9. Fair, with an increasing temperature, northern crown--at this time loose patches and a light breeze from NW., from which of cirrostratus were observed in different quarter nimbiferous clouds came about parts of the sky, succeeded by heavy rain noon : overcast after sunset.

and wind in the night. 10. Faint sunshine through an overcast 22. Fair, with plumose and ramified sky in the morning : fair in the afternoon, cirri, also cirrocumuli, and low cumuli ; and attenuated cirrostratus about the sky the latter, gradually evaporated after sunat night, with a light fall of dew.

set, and a copious dew followed. Two 11. Fair, with a whitish mist around small lofty meteors appeared to the eastthe horizon, which, towards noon, trans- ward at eleven PM. formed into nascent cumuli: PM. fine, 23. As the preceding nearly, but the with light airs, and cirrocumuli in beds. wind much stronger.

12. The day nearly as the preceding, 24. A fine morning, and a faint solar with the addition of descending cirri, which, halo: a shrouded sky in the afternoon, foltowards surset, passed to attenuated cirro- lowed by a change of wind to the south, stratus, in which there was a trace of a whence a very strong gale sprung up with solar halo: a fine night. At a quarter rain. past nine PM. a light red meteor of a large 25. AM. large nimbi and showers of size, and of a spheroid shape, appeared in rain : PM. a strong gale from SW. and its course from the zenith cowards the north: low scud passed with the wind to NE., fol. its path, which was 35o in length, formed lowed by rain. an angle with the horizon of about 60°, 26. Fine, with a mixture of clouds, and and a retardation was observed in its motion a gale from SW. with a velocity of about just before it disappeared.

seventy miles per hour, as repeatedly ascer13. Fair, with light airs from the east- tained' by watching the well-defined shaward. A stratus of considerable density dows of the lofty cumulus clouds pass, in a rose from the fields and lakes in a linear given time, in the direction of the wind on form in the evening, and soon formed into level ground, from one object to another, thick horizontal cirrostrati.

whose distance was previously known. 14. A fair day: in the evening a large 27. As the preceding nearly, but calm nimbus passed over, and let fall a light after noon. From a quarter before till a shower : a fine night.

quarter past 11 PM. four meteors appear. 15. Heavy rain and wind in the day: ed—the lowest and largest of these, at five the night as the preceding.

minutes before 11 o'clock, descended in a 16. A fair day, with brisk variable southerly direction immediately under the winds: cloudless by night, and much dew. constellation Bootes : both the head and This is the first day this summer on which train were red, the latter about 15° long, the maximum temperature of the air in the accompanied by a hissing, like a sky-rocket shade has been 760, or summer heat. in its ascension, and did not disappear till

17. As the preceding day and night, ex- a second of time after the complete extinccepting a decrease in temperature.

tion of the former---the sky at the same 18. Fair, with nascent cumuli, and ex- time was filling with cirrostratus, and soon tensive beds of plumose cirri; the former became overcast. were formed by the rarefaction of a low 28. AM. a stratus under a shrouded mist in the morning; and the latter passed sky, and a solar halo : PM. opposite winds to cirrostrati; at sunset, after being tinged for some time, succeeded by an inosculawith a very deep red by the horizontal rays tion of cumuli with cirrostrati, and light of the sun. A fine night.

rain. At half-past 10 PM. a small meteor 19. Fair, with a light gale from SE., passed under Dubhe in Ursa Major, and and from the westward beds of cirrus, left a white train behind it about two sewhich, at mid-day, passed to attenuated conds after the body had disappeared. cirrostratus, and produced a fine solar halo, From that time till 12 o'clock, eight other whose radius was 221°. In the afternoon small meteors, nearly of the same height, bright and dark cumuli and cirrocumuli, appeared without trains, viz. two under the which passed to thunder-clouds, and let fall northern crown, and one on each side of it, a light shower of rain at six PM. A strong one over Jupiter and Saturn, one near the gale from SW. through the night, and fre- Pleiades, and two in the brightest part of quent flashes of red lightning, and distant the milky-way to the southward. thunder from the clouds to the N. and NE. 29. AM. sunshine and dense clouds in

20. Fair, with a stiff breeze from SW.: creasing: overcast in the afternoon ; and a light shower of rain in the night.

rain, and a gale from SW. after sunset. 21. The day nearly as the preceeding. 30. Rain, and a light gale from the Two brilliant meteors appeared between same quarter in the day: overcast at night. nine and ten PM.-one inclined to the 31. A veil of attenuated cirrostratus, eastward nearly in the direction of the wind, whose base frequertly appeared below the the other was opposed to it, and passed be summit of the adjacent hills, shrouded the tween the star Arcturus and the first in the sky throughout the day and night.

Kept at the Observatory of the Naval Academy, Gosport.
The units under “ Clouds” represent the days on which each modification of cloud has appeared.





Evaporation in
Rian in Inches, &c.

Inches, &c.

[blocks in formation]

Phases of the Moon. ***OVOCA UN Days of the Month.


At 8 AM.

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29-6829-66 29-670172154,63 2 29 762975 29755 || 60 50 55 3 29 88 29.73 29.805 604452

30.183)·07 30.125 | 67 49 58
30-2230-17 30195 69 53 61

30-05 29.89 29.970 | 66 5058 D 29-93 29.86 29:895 | 62 46 54

30:10 30-03 30-065 | 65 4357 9 30.16 30 14:30-150 | 71 53 62 10 30.18 30.16 30.170 | 73 47 60

30-1830 12 30 150 | 68 53 60.5 12 30.08 30.08 30 0801 635059 13 30.03 29-95 29-090 | 64 5260 14 29-8929.86 29.870|| 74 5464 150 29.82 29.76 29.790 | 64 52 58 16 30.13 30.01 30-070 || 6951 60 17 30'3+ 30-27 20-305 | 76 52 64 18 30-31/31.24) 30.290 | 70 57 63-5 19 30-10 29.97 30.035 | 75 60 67.5 20 29-93 29.89 29-305 || 75 58 66-5 21 29 85 29.83 29-810 74 5866

(29:64 29-62 29.630 | 72 54 63 29.7229-6429 680 | 71 58645 29.80 29.62 20-7101171 60 65 5 29 91 29•69 29.800 || 70 57 63-5 30.02 29-92 29.970 || 70 56 63 30-07 30:01 30 040||71 54 62-5 29.98 29 94 29-960 || 69 50 59-5

30.1030-08 30-090 || 725764 30 29.9729-92 29-9-45 || 67 62 | 64.5 31 30-0229-98 30 000 || 7461 67-5


01 •42

55 63
85 90
56 60
38 70
55 52
52 58
35 50
44 65

40 52
35 49
46 63

43 68
37 60
46 66
45 56
46 50
49 57
55 76
50 57
45 58

60 50 82 60 72 100 100 88 100

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SW to W


NE to SW


NW to NE


NE to SE
E to SE
E to S
NW to W
SW to NW
NW to SW
NW to W

E to SW


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W to SW
SW to W
W to NW
E to NW
NW to SW


251 01

.31 .39


{ Minimum

30-34 | 29-62 29-966 || 76 | 44 61.52|| 59-5) 51.2 64:1

|21|28|28| 427|18|14|| 2 90|3-651 The observations in each line of this Table, under Barometer, Thermometer, Wind, and Rain, are for a period of 24 hours, beginning at 8 AM.


Maximum...... 311-31 July 17th, Wind North-West.

Minimam..... 29 62 Do. 22d, Do. South-West. Range of the Mercury •

0.72 Mean barometrical pressure for the Month

29-966 for the lunar period, ending the 28th instant..... ....... 29.960 for 15 days, with the Moon in North declination .......

29.867 for 14 days, with the Moon in South declination

30.053 Spaces described by the oscillations of the Mercury

4760 Greatest variation in 24 hours..

0-380 Number of Changes, caused by the variations in the Weight of the Atmosphere.... THERMOMETER Maximum

760 July 17th Wind W.

44 Do. 3d Do. NE. Range....

..... 32 Mean temperature of the Air

61:52 for 31 days with the Sun in Cancer .... 60.13 Greatest variation in 24 bours.

26.00 Mean temperature of spring water at 8 AM..

52.08 DE LUC'S WHALEBONE HYGROMETER. Greatest humidity of the Air

100° in the evenings of the 30th and 31st. Greatest dryness of.... Ditto

35 several times Range of the Index

65 Mean at 2 o'clock PM.

51.2 at 8 Do. “. AM..

59-3 - at 8 Do... PM.

64:1 -- of 3 observations each day at 8, 2, and 8 o'clock

58.3 Evaporation for the month

2.90 inches, Rain and hail, for Ditto ....,

..... 3.65 ditto. Prevailing Winds, sw.

A SUMMARY OF THE WEATHER. A clear sky, 2; fair, with various modifications of cloud, 16; an overcast sky, without rain, 6; rain 7-Total, 31 days.

Cirrus, Cirrocumulus, Cirrostratus, Stratus, Cumulus, Cumulostratus, Nimbus.



[blocks in formation]



(London, Aug. 21.) Nothine having oocurred within the from the warehouses, indicated that extenlast month, tending materially to affect sive sales had been made privately, probaour foreign trade, we shall not have occa- bly at low prices; the particulars of which sion for any particular remarks, beyond did not transpire. The show of new sugars those which are better placed under the being extensive in the first week of August respective heads. The great question of attracted buyers, and considerable purpeace or war in the east of Europe still re- chases were made. The demand for good mains undecided ; yet it seems probable, and fine sugars has since been considerable, that peace will be preserved by the influe and the prices fully supported, but the inence of England, France, and Austria, ferior descriptions exceedingly heavy. The whose own interest naturally leads them to refined market has been in a very depressed avert a contest, in which, if the event state, in consequence of the unfavourable should be successful, Russia must be the accounts from the Continental markets : chief and perhaps the only gainer. and a considerable decline has taken place.

Cotton.-On a review of the four last Very little has been doing in foreign sugars. weeks, it appears that the market has been The quantity of refined sugar exported in on the whole in an improving state. In the first six months of 1821, was in value, the two weeks ending August 7, the de- 1,328,029.. of which, for about 544,7801. mand for Surats, in particular, was brisk to Hamburg ; 432,0001. to the Mediterra. and extensive, the sales being about 6,300 nean ; 235,000l. to the Baltic; 40,0001. to bags, of which 4,800 were Surats. The Ireland ; 37,0001. to Bremen, &c. huyers seem to have been chiefly specu- The report for the week ending to-day lators, induced to purchase on account of (21st) is as follows : the unfavourable intelligence from the The demand for good and fine MuscoUnited States, respecting the crops of cot- vades has continued steady; and for these ton, which are stated to have suffered much descriptions, very full prices were realized ; from inundations, so that the supplies will the soft brown sugars are in plentiful supbe much less than have been calculated upon. ply, and might be purchased at very low In the second week of August, the purchases were not extensive, being only 1,200 There are no new supplies of sugar at bags, but the prices were fully supported. market this forenoon, owing to the coopers

The inquiry has rather revived; the de- at the West-India warehouses having struck mand appears principally for exportation ; work, demanding a higher rate of wages ; the sales for the week ending yesterday are the supply at market, is, however, more 1,600 bags, but it is probable, that the re- than adequate to the demand. Muscovades newed inquiries will lead to extensive pure may be stated very heavy at the previous chases during the week: the holders are prices ; the sales to-day do not exceed very firm, and appear confident of realizing 1,000 hogsheads. Two public sales of higher prices than the present market cur- Barbadoes were brought forward, 241 rency. The particulars of the 1,600 bags casks; the whole went off heavily, at a sold, are as follows: viz. in bond, 300 Per- further reduction of ls. particularly the nams, 124d. 124d.; 420 Surats, 6d. a good sugars; good white, 69s. 6d. a 61d. very ordinary; a few very good, 8d.; 71s. 6d. ; the others 625. a 68s. 160 Madras, 64d. good fair ; 780 Bengals, The refined market was heavy last week, 5 d. a 5 d. fair ; good, 6d. and a few very yet the very reduced prices prevented the good, 6 d.; 100 Boweds, 94d. a 9fd. ; 62 holders from selling ; large lumps, 78s. a Sea Islands fair, 16d.; and duty paid ; 40 80s. were with difficulty to be purchased, prime Demeraras, 13d. ; 70 Berbice good as a very general opinion prevailed that the fair 11 d. ; 18 Paras fair, 102d.; 50 Mi- low prices would attract the attention of nas Novas good, 114d.; 33 ditto Geras the exporters, and that no further reduction good, 10d. and 15 ditto ordinary, 9d. ; 8 could be anticipated ; lumps, 828. a 84s. Cariacous, 103d, a lld.

were taken off for crushing.–Molasses are At Liverpool, the market has been ra- steady. ther doll for these three weeks past; and In foreign sugars, the only sale last prices have, on the whole, declined. The week was about 200 chests of yellow Haarrivals in the four weeks ending August vannah, 30s. a 328. 18, were 52,677 bags; the sales in the The public sale of Pernambuco and same period, 30,800 bags.

Bahia this forenoon consisted of damaged Sugar.-- In the last week of July, the sugars, affording no criterion of the market public market was uninteresting ; inferior prices; the whole sold exceedingly low. browns were very low, but good qualities The Havannah sugars, 100 boxes, sold at were scarce, and maintained their prices, 6s. a 78. per cwt. lower than any previous but though few sales were reported, the de- sale, good strong white realizing only 45s. ; livery of 4,400 hogsheads of Muscovades the middling, 42s.

Average prices of raw sugar by Ga. month there was a considerable improvezette : July 28.. .32s. 24d.

ment in the demand, which, however, did Aug. 4. .32. 94d.

not continue. Brandy and Geneva are dull 11. .323. 9d.

of sale, and the prices nearly nominal. 18. ...32s. 104d.

Oils. The accounts of the Davis Straits Coffee.--We regret to say that the coffee- and Greenland fisheries, as far as they go, market has been very heavy for this month are considered to be very favourable; and past, and a considerable reduction has they have naturally thrown a damp on the taken place. This morning the market market. There are sellers of Greenland was exceedingly heavy previous to the pub- oil to arrive, at 23. ; and some buyers of lic sales, and a great decline was antici- small parcels at 221. The trade have not pated ; and, in fact, the prices have expe- yet purchased, and at present decline doing rienced a decided reduction. Jamaica coffee so. Rape oil has advanced considerably, is 38. a 4s. lower than the previous market brown 401. The last sales of old Greenprices ; good ordinary, which last week re- land whalebone were at 781. It is now, alised 1058. and 106s. sold in considerable we understand, offered at a much lower parcels at 100s. 6d. 102s. and 1028. 6d.; fine price. ordinary 106s.6d. and 1078. which last week Baltic Produce.-The reports of war sold 109s. a 110s. 6d. Foreign coffee may between Russia and Turkey had some inalso be stated ls. a 28. lower :-179 bags fluence at the end of July, on the price of good ordinary Havannah, small bean, sell. hemp and tallow. The holders of hemp ing at 1085. 6d., 1098., and 109s.6d.; 160 demanded an advance of ll. per ton ; and bags middling Porto Rico, 115s. 6d. a extensive contracts were reported at this 1178. ; the St. Domingo was withdrawn improvement. The warlike reports having 'without being put up to sale. The Berbice continued to subside, the prices have recoffee being scarce, supported fully the ceded in consequence. In the course of previous prices, middling selling 1288. 6d., last week, the demand for tallow being 1298., and 1298. 6d. The quantity of cof. very languid, the holders were desirous to fee brought forward to-day was 732 bags effect sales at lower rates, by which buyers and 116 casks; and, as the sales afford a were attracted, and several purchases are criterion of the market, Jamaica descrip- reported at 44s. Hemp was in more retions may be stated at the reduction of 3s. quest, because the stock is reduced. Flax a 48. per cwt. ; foreign 1s. a 28. lower, and has remained at the same noininal price as the market exceedingly heavy at the de- before. cline.

Rice. While the weather continued unIndigo.-- There is little doing in indigo; favourable for the harvest, rice rose, and the yet the holders are firm, and confidently demand increased, with an advance of ls. look to an improvement both in the demand to 28. per cwt; but as the weather, during -and the prices. The premium on the last the last week, has been favourable, the sale is nominally about 3d. per lb.

demand has subsided, and purchases might Spirits. The rum-market has been be made on lower terms. heavy, except that in the first week of this

Spices at the East India Company's sale, August 13th. Saltpetre, 1000 tons Company's passed, no offers at the Company's upset price, 268. 977 tons Privilege-sold..

.24s. a 26s. a few lots.

26s. 6d. and 278. Peper-Company's black, 2355 bags, sold.

7 d. a 7 d. Licensed-black, 90 bags, sold...

.6d. a 7d. Cinnamon-1485 bales—542 bales 1st quality, sold.

i....78. ld. a 7s. 6d. 807

about a half sold ...68. ld. a 6s. 8d. 136 3d

all sold ..., .58. 3d. a 58. 7d. Mace-200 casks, 2d quality-one lot 6s. ld. all the rest out, no offers at the Com

pany's upset price, 6s. Nutmegs-500 packages-not garbled; only 112 sold.

.3s. 7d. Oil of Mace... Cassia Lignea-1002 chests—sold..

..61. 58. a 87 984 chests.

.61. 58. a 81. 88. Sago-Licensed, 352 packages.

.58, 6d. a 6s.

and 20s. a 258. Ginger-Licensed, 593 bundles...

108. a 108. Od. Cassia Buds-100 chests...

.171. 58. a 171. 10s. 142 chests..

151. 155. a 18l. 48. Oil of Cassia — 79 canisters..

..7d. a 8d. per oz. There is little variation in the prices since the above sale. Company's pepper 74d. to 74d ; several other considerable purchases of cassia lignea have been made at the sale prices; cassia buds have sold at a considerable advance.



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Corn, which experienced an advance Bergen, Norway, July 14.-For these while the weather was unsettled, has re- nine weeks past we have had such a drought trograded since the weather has been here, that it is difficult to procure water even warmer.

for domestic uses. Add to this, that we have The harvest in the southern counties is had the whole time a north wind, which far advanced : in the midland districts it is still continues, attended with storms, which general: the weather has been, of late, ex- hinders the arrival of ships ; and much ceedingly warm, and, in consequence, the ex- injury is done to vessels laden with corn pectation of a good crop is very generally en- not kiln-dried, because the cargoes easily tertained. There was a good supply of wheat become heated at this season. It is to be at yesterday's market ; the trade was heavy hoped, that we shall have a change soon, at the decline of 25. on the best runs; there for in these parts every thing is burnt up, were scarcely any enquiries for the mid- so that the farmer will reap little or nodling and inferior samples. No alteration thing. The oldest inhabitants do not rein the prices of barley ; there was, how. collect such a season. ever, little business doing.–The holders

Copenhagen, August 7.-Our corn trade of oats evinced a great inclination to effect continues to be very dull, so that the sales, and in consequence a further reduc- prices are to be considered as merely tion of ls. was submitted to. The few nominal. For the purpose of relieving purchases of beans reported were at the the farmers an ordinance has been issued, previous currency, but a great proportion allowing them to pay a certain part of of the supply remains undisposed of their land-tax in corn. The prices al. Grey and white peas were 28. lower.-Lin- lowed are very favourable to the farmer. seed advanced Il. per last, in consequence We have received large supplies of su. of the very short supply at market.

gar. Ten vessels with full cargoes have Import of Foreign Corn. The ports arrived within this week, from our West continue shut against the importation of all India possessions alone. For the enforeign grain, except buckwheat, which couragement of our sugar refiners, his Mais importable at a permanent duty of 108. jssty has granted a bounty on the exportaper quarter.

tion of treacle, viz. 13 rix dollars for Aggregate average of the twelve mari- 1000 lb. in parcels not under 1000 lb. time districts of England and Wales, for nor above 54,000 lb. the six weeks preceding the 15th of Au

Hamburg, 11 August.-Cotton appears gust, by which importation is regulated in likely to rise. Hitherto, however, no rise Great Britain. Wheat 52s. 7d.

has taken place, except in the American Oats 19s. 3d.

descriptions, of which we have had but a Rye 32s. 5d. Beans 30s. 9d.

very short supply this year.—Coffee. Our Barley 248. 8d. Peas 315, 6d.

prices, which were already low, were still

further depressed by the arrival of consideFOREIGN COMMERCE.

rable supplies during the course of last Riga, July 27.-Flax keeps up at the month. A little has been doing this week following prices. Marienburg cut, 38 r.; at rather lower prices ; but there are no white Thiesenhausen and Druiana Rackit. purchasers for large parcels.-Dyeingzer, 41 r.; white mixed with light grey, woods not much in demand, and therefore 394 to 40 r. ; grey, 384 to 304 r.; cut rather lower. The high price of Pernam. Badstub, 36 r.; Risten Threeband, 281 r.; buco at the end of last month caused a Tow, 14 to 134 r.-Hemp: the inferior greater demand for other redwoods, such as sorts maintain their rices, but clean is' Japan, St. Martin's, &c.— Spices. The rather lower ; in general but little is doing finest sort maintain their prices, though The prices may be noted as follows: there is not much demand. Pimento reUkraine clean, 109 to 108 r. ; Polish mains unchanged. Pepper very little at ditto, 116 to 115 r. Ukraine outshot, market, and prices very firm. Ginger is 80 r.; Polish ditto, 91 to 90 r. Ukraine rather lower, the demand being small, and pass, 72 r.; Polish ditto, 78 to 79r. fresh supplies continuing to arrive.--SaltUkraine torse, 494 r.; Polish, ditto, 50 r. b. petre is without demand, as well for speHemp Oil may be had for 90 r. ; Forculation as for exportation.— Tobacco of all fine Polish Potashes, 100 r. b. are now kinds maintains a good price, yet without asked. Seeds for crushing meet with more any great demand. -Corn. As our stock purchasers this week. The following prices of good wheat is rapidly diminishing, and are now demanded : for remaining sowing the supplies are very inconsiderable, the linseed, 44 to 5 r. Druiania, 14 to 17 r. b. holders ask, and have, in some instances, Crushing linseed (of 110 to 112 lb.), 12 obtained an advance of from 5 to 15 rix to 15r. Hemp seed (of 90 to 94 lb.), 94 to dollars, though the demand is limited to 94 r. Talloro is offered as follows : yellow our own consumption. A couple of car. crown candle tallow, 145 r. ; white ditto, goes which arrived this week from Dantzig 140 r. Soap tallow, 135 r.

met a ready sale at good prices. The de

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