mand for Rye is less, but sufficient to keep necessarily have in view the general inteup the prices. Barley is dull. Oats of rest, and carefully dismiss mere local inthe best quality have met a ready sale this terests from their consideration : that week. Old Rape Seed is without demand, there is, therefore, one only object to be atand there is no new yet at market.-Tea. tained, which is the adoption of general The state of the market is favourable. The measures for the purpose of relieving the 100 quarter chests Imperial, 200 sixteenth commerce and manufactures of the South of chests of young Hyson, and 54 quarter Germany from the fetters and restrictions chests of Pekoe, lately brought from under which they have so long languished. Nantes, as well as 64 quarter chests, and The Commissioners also direct their at18 j chests of Hyson and young Hyson tention to the finding of the means best from Rio Janeiro are already sold. - Sugar. calculated to make good the financial losses Hamburgh refined have had a pretty brisk which the German Governments must nedemand; the inferior sorts, however, low as cessarily experience by introducing freedom the prices already were, sold at a further of commerce in the interior of the Confereduction. It is only of some sorts that we deration. Lastly, they have under consican state the prices accurately, viz. strong deration a common system of import and middle lumps 9; fine and fine middling export duties, on goods passing to and from white Havannah 12d. to 12 d. ordinary states, not members of this commercial con. brown ditto 64d. brown and yellow mixed federation. Hitherto no difference has been 64d. middling and fine 7£d. to 7d. The observed in the opinions of the several pleprices of other descriptions are the more to nipotentiaries. There is likewise at Darmbe considered as nominal, because the hold stadt a delegate from the Society for the ers in general, ask in proportion much Encouragement of Trade. It is Mr. Mülhigher prices for them.

ler, a merchant of Ilmenstadt; but he has Saxony, Aug. 6.-While the inhabi- no official character. tants of Norway are afflicted with a severe Stockholm, Aug. 7.- His Majesty has drought which threatens to destroy all decreed that the united Swedish and Norhopes of harvest, we in Saxony are com- wegian flag, being known and recognised plaining of the continued wet rainy wea- by all sea-faring nations, shall alone be ther, which hiņders the corn already cut used by Swedish and Norwegian merchant from drying, so that the grain in some men navigating beyond Cape Finisterre as instances already begins to grow. Similar well in the Meditterranean, as in the West complaints of wet weather are made in other and South Atlantic, and Indian Ocean, parts of Germany, and further northward The captains of Swedish ships of war will up to St. Petersburg.. The eight Powers, be ordered to afford no protection to, but through whose dominions the river Elbe to detain Swedish and Norwegian vessels flows, have, after four years' negociations, found navigating under any other flag in concluded a treaty for the free navigation these several seas, after the 1st of July, of that river. We shall give the particu- 1822, and the Swedish consuls in the sealars when officially published.

ports of the Mediteranean, and other seas Rastadt, Aug. 5.-We have detailed in- above specified, are not to afford any proformation on which we can rely, and by tection or assistance whatever to such merwhich we learn that the plenipotentiaries chantmen as use any other flag after the of the South German States, from the com- above-mentioned time. Swedish and Normercial Congress at Darmstadt, have wegian vessels navigating the seas nearer agreed on several important points. It has home, may use the flags of their respective been adopted as a principle that they must nations.

WORKS PREPARING FOR PUBLICATION. · The Village Minstrel, and other Poems, A practical Treatise on Diseases of the by John Clare, the Northamptonshire Pea- Liver, and on some of the Affections ususant, with a fine Portrait, will be published ally denominated Bilious ; comprising an in a few days.

impartial Estimate of the Merits of the A New Poem, from the Pen of Mr. Nitro-muriatic Acid Bach. By George Barry Cornwall, will be published early in Darling, MD. Member of the Royal Colthe next Season.

lege of Physicians of London. A Poem, by Mr. Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mr. Elmes's Lectures on Architecture, in honour of the late John Keats, the recently delivered at the Russell, Surrey, Poet, is in the Press.

and Birmingham Institutions. A Poetical Essay on the Character of A New Translation of Goethe's TraPope, by Charles Lloyd.

gedy of Faustus, in 8vo. with a Portrait Sir George Nayler is preparing for Pub- of the Author, and in 4to. with a Series of lication, by Command of His Majesty, a Twenty-seven Outlines, to illustrate the full Account of the Ceremonies observed above-mentioned Tragedy, engraved by H. at the Coronation, illustrated by Plates. Moses, after Retsch's


• A Series of coloured Engravings, from Ancient Babylonia, &c. &c. during the original Drawings, taken on the Spot, by Years 1817, 1818, 1819, 1820, by Sir James Wathen, Esq. illustrative of the Robert Ker Porter, &c. &c. Vol. II. 4to. Island of St. Helena ; to which will be which completes the Work. added, Two or Three very curious Wood Travels in Palestine in 1816. By S. S. Cuts, relating to Buonaparte, a brief His- Buckingham, Esq. 4to. with Engravings. torical Sketch of the Island, and a highly Memoirs of the Protector Oliver Crom. finished Portrait of Mr. Wathen.

well, with original Letters, &c. by the An Introduction to Entomology; or late Oliver Cromwell, Esq. a Descendant Elements of the Natural History of Insects. of the Family. Vol. III. by William Kirby, MA. FR. The Third Part of the Physiognomical and LS. and William Spence, Esq. FLS. Portraits, will be published on the 15th of illustrated by coloured Plates.

September. Sketches of Upper Canada, domestic, Mr. Glover, Assistant Librarian to His local, and characteristic, with practical Majesty, is preparing a Bibliographical Details, for the Information of Emigrants, Dictionary of English Literature, from the by John Howison, Esq.

Year 1700 to the End of the Year 1820, The private and confidential Correspon. containing the Title of every principal dence of Charles Talbot, Duke of Shrews- Work which has appeared in Great Bribury, during the Reign of King William tain during that Period, together with the III. never before published, illustrated Date of Publication, its Price, and the with historical and biographical Narratives. Publisher's Name, as far as they can pos

The History of the Literature of Spain sibly be ascertained ; alphabetically arand Portugal, by Frederick Bouterwek; ranged under the Names of their respective translated from the German.

Authors, and under the Subject Matter of Travels in Georgia, Persia, Armenia, each anonymous Publication.

WORKS LATELY PUBLISHED. Antiquitics, Architecture, and Fine Arts. Lexicon adapted to the work. Compiled

Illustrations of Kenilworth, a Romance, for the Use of Schools, by John Walker. by the Author of " Waverley,” &c. en- 12mo. 8s. 6d. graved after original Designs of Charles Tales of the Academy. 2 Vols. halfRobert Leslie. Prints, 16s. Proofs, 11. 48. bound. 68. India Proofs, ll. 10s.

An Introduction to French Grammar. The Rabbit on the Wall, engraved by By J. B, Mallett. 18mo. 48. Burnet from the celebrated Picture by D. A New Greek and English Lexicon to Wilkie, RA. 134 Inches by 18£. Prints, the New Testament, on the Plan of Daw11. 18. Proofs, 31. 3s.

son's Greek and Latin Lexicon, for the Use An Historical Account of Cumner, with of Schools. By the Rev. H. Laing, LLD. Particulars of the Traditions respecting the 8vo. 108. 6d. Death of the Countess of Leicester ; with

History and Biography. an Extract from Ashmole's Antiquities of The Life of David Haggart, alias John Berkshire relative to that Transaction, and Wilson, &c. &c. written by himself while illustrative of the Romance of Kenilworth, under Sentence of Death. 48. &c. By H. T. Usher, Esq. 8vo. 78.

Memoirs of Count Boruwlaski; conAntiquities

of lonia. By the Society of taining a Sketch of his Travels, with an AcDilettanti. Part I. Royal Folio.

count of his Reception at the Different Poetry and the Drama.

Courts of Europe, &c. &c. Written by The Plays and Poems of William Shak. Himself. 8vo. 12s. speare, with the Corrections and Mustra- Malay Annals, translated from the Mations of various Commentators; compre- lay Language by the late Dr. John Leyhending a Life of the Poet, and an enlarged den, with an Introduction by Sir Thomas History of the Stage. By the late Edmond Stamford Raffles, FRS. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Maloné. With a new Glossarial Index.

Medicine, Surgery, and Physiology, 21 Vols. 8vo. 121. 12s.

Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, pubDon Juan, Cantos 3, 4, and 5, 8vo. 98. lished by the Medical and Chirurgical So6d. foolscap, 78.

ciety of London. Vol. the Eleventh, Part II. Rome, a Poem, in Two Parts. 8vo. 6s.

8vo. 9s. Kentish Poets ; a Series of Writers in

The Principles of Forensic Medicine, English Poetry,

Natives of, or residents in systematically arranged and applied to BriKent. By R. Freeman. 2 Vols. 15s. tish Practice. By J. G. Smith, MD. Education.

8vo. 14s. Selections from Lucian, with a Latin A Treatise on Indigestion and its ConTranslation and English Notes: to which sequences, called Nervous and Bilious Com. are subjoined, a Mythological Index, and a plaints. Svo. 98.


count of their Banks, Public Funds, and Reply to the Charges of Robert Adair, Paper Currencies. By P. Kelly, LLD. Esq. against the Bishop of Winchester, in 2 Vols. 4to. 2d Edition, revised. 41. 4s. consequence of a Passage in his Lordship's

Memoirs of the Rt. Hon. W. Pitt. 8vo. 2s.
Enchiridion, or a Hand for the One-

Medicina Clerica, or Hints to the Clergy Handed By George Webb Derenzy. for the healthful and comfortable Discharge 8vo. 55.

of their Ministerial Duties. In a Series of An Analysis of the Talents and Charac. Letters. 4s. ter of Napoleon Buonaparte. By a Gene

Clavis Apostolica: or a Key to the ral Officer. 8vo. 6s.

Apostolic Writings; being an Attempt to Regal Heraldry. The Armorial Insigo explain the Scheme of the Gospel, and the nia of the Kings and Queens of England principal Words and Phrases used by the from coeval Authorities. By Thomas Wil. Apostles in describing it. By the 'Rev. lement, Heraldic Artist to the King. 4to. Joseph Mendham, AM. 12mo. 58. 6d. 21. 2s. Large paper, 4l. 4s.

Deism compared with Christianity, being Letters to Richard Heber, Esq. contain

an Epistolary Correspondence, containing ing Critical Remarks on the Series of No- all the principal Objections against revealed vels beginning with Waverley, and an At- Religion, with the answers annexed. By tempt to ascertain their Author. 8vo. 7s.

Edward Chichester, M. A. 3 Vols. 8vo. Advice to the Young Mother in the Ma- 11. 7s. nagement of Herself and Infant. By a

A short Examination and Defence of Member of the Royal College of Surgeons. certain Expressions in the Office for Bap3s. 6d.

tism, and in the Catechism of the Church An Irish English Dictionary, with co

of England, with immediate Reference to pious Quotations from the most esteemed the Difficulties, Objections, and conscienancient and modern Writers, to elucidate tious Scruples, which are prevalent on the the Meaning of obscure Words, &c. to which Subject. By a Clergyman of the Church of is annexed a compendious Irish Grammar. England. 8vo. 38. 6d. By Edward O'Reilly. 4to. 21. 128. 6d. Village Prayers, or short and plain The Principles and Doctrine of Assur

Forms of Devotion, for the Use of Families; ances, Annuities on Lives, and contingent to which are prefixed a few Hints on the Reversions, stated and explained. Ву

Nature of Prayer. By a Clergyman of the William Morgan, Esq. FRS. 8vo. 12s.

Church of England. 12mo. sewed, 1s. The System of the Weather of the Bri

The Word of God, concerning all who tish Islands, by George Mackenzie. 8vo. 8s.

are in Trouble or Affliction. By a ClergyObservations on the Calumnies and Mis- man of the Church of England. Sewed, 4d. representations in Lady Morgan's Italy,

Some remarkable particulars concerning respecting the British Transactions in that the Rapid Civilization of the Negroes in the Country, 1814-15. ls. 6d.

Colony of Sierra Leone, West Africa, Three Enigmas. 1. The Import of the wherein the Power of the Gospel is strikTwelve Signs. 2. The Cause of Ovid's ingly displayed. 8vo. 2s. Banishment. 3. The Eleusinian Secret.

A Letter to the Rev. Joseph Wilson, 8vo. 6s.

AM. in reply to his Remarks on the

Bishop of Peterborough's 87 Questions. 28. Natural History, Botany, fc. Vegetable Materia Medica of the United Voyages, Travels, and Topography. States, or Medical Botany : containing a A System of Universal Geography. By Botanical, General, and Medical History M. Malte Brun, Editor of the Annales of Medicinal Plants indigenous to the des Voyages,' &c. Parts 1 and 2, each United States. Illustrated by coloured 78. 6d. Engravings, made after Original Drawings Daniell's Voyage round Great Britain. from Nature. By William P. C. Barton, Vol. V. 71. 10s. MD. 2 Vols. 4to. 61. 6s.

History of Madeira, with 27 coloured Barton's Flora of North America, 4to. Engravings of the Customs, Manners, and 10 Numbers, 6s. each.

Occupations of the Inhabitants. Imperial An Illustration of the Genus Cinchona, 8vo. 21. 28. . comprising Descriptions of all the Officinal New Picture of Dublin, forming a comPeruvian Barks, &c. By A. B. Lambert, plete Guide in the Irish Metropolis. . By Esq. FRS. &c. 4to. Il 10s. 6d.

John James M“Gregor. 108.

Sketches of India, by a Traveller, for Political Economy.

Fire-side Travellers at Home. 8vo. 10s. 6d. The Universal Cambist and Commercial Excursions through the Province of Instructor; being a Full and Accurate Leinster, comprising Topographical and Treatise on

the Exchanges, Moneys, Historical Delineations of Dublin and its Weights, and Measures, of all Trading Environs, &c. By Thomas Cromwell. Nations and their Colonies; with an Ac Vol. I. and II. each, 15s.

NEW PATENTS. James Simpson, of the Strand, Mid- those heretofore constructed for the pur. dlesex, surgical-instrument-maker ; for an poses of navigation.—July 14th. improvement in the manufacture of snuff. Charles Newman, of Brighton, Sussex, ers.-- July 3d.

coachmaster; for an improvement in the William Church, of Threadneedle-street, construction of the body and carriage of a London, gentleman; for an improved ap- stage or other coach, by placing a certain paratus for printing.-- July 3d.

proportion of the outside passengers in the William Coles, of New-street-square, centre of the carriage, and a proportion of London, mechanic; for braces or instru- the luggage under the same, producing ments for the relief of hernia or ruptures. thereby safety to the coach, and conveniJuly 5th.

ence to the passengers. -—July 17th. Rob. Dickinson, of Great-Queen-street, Samuel Cooper, engineer, and William Middlesex, Esq.; for certain improvements Miller, gentleman, both of Margate, Kent; in the construction of vessels or crafts of for certain improvements on printing maevery description, whereby such vessels or

chines. July 17th. crafts may be rendered more durable than

BANKRUPTS IN ENGLAND. Where the Town or City in which the Bankrupt resides is not expressed, it will be always in London or the Neighbourhood. So also of the Residences of the Attorneys, whose names are placed after a [.

T distinguishes London Commissions, C those of the country. Gazette-July 21 to Aug. 21. Lawrence, G. Stratford, Essex, silk-manufacturer. July 21. Anold, G. Manchester, fustian-manufae

(Sweet, 6, Basingball-street. T. turer. (Heslop, Manchester. C.

Lee, J. Noble-street, jeweller. (Tucker, BartCox, T. Crediton, Devon, innkeeper. [Andros,

lett's-buildings, Holborn, T. 58, Chancery-laue. C.

Sandbach, J. Bird's-buildings, Islington, slater. Drake, J. Lewisham, master-mariner.

[Baddeley, Leman-street, Goodman's fields. T.

[Simp. Smith, H. W. Bird's-baildings, Islington, teason, 31, St. Swithin's-lane. T. Flanders, J. Atherstone, Warwick, bookseller.

dealer. [Baddeley, Lemon-street, Goodman's

fields. T. (Hilliard, Gray's-in u-square. c. Gilbert, J. Maidstone, twine-maker. (Noy, 23,

Vice, J. Valentine-row, Blackfriars-road, oilman.

[Clutton, High-street, Southwark. T. Great Tower-street, T. Ladkin, W. Leir, Leicester, victualler. (Long,

Wells, D. Vincent-square, Westminster, merchant. Gray's-inn. c.

[Nowles, New-inn. c. Lawrence, J. Pimlico, wine-merchant. Brown, 108, Cranford-street, Portman-square. T.

Baoks, W. Clapham, York, woollen

draper. (Stocker, 2, New Boswell-court, Lig. Sbeppard, E. Grosvenor-street, Grosvenor-square, coln's.ipn. C.

wine-merchant. (Shiers, Mitre-chambers, 157, Bullman, I. and T. Bullman, Milothorp, WestFeuchurch-street. T.

moreland, mercers. [Beverley, Garden-court, July 24. Huybens, C.W. Castle-street, Leicester- Temple. c.

square, picture-dealer. [Clarke, Bishopsgate. Clarke, H. Buckden, Huntingdon, grocer. (Egan, church-yard. T.

35, Essex-street, Strand. C. Jaggar, J. East Stonehouse, Devon, stone-mason. Hearue, J. Chalford, Gloucester, lined-draper.

(Wright, 10, King's Bench-walk, Temple. C. [Hurd, Temple. C. Kirk, W. Sution, York, jobber. (Wilson, Gre- Hart, J. Edwardstone, Suffolk, maltster. [Hayville-street, Hatton-garden. C.

ward, 3, Essex-court, Temple. C. Lesingham, T. St. Swithin, Worcester, hosier. Nutman, J. West Drayton, vintner. [Kearsey, (Platt, New Boswell-court. C.

116, Bishopsgate-within. T. Monk, A. F. Tollesbury, Essex, dealer in cattle. Smith, J. Earl's-court, Bedwardine, Worcester, (Lawrence, Maldon. c.

dealer in hops. (Williams, Lincoln's.inn. C. Roberts, J. Kingston-upon-Hull, black beer-brew. Scarrow, T. jun. and J. Scarrow, Carlisle, Cumer. [Shaw, Ely-place, Holborn, C.

berland, wine-merchants. [Cíennell, Staple'sSmith, H. Blackburn, Lancaster, cotton-manu.

ion. C. facturer. (Wiglesworth, Gray's-ion. C. Webster, J. Derby, tailor. (King, 6, Gray's-innSnowdon, J. B. Lyon, Norfolk, linen-draper.

square, C. [Makinson, Temple. c.

Williams, R. Llangefni, Anglesea, draper. (AdStavi forth, W. Little East-cheap, wine-merchant. lington, Bedford-row. c.

(Wadeson, Austin Friars. T. Treadway, T. Sloane-square, Chelsea, chinaman.

August 4. Garton, S. Wood-street, Cheapside, silk. [Atkinson, 56, Chancery-lane. T.

manufacturer. (Fisher, Furnival's-ion. T.

Stabb, T. and J. Preston, Torquay, Deron, and J.S. July 28. Adock, D. Melton Mowbray, Leicester, Prowse, Botolph-lane, merchants. (Waine. drugvist. (Alexander, 10, New-inn. c.

wright, Furnival's-inn. T. Atkinson, P. Rathbone place, Oxford-street, ha- Welsh, W. Liverpool, drysalter. [Taylor, 9, King's

berdasher. (Fisher, Furnival's-inn, Holborn. T. Bench-walk, Temple. C. Boddy, W. Hillingdon, farmer. (Webb, Bart- White, J. Tarporley, Chester, inakeeper. [Milne, leti's-buildings, Holborn. T.

Temple. c. Cloutman, J. Curtain-road, Shoreditch, carpenter. Ang. 7. Atkinson, G. Bishop Wearmouth, Dar[Mayhew, Chancery-lane. T.

ham, dealer. [Blakiston, Symond's-inn, Chanby, M. Ísland-row, commercial-road, master- cery-lane. C. mariner. (Powball, 36, Old Jewry.. T.

Keech, W. Axminster, Deron, grocer. [Alex. Gratrix, S. W. Gratrix, and J. Gratrix, Mancbes- ander, New-inn. C.

ter, calico-printers. (Milne, Temple. c. Popay, G. S. South-town, Suffolk, brick-maker. Hagrart, J. Limehouse-hole, Poplar, victualler. (Francis, 1, New Boswell court. c.

(Duncan, 8. Holborn-court, Gray-inn. T. Redward, C. B. Portsea, Hants, scriveper. (Wil. Hoile, 1. Beech.street, button-seller. (Platt, Green- liams, Bap:ist Head-chambers, Chancery lane. Lettuce-lane, Cannon-street. T.

T. Horton, W. Yardley, Worcester, timber-merchant, Room, J. sen. Bristol, merchant. [Vizard, 50, (Meyrick, Red Lion-square. C.

Lincolu's-inn-fields. c.

Aug. 11. Baggeley, R. and T. Taylor, Lane Delph, Flindt, G. London-wall, merchant. (Kaye, New

Stoke-upon-Trent, Stafford, china-manufactur- Bank-buildings. T.

ers. [Tooke, Holborn-court, Gray's-inn, C. Hodson, F.M. Manchester, dry-salter. [Pownall, Boyd, A White Horse-street, Commercial-road, 36, Old Jewry. T.

master-mariner. (Lewis, Crutched-friars. T. Langstaff, w, Liverpool, merchant. [Blackstock, Clay, T. Worksop, Nottingham, grocer. [Han- Temple. c. nam, Retford, Nottinghamshire.C.

Meredith, J. Manchester, paper-dealer. [Clare, Conner, C. F. High-street, Peckham, Surrey, soap- Frederick's-place, Old Jewry: C. maker. (Hunter, 1, Great James-street, Bed- Porthouse, T. Wigton, Cumberland, dyer. (Swain, ford-row. T.

Frederick's-place, Old Jewry. T. Couchman, S. Canterbury, grocer, [Pownall, Old West, J. R. Louth, Lincoln, coach-maker. [EdJewry. T.

monds, 8, Symond's-inn, Chancery-lane. c. Cracklen, J. Jun. Enfield-wash, farmer. (James,

Aug. 21. Badcock, J. Uptonpyne, Devon, miller. Bucklersbury. T.

(Brutton, 55, Old Broad-street.c. Goadby, T. Warwick, plumber. [Bourdillon, Heslington, J. jan. York, grocer. (Dickinson, Bread-street, Cheapside. C.

1, Freeman's-court, Cornhill, C. Lynch, J. Liverpool, merchant. [Battye, Chan

Holding, W. Devonshire-street, Queen-square, cery.lane. C. Pickles, J. Keighley, York, corn-dealer.. [Con. Peters, E. Redcliffe hill, Bristol, grocer. [Evans,

wine-merchant. (Williams, Gray's-ion-place. T. stable, Symond's-inn, Chancery-lane. C. Roberts, M. Manchester, grocer. (Norris, John.

Hatton-garden., c. street, Bedford-row. c.

Kaiman, H. Deptford, Kent, victualler. (Houns. Schmaeck, A. Bury-court, St. Mary Axe, mercbant.

field, 7, Throgmorton-street. T [Thomas, Fen-coort, Fenchurch-street. T. Stanton, J. Worcester, coal-merchant. (Burt, SCOTCH SEQUESTRATIONS. 14, St. Bennet's-place, Grace-church-street. T.

Gazette-July 21 to Aug. 21. Aug. 14. Barthrop, W. sen. Lincoln, woolstapler. (Mayhew, Chancery-lane. c.

Archer, J. merchant, Edinburgh. Davies, w. Runcorn, Chester, flour-dealer. (Ches

Ferguson, R. mercbant, Danvegan. ter, Staple-inn. c.

Adam, W. and J. Adam, bleachers, Bellfield. English, F. Birmingham, draper. [Baxter, Gray's- Ross, H. merchant,

Glasgow. inn-place, c.

Chirrey, J. and A. Maon, merchant-tailors, GlasNoble, J. Salford, common-brewer. (Adlington,

Bedford-row. C.

Scott, R. shoemaker, Glasgow.
Pigot, W. Ratcliffe-highway, grocer. (Heard, Taylor, R. sen. and son, grocers, Glasgow.

Hooper's-sq. Leman-street, Goodman's-fields. T. Robertson, J. merchant, flasgow.
Warwick, R. Warwick-hall, Cumberland,

Blackley, T. and A. Blackley, fleshers, Edinburgh. banker. (Mounsey, Staple-iun. C.

Dow, W. and W. Fenwick, merchants, Perth. Wildash, T. R. Aylesford, Kent, farmer. (Lowe,

Lawrie, A. and Co. hat-manufacturers, Portobello. Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane, c.

Smellie, R. spirit-dealer, Calton, Glasgow. Wilks, T. Liverpool, bell hanger. [Ravenhill, Railton, A. commercial-agent, Edinburgh. 29, Princes-street, Bank. C.

Sprunt, J. merchant, Perth.

Bowie, H. and Sons, manufacturers, Paisley. Aug. 18. Burnett, Long-lane, Bermondsey, Sur- Thomson, A. ship-owner, West Wemyss. rey, wholesale oilman. [Thompson, George Easton, T. baker, Edinburgh. street, Minories. T.


Paris. .......



Paris. Hamburg. Amsterdam Vienna. Berlin. Nuremberg Leipsig. Bremen.'Naples
ON 22 Aug. 17 Aug.

21 Aug
8 Aug. 11 Aug.

18 Aug.

6 Aug. 16 Aug 17 Aug. London 25.55 37.1 42:1 10.8 7.14 1. 10.10 6.184 620 26 59 119 84

fr. 1194 805 174 678 Hamburg • 182

36 145

154 145 147 1334 22-60 Amsterdam 594


134 1403


135 1224 41 Vienna.... 250

103 40 1004

46-05 Franckfort. 37

99 | 1031 100

1004 111 57.100 Augsburg. 248 148

561 991

99$ 1004 Genoa...... 475

601 1044

56.70 Leipsig.

100 Leghorn. 511

894 1015 564 Lisbon. 558

424 Cadiz....... 15.55

105 Naples.... 435

66 Bilboa. 15.55

105 Madrid. 15.60 944 105 Oporto. 558






[blocks in formation]

London .......


Breslaw Christiana. Petersburg. Riga. Leghorn Madrid. Lisbon.
Jl Aug.
2 Aug.

27 July 30 July 110 Aug. 9 Aug. 30 July 758 Sp. 9'1

993 489 374 57 36 Sp. 100


540 1524 170 842 816 92

394 140$ 156 932 10. 102




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