all petty jealousies, and play into intellect sometimes allotted by Proeach other's hands, we might anti- vidence to poor human nature. The cipate a royal season; but to effect affecting tale of Elizabeth was atthis their respective ranks must first tacked some years ago by a butcherbe settled.-One must be the Apex, ly fellow, who, with trifling alterafor Covent Garden will not, like tions, such as stretching out one plain Brentford, bear two monarchs. Let effective word into a drivelling chamMr. Young then, who is suavity it. bermaid's mewl, half an hour long, or self, give a little way-out of genero- cutting short what the interest of the sity; and let Mr. Macready try to tale required to have at length, sucovercome him in this sweet conten- ceeded in making it as ludicrous a tration. As for Charles Kemble he gedy as ever drew tears from the pity, possesses a despotic right over Cassio, ing barmaids and recruiting serjeants' Charles Surface, Falconbridge, Ed- fancy girls of Petty France, during går, and Mr. Lovemore, in The Way their carnival 'clept Gooseberry Fair. to Keep Him, which nobody will be – We do not here refer to those huhardy enough to impugn; and we morous people, the Governor, Altrust that he has sufficient sense of tradoff, and Servitz, with his inefjustice to temper his hot ambition, fable tri-comered cocked hat ; with and to make himself contented with them it is impossible to quarrel, for his own pleasant realm, without seek- they gave us the pleasure of seeing ing to acquire a new one. Macready a little and hearing less of Messrs. must keep Richard, because he can Farren, Liston, and Fawcett; neilook like a villain, and Young can ther do we object to the part called not; and Rob Roy, because he made Calmar, inasmuch as it induced Mr. it what it is; and Hotspur, because Duruset to wear a very smart dress, it suits his temper; and Henry 5th, (Russian no doubt, as it exactly because he is young and free; and matched Cherubino's Spanish uniform Zanga, and Sir Giles Overreach: but in Figaro) and to sing one song and he shall not touch Leon, nor Duke a-half, the corresponding share being Aranza, nor Mr. Oakley, nor Car- supplied by Mrs. Vaughan, late Miss dinal Wolsey, nor Jaques, nor Cas- Tennant.--Mr D. is, doubtless, sursius, nor Cato, nor Rolla, nor Joseph prised at the slight approbation that Surface, which last is and shall followed his warbling in late seasons. be Mr. Young's in spite of Mr. The plain truth is, that from his supHazlitt. If some coalition of this pressed and timid manner the house kind can be brought about all will does not hear one word he breathes ! go well, otherwise there will be the Perhaps this arises (as from the apcustomary huffs and miffs, perhaps plication of his hand to the pit of his tiffs and cuffs,* and a great deal of stomach we are apt to suspect) out rugging and riving, during which the of some internal oppression, which rôle in dispute will go to pot, and the might be greatly alleviated by the public be kept in an alternating fever use of peppermint or ginger lozenges; of expectation and disappointment. at all events let him try to throw off For our parts we will have an eye to his ungrounded flutter, and send forth these two gentlemen, excellent in his voice ore rotundo, or aperto, as in divers ways if they could but think his original Cymon.--A whisper at so; and the first who introduces a parting ; depend more on your memodiscord (it will not surely be Young ry than on the prompter, whose sounds from his high love of harmony) shall are not quite so melodious as your receive as hearty a flogging as we can lay on. Diximus.

And now we have got on an agree23d Oct.--A piece (the Exile) able subject, viz. the performers, has been dragged out of the ash- why return to one so disagreeable as hole, lately, to serve as a vehicle the performance? Those who have for the folly of the day, called A seen, or mean to see, The Pageart, Coronation. This Thing is a curious will despise our feeble description; example of the small particle of and the country gentlemen may be


" See Theatrical Annals, for 1821.


assured that all our able pens could gal majesty. Macready, like Antar, write would not afford them anything < howls at them and they are horrorlike a distinct notion of its prodigious struck !he yells in their faces, “Oh, splendour, which exceeds even the by Abs, I will not be controlled!" grand banquet at Drury, and comes neither can he be. Miss Foote looklittle behind the late reality in West- ed (she is) beautiful ; if her wellminster-Hall. Nevertheless, it want, feigned ed solemnity from first to last; and in


sorrow had not made this respect lags very lamely behind “Sorrow more beautiful than beauty's self." the coronation of Henry V.or Elliston the 1st. The absence of the awe- Mrs. Vining is not so handsome as spreading organ had much to do with Miss Foote; but then she has « it. Of horses, Cossack and Tartar, desperate moan, and a “talking who imitate wildness with the cour- grief,” solemn as the strain of Old bettes, and demi-voltes of the high Poulter's mare," whom we dare swear manége, there is no lack; besides she never heard of, any more than six that draw the gold car of the of the gentleman who revived it; Empress Elizabeth, who, by the bye, Robert Southey, LLD. to wit. takes all the applause showered upon With regard to Mr. Comer, who prethe cattle and the coachmaker" to sented one Friskey or Whiskey, he herself, and bows to the pit most ought to have an opportunity of show.condescendingly. Mr. Young, as Da- ing the public how easily and gaily ran, was at once easy and elegant in he can carry off a Zummerzetzhire every motion ; so much so, that it is lad, if London has not spoilt him. worth any artist's while to see him That is justice. The original music, pluck forth his mooned scimitar. His by Mazzinghi, is heavy enough, and delivery, though beautiful in itself, cuts sadly against Bishop's airy pois rather suited to the lecturer than lacca from the Farmer's Wife (" Ĝo, to the actor: in the pulpit he would trifler, go!") and his striking chorus, make what the old ladies call “a led by Pyne, Taylor, Isaacs, and fine man.

A great passion for Tinney; in which, however, there music, and that of the sweetest kind, is an evident weakness towards the has proved in his case of serious dis- conclusion, arising, in our opinion, advantage ; for his ear being attuned from an undue predominance in the to a luscious harmony, cannot sup- kettle drums over the voices! This port a sudden, natural, but harsh is a vulgar trick unworthy of Mr. burst: he rather sings than speaks, Bishop, who possesses more fancy and his usual method of intonation and spirit than all our other English may be signified thus <> while composers put together. But it is no his violent starts are no abrupter matter, for there was nothing in the than this <: Young can appearance of any part of the audience quently swell a note of rage to the (nor ever is at this time of the year) loudest without shaking a fibre of his betraying a foolish squeamishness. body; practised lungs stand him in The dress circle was filled, and well the stead of sympathetic fury. John filled, chiefly with good-natured peoKemble was fire itself compared with ple from those happy parts of our Mr. Young. Nevertheless, it requires island where the influence of Mrs. no common talent to pitch the idea Bell is scarcely felt. They came to of a character on a very dangerous cry and laugh, and they did so. One height, and maintain it there to the family in particular, close to us, who consummation without a single dere occupied a whole box, drew consiliction : and this talent seems to us derable attention, from their fine, the undoubted prerogative of Charles unsophisticated way of developing Young, whose style may be com- their sympathies. Some tolerably cipared to the equable flow of a wide vilized looking persons in the private rolling river, while that of Macready's boxes regarded them with as much resembles an inland sea, vexed and astonishment as they would some tormented by sudden whirl-blasts; wild Cherokces. We followed this not grand per se, but dangerous. Wrongheaded party out of the house, Again, Young would seem, like Gof- and had the gratification of seeing fredo, to awe his opponents by a re- them, Sir Francis, my Lady, Syuire





Richard, Miss Jenny, and all, em- feeling of strangeness curbing her bark in the capacious receptacle, powers, were evident to the curious drawn by the 'ould wheezy-bellied eye. Suffice it to say that, as far as coach horses,' attended and encum- her womanly nature would permit bered by heavy Ralph and John her, she gave her songs with great Moody.'

feeling and propriety; using little or

no ornament to spoil the effect of We were just going to offer a few those charming old tunes : and loud remarks on Match-Breaking, (a petite plaudits from all parts of a full house comedy, in which Messrs. Chatterly, acknowledged her good taste and able Terry, Oxberry, and some others, execution. For all this, however, “ of whom the world hath no fame," she will never be a star, at least in dance the hays on a rope of loyalty; the Beggar's Opera, and there are and lively Mrs. Baker kisses Miss unfortunately not many characters R. Corri's neck after a fashion ex- adapted for the display of her countremely instructive to young gentle- ter-tenor voice ; but let us see her men going to be married ;-this is a soft limbs in petticoats, and we will long parenthesis,) when we tell you more about her. As to the summoned to devote a scrap of rest of this opera, « least said is room to a Miss Blake, from the Bris- soonest mended." Miss R. Corri tol or Bath theatre, who wished much (Polly) is a very nice little musical to know what London would think of automaton, accurately tuned, who her in the tight coat and lax charac- seems to delight the frequenters of ter of Capt. Macheath; and about this theatre hugely, though not quite this point we shall not differ much, so much as Mr. J. Russell in Filch. we apprehend, from our brother cri. Many of our readers have, no doubt, tics. She is not tall nor bashful, but been annoyed with this important very plump and pleasant counte- little person's unconscious caricatures nanced; and formed too well of Matthews, but not one, we are woman, ever to resemble a man : sure, ever suffered so much as we broad cloth seemed to trammel her as did last night under the infliction of much as the iron armour of Saul did his copper voice. the son of Jesse. Her bow was de- Filch is as great a favourite with lightfully feminine and awkward; us as with Mrs. Peachum. “ Come and she held her riding whip as if hither, Filch! I am as fond of this she would not have touched her horse child as though my mind misgave with it for the world. I could ha- me he were my own.” Who does that is we could have kissed her not see in this the prepossessing and therefore heartily ; for be it known, modest winningness so accordant with that going on the forlorn hope is far his name? forming of itself such a fine less frightful to us than the bare contrast to the horrid and mysterious chance of meeting, within four walls, designations of Crookfingered Jack, one of those præternatural amazons Wat Dreary, and Robin of Bagshot, who wear no veils, narrow-brim- alias Gorgon! alias Carbuncle, alias med hats, and neckcloths, and who et cætera! His very first speeches are will, out of pure spite, flog me a full of pity and gratitude.--Speaking little unoffending horse with all the of Betty Sly's transportation, he says, brutality of a sporting squire or a « In truth'tis a pity to lose so good hackney coachman! To return, Miss a customer! 'twas to her I was Blake's tones in speaking are full, obliged for my education !” Here is soft, warm, and heartfelt : and her the whole duty of pupils towards reading, to speak technically, dis- their former tutors exemplified in a covers sense and sentiment ; qualities sentence. But it is not merely for to which the difficult part of Mac- these tenderer qualities that he is heath is all unused. Of her singing, distinguished-he is a philosopher even if it came under our departs and a moralist, witness the deep rement, we should be loth to say flection and truth of “ 'Tis woman much on only one trial ; for though, that seduces all mankind," and his like a sensible girl, she had sup- noble declaration that, "he won't bepressed the obvious signs of trepida- tray any body," but keep his honour tion, yet an inward tremble, and a bright and untarnished. Even amid

the unhallowed sophistications which ghost of the lamented and never to have been mother's milk to him, he be replaced Simmons, the real Filch! retains an ardent and abstracted as- and scourge this usurper howling piration after honesty; and thinks down the Haymarket !-One word seriously of taking up and going to more; perhaps Mr. J. Russell has sea! And is it to be endured that heard of Shakspeare, at least, in the Mr. Russell is to come impudently manager's copies ; now we recomforwards, and travestie before our mend him to find out Hamlet's adnoses the delicate, (“ He hath as fine vice, touching the interpolations of a hand at picking a pocket as a wo- those who play the fool-but we man!") the intellectual Filch, into a forget-it would be of not use; and corporeal uproarious blackguard, we can only sincerely commiserate desperate villain” *

from Tothill- the shrewd and caustic Terry on his fields or Fleet-lane, who has not nous being obliged to put up with the enough ever “ to bring him to the outrageous bawling, and extraneous gallows with any credit.” No! rise slang of this illjudging actor!



No. XXI.

The events in the musical world vember to February), by the aid of are few and scattered; for the me- the salutary springs of Bladud. The tropolis is empty, and England has grand concentration of professors and not, like the Continent, a host of amateurs at Birmingham, and the cities wherein composers and sing- meeting of the three choirs, with ocers and instrumentalists arise, or to casional festivals at Liverpool, Manwhich they repair, like those delicate chester, Norwich, and other towns, birds of passage which furnish the serve to propagate more extensively rarest objects to a lower sense. Yet the knowledge and practice of the England has now its great towns, (as science. But these are casual, not populous and more opulent perhaps continual supports; and perhaps the than many of the continental cities,) grand reason why music fails to rewhich give high encouragement to ceive the same constant encourageart. But England is not yet a mu- ment in England that it does abroad, sical nation. It is also split by reli- (after the necessary, allowance for gious dissent, and the methodists national cultivation) is, that music is who form the majority in some dis- dear in this country, and cheap every tricts have no “relish for poetry or where else. Even the Italians who music, above the pitch of a Tabere visit us come to « make their fornacle hymn," as some of their dis- tunes,” and those who are content tinguished brethren have declared with moderate pay in Italy, we have The same exclusive spirit pervades recently seen, have the modesty to almost the whole of the three great require their carriages and dinners denominations. London is therefore of three courses and fourteen cothe only place that affords encou- vers here, with salaries which are ragement to art. Bath indeed takes never heard of abroad. So generous a prominent character in its support, a creature do the Signors and Sigwhen London empties itself of its noras esteem John Bull; impoverishpatrician patrons, who refresh them- ed, ruined, complaining, complaisant, selves, and repair the fatigues of the complying John Bull. winter campaign (from April to Au- We must, indeed, except Madame gust) during the summer (from No- Catalani, who, by a memoir of her

* So Mr. Russell's panegyrist in the Morning Post says.

† A judicious audience at Covent Garden one night hissed this person throughout Lawyer Flexible, as prettily as any moderate man could desire. We sat in a private box so close to him, that we could have pulled him by the leg on his exit through the doors ; and we do affirm, that he never visibly altered á hair ! ! but went on playing at the one shilling gallery.' “ This shows a most pitiful ambition.”

travels, engagements, presents, and naments. In four months she reacharities, places the emoluments la lized 15,000 guineas, and refused an vished upon public performances on offer of 10,000 to give ten concerts the Continent at an elevation far in Poland, in consequence of fear of beyond any thing that this coun- the climate. She also sang in more try bestowed even upon her own, than forty other cities and towns, her favorite Billington, in the height and frequently appropriated the reof the rage with which that great ceipts of concerts to the poor. Masinger was followed after her return dame Catalani has determined on refrom Italy. During her stay here, it tiring (after a short time), and with was said that Madame Catalani had this view has refused various offers earned more than 40,000l. She left in Italy, being desirous to conclude this country seven years ago, went her public career in England, where to Paris, where she enjoyed the pa- her first great honours were obtaintent of the theâtre Italien, with an ed. She now purposes to make a annual allowance of 7.000l. from the tour in Great Britain and Ireland, court, and engaged the first compo- and to return to London next spring, sers and singers, who, when Catalani Such have been the respect and the did not sing', had little attraction; profits which have attended this she therefore quitted Paris.

wonderful creature. In private life At Berlin, her success was com- her manners are amiable and exempleted by a letter of acknowledge- plary. She is the wife of M. Vallement from the King, written with brèque, whom she first met at the his own hand, accompanied by the house of General Lasnes in Portugrand medal of the academy. At gal, and has two children, a boy and Hanover, the Duke of Cambridge re- a girl. ceived her “ with the amenity which Mrs. Dickons has retired from pubdistinguishes him." She gave a con- lic life, and is residing in France. cert for the poor, and was crowned Signora Corri is gone to Italy at the theatre. From thence she with her father and a younger siswent to Stutgardt, where her sing- ter, Angelina, who made her debut ing made such an impression on the last season, at her benefit concert. King, that, just previous to his The King's Theatre, it is reports death, which happened soon after ed, is engaged by Mr. Ebers, and her arrival, he pronounced her name. Rossini will come to England to At Munich, the Queen embraced hier compose for the next season. (we almost wish for the moment to There have been two provincial have been the Queen) and recom- meetings since our last report, at mended her to her daughter, the Worcester and Chester; the former Empress of Austria. At Vienna shę of which was unfortunately attended gave Concerts at the Redoubt, and by the death of Nir. Griffiths, a bass 3,000 persons (at a high price of singer, in an apoplectic fit, during admission) are said to have been Mr. Vaughan's song of “ Gentle present at each of them. The Em- Airs,” in the church. This professor peror presented her with a superb was annongst the few living who sang ornament of opal and diamonds, and at the Abbey. the magistracy, to manifest their The publications are a little more sense of her charity, struck a medal numerous at this season than usual. to her honour.

Twelve Monferrinas for the PianoAt St. Petersburgh, though the forte, by M. Clementi. A Monferrina price of admission was fixed at twen-' is a dance peculiar to the state of ty-four roubles, hundreds were night. Monferrato. They are of an exly disappointed of seats; and at tremely singular construction, and to length Madame Catalani gave a us entirely new.

They are all in concert at the Exchange, when six-eight time, and consist of a major 4,000 persons were present. The and minor movement. They partake receipts of this evening were be- of the graceful character of the stowed upon 200 unfortunate fami- waltz, but want its simplicity, and lies. Their Imperial Majesties em- are capable of much expression ; in braced her at parting, and loaded this respect alone they are difficult. her with rich presents, consisting of The tenth number of the Operatie a girdle of diamonds and other ora dirs is by Holder, upon a very prelly

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