stamford-street, in his 61st Sandys.

year, John Reunie, Esq. the celebrated Engi. At Calcutta, agel 68, Colonel Colin Mackenzie, neer. Every part of the United Kingdom pos.

CB. of the Madias Engineers, Surveyor.Geuesesses some monument of his skill, and meino. ral of India. His public services as an Engi. rial of his famne; nor can any country produce neer and Surveyor, on the continent of India, works superior in magnitude, utility, and sci. during the long period of forty years, obtained ence, to his canals, the breakwater at Ply- for him the approbation of the different governe mouth, and the Waterloo bridge. His remains ments under which he was emploved. As an were interred on the 16th in St. Paul's Cathe. antiquary, his talents were highly esteemed by dral, near those of Wren, Milne, Barry, Rey- those able to appreciate them, from the knownolds and West, Sixteen mourning coaches,

ledge of Oriental literature and antiquities. and a long train of private carriages formed the

in the South of France, after a painful illness, funeral procession.

George Maxwell, Esq. jun. of Carracker, and - At Newport, Isle of Wight, aged 92, Samuel Lieut.-Colonel of the Galloway militia. Bailey. "This individual by excessive parsi. mony, amassed upwards of 10,0001. yet his ap.

LONGEVITY. pearance was always that of a beggar; and his

In Fairfax county, America, Mr. Robert Thomas, manner of living was equally wretched. He

ared 107 years.

He lived to see the sixth has left a widow and four sons, between whom generation, and perhaps the number of descendhe bas divided his property,

ants of this man is unequalled in history. Al. 6. At Worcester, in consequence of an apoplec- though his habits were not particularly ab

tic attack, with which he was seized at the stemious, he never had occasion to consult mecathedral the preceding day, daring one of the

dical aid; and he retained the full use of his inmusical performances, in which he was em.

tellectual faculties to the last. ployed as a singer, Mr. John Griffiths. He fell In Campbell county, Virginia (May 17), aged 121 back in his seat during the time that Mr. years, Mr. Chas. Layne, sen. He was born at AlVaughan was singing " Gentle Airs ;” and was bemarle, near Buckingham county, in the year carried out and bled but with no effect, continu

1700, and has left a widow, who is herself aring in a senseless state until the time he ex.

rived at the extraordinary age of 110 years. His pired, about 4 o'clock on the afternoon of the numerous descendants extend to the fourth ge6th. He was one of the most powerful bass sing:

ncration. ers ever heard; and was some years ago engaged At Palmerston, near Limerick, Mrs. Backner, in that capacity at the Covent Garden

Oratorios. widow of the late Mr. Thomas Buckner, at He has been a member of the Worcester Choir the extraordinary age of 112 years. She renpwards of thirty years.

tained her faculties to the last, and was able, At Rosehill-house, near Southampton, in her until a few days prior to her decease, to super47th year, Harriet, wife of Charles Plunkett, intend her domestic affairs. So little was her Esq. and third daughter of the late W. Villebois, memory impaired, that she had a full recollecEsy. of Felthain-place, Middlesex.

tion of the death of Queen Anne, and lived to 7. Snddenly, while riding in her carriage, Mrs. witness five reigns, one of which, itself, extend

Williams, of Craig-y-cu, Anglesea, the lady of ed to the usual age of man.
Owen Williams, Esq. MP. for Marlow.

At Holloway-head, near Northwick, at the ex8. At Hastings, iu Sussex, in his 130 year, Francis traordinary are of 121 years, and in the full pos

Fred. North, Esq. of that place, and of Koug- session of all his faculties, Mr. John Maddok. ham, in Norfolk!

Aged 104) vears and five months, Barbara Huubie, 11. Ofan enlargement of the hoart, aged 18, Ho. of the Dog-bank, Newcastlc,

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