J. J. Rousseau, composée de Documens mon Fils. Par J. G. Thouret, Membre Authentiques, et dont une partie est restée de l'Assemblée Constituante, auteur de inconnue jusqu'à ce jour, et d'une Biogra- l'Abrégé des Révolutions de l'Ancien Gou, phie de ses Contemporains, considérés dans vernement Français. Première Partie, deseurs rapports avec cet Homme célèbre; puis les tems les plus reculés jusqu'à l'ère suivie de Lettres Inédites. 2 Vols. 8vo. chrétienne, oblong folio, 21. 8s. 12 28.

Anecdotes du 19e. Siècle, ou Collection Essai Chronologique sur les Hivers les inédite d'Historiettes et d'Anecdotes Réplus rigoureux depuis 396 ans avant J. C. centes, de Traits et de Mots peu connus, jusqu'en 1820 inclusivement; suivi de d’Aventures singulières, de Citations, de quelques Recherches sur les Effets les plus Rapprochemens divers, et de Pièces cusinguliers de la Foudre, depuis 1676 jus- rieuses, pour servir à l'Histoire des Meurs qu'en 1821. Par G. P. 8vo.

et de l'Esprit du Siècle où nous vivons Tableaux Chronologiques de l'Histoire comparé aux Siècles passés. Par J. A. S, Ancienne et Moderne, pour l'Instruction de Collin de Plancy. 2 Vols. 8vo. 16s.


Alexander Law, of the Commercial mariner; for certain improvements in proRoad, Stepney, founder ; for an improved pelling vessels.- May 5th. mode of forming bolts and rails for ship Aaron Manby, of Horseley near Sipton, fastenings, &c.—May 1st.

Staffordshire, iron-master; for improve William Thomas and Joseph Lobb, of ments in manufacturing steam-engines.Sithney, Cornwall; for a machine for cut- May 9th. ting and preparing lay or lea ground for Samuel Hall, of Basford, Notts, cottontillage with less expence, and in a shorter spinner; for an improvement in the manutime than by the present mode of plough- facture of starch.-May 9th. ing; and also for renewing grass land, George Frederick Eckstein, of High Hollay or lea ground, with seeds, without born, ironmonger; for certain improve. destroying the surface.—May 1st.

ments in cooking apparatus.—May 9th. Robert Delap, of Belfast, Ireland, mer- John Mayor, of Shawbury, and Robert chant; for improvements in producing ro- Cook, of Shrewsbury, Salop; for certain tatory motion.-May Ist.

improvements in machinery for raising Richard Jones Tomlinson, of Bristol, water, which is to be denominated Hydramerchant ; for an improved rafter for roofs, gogue.-May 9th. or beam for other purposes.—May 3d. Robert Paul, of Starton, Norfolk, and

John Redhead, of Heworth, Durham, Samuel Hart, of Redenhall-with-Harleston, engineer and mariner : and William Norfolk ; for an improvement in springs Parrey, of East Lane, Walworth, master for carriages.—May 17th.

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS, &c. The Rev. George Thoinas Plummer instituted to CAMBRIDGE.-Master of Arts-B. H. Malkin, the Rectory of Northhill, in Cornwall, on the Fellow ot Trinity. Bachelor in Civil Law J. P. presentation of F. H. Rodd, Esq. of Trebartha- Wood, of ditto. Bachelors of Arts-L. A. Cliffe, ball, void by the death of the Rev. J. Veryard and C. Best, of St. John's; C. S. Girdlestone, of Brutton.-The Rev. J. H. Ridley, to the Rectory Caius College; C. Birch, of Catherine-hall; T. of Abinger, Surrey, together with that of Newdi. Foster, Emmanuel College; S. Charlton, and gate, in the same county.—The Rev. Edward G. L. Harvey, of Sidney Sussex College. Heawood, MA. to be Master of the Grammar The Chancellor's Gold Medal for the best English School at Dartford.-The Marquis of Bucking- Poem, is adjudged to Thos. Babington Vacaulay, ham has appointed the Rev. c. S. Bennett, MÅ. Scholar of Trinity College-Subject, " Evening.' Rector of Avington, to be his Lordship's Domestic Sir Win. Browne's Three Gold Medals for the preChaplain.-The Rev. Thomas Gronon, to the sent year have been adjudged as follows:-Greek Living of Cadorton, near Neath.

Ode-“ 'Sneavos o Tiepopros,” to Henry Nelson OXFORD,-Chancellor's Prizes. That for the English Essay—"The Study of Modern History,".

Coleridge, Fellow of King's College.

Latin Ode_“ Maria Scotorum Regina,” to was awarded to Daniel Reyte Sandford, BA, of Christ Church, and son of the Right. Rev. Dr. Sand

Chas. Fursdon, of Downing College. Epigramford, oue of the Bishops of the Scots Episcopal

« Επαιζεν αμα σπεδαζων,” ιο Edward Baines of Church, Edinburgh.

Christ Collece. The Latin Essay-" De Auguriis et Auspiciis

The Vice-Chancellor has selected the following apud Antiquos, "-Chas. J. Plumer, BA. late of

exercise Honoris causa. Baliol, now of Oriel College, son of the Right

Greek Ode-Motto," Expectes eadem," &c. hon. Sir Thomas Plumer, Master of the Rolls.

Latin Ode “ Barbiton paries habebit,"&c. Latin Verses, " Elensis," -The Hon. George Wm.

“Lauro cinge volens,” &c. Frederick Howarı', of Christ Church, son of Vis: Epigrams “ Conamur tenues grandia." count Morpeth, and graulson of the Earl of Car

" Labor ultimus." lisle. The same gentleman obtained also Sir

“Quisquis es," &c. Roger New.lizate's Prize for the English Poem, the

“Ta Monna Mixxos." subject, " lestum."

Where the Town or City in which the Bankrupt resides is not expressed, it will be always in London or the
Neighbourhood. So also of the Residences or the Attorneys, whose names are placed after a [..

T distinguishes London Commissions, C those of the country.
Gazette-May 19 to June 19. Carbery, R. and D. Howell, St. James's-street,

Westminster, hatters. (Hopkinson, 3, Lin. Blonsum, W. B. Stamford, grocer. (Jeys, Chan- coln's-inn, New-square. T. cery-lane. C.

Edington, James, Lower Thames-street, stationer, Devereux, W. H, George-street, Mansion-house- [Pearce, St. Swithin's-lane, Lombard-st. T.

street, merchant. (Watkins, 2, Stone-buildings, Edwards, E. L. Cardigan, linen-draper. (Jenkins, Lincolp's-inn T.

New.inn. C. Hannington, S. Putney, ironmonger. (Cobb, Cle. Jackson, J. Halifax, shoemaker. (Wiglesworth, ment's inn, T.

Gray's-inn-square. C. Kelsey, Ben. Nuneaton, Warwick, innkeeper. Jacobs, Isaac, Bristol, glass-manufacturer. [Ad

[Constable, Symond's-inn, Chancery-lane. c. lington, Bedford-row. C. King, W. Worcester, draper. [Vizard, 50, Lin- Mason, J. Manchester, hat-manufacturer. [Cla. coln's-inn-fields. C.

bon, 76, Mark-lane. T. Mayers, M. Yarmouth, merchant. (Jones, Min- Peters, John, and F. Weston, Bristol, maltsters. cing-lane. T.

[Evans, Hatton-garden. c. Morgan, James, Strond, Gloucester, linen-draper. Rowe, H. Amen-corner, bookseller. (Stephen(Pearson, Pump-court, Temple, c.

8on, Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane. T. Poand, C. and W. H. Pound, Cloth-fair,

woollen. Skipper chi Gorleston: Suffolk, grocer. [Swain, Richardson, G. Horncastle, Lincoln,

grocer. (Nor. Trollope, Heory, Reading, Berks, liden-draper. ris, 32, John-street, Bedford-row. C.

(Gates, 23, Newgate-street. T. Sealy, H. W. Stamford, upholsterer. [Pearse, 17, Tuthill, Chas. Mecklenburgh-square, merchant. Salisbury-square. T.

.[Taylor, Furnival's-inn, Holborn. T. Spencer, W. Bristol, corn-factor. [Hicks, Bart. White, H. Gracecharch-street, merchant. [Corry, lett's-buildings, Holborn, C.

Basinghall-street. T. Stodart, K. and M. Stodart,

Strand, booksellers. [Gale, Basinghall-street. T.

May 29.-Gorely, T. W. Dover, Kent, felt-maker. Thompson, Henry, Sculcoates, York, merchant. (Stocker, 2, New Boswell-ct. Liucoln's-inn. c. [Bowman, 6, Uniou-court, old Broad-st. C.

Hart, W. B. King-street, Cheapside, merchant. Wall, R. Sutton-street, Soho, carpenter. (Shuter,

[Taylor, 19, King-street, Cheapside.' T. Millbauk-street, Westminster. T.

Hollis, J. P. Bolingbroke-row, Newington, tailor. Williams, L. W. Fleet-street, wine-merchant. [Kiss, Clifford's-inn. T. (Lewis, Crutched-friars. T.

Jones, F. Redcliff-bill, Bristol, mason. (Evans, Wolferstan, J. Chichester, ironmonger. (Comer. Hatton-garden. C. ford, Copthall-court, Throgmorton-street. T. M'Corquodale, Hugh, Liverpool, merchant. [Tay

lor, 9, King's-beach-walk, Temple. C. May 22.--Atkinson, J. Holme, Westmoreland, Nicholls, T. Birmingham, dealer. [Taylor, 15, manufacturer. (Beverley, Temple. c.

Walbrook. C. Brown, A. J. Portsmouth, grocer. (Collett, Chan. Simpson, Robe. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, perfumer. cery-lane. C.

[Leadbitter, Pancras-lane. * C. Day, T. Blackman-street, Southwark, stock-bro. Ward, J. Beech, Stafford, farmer. (Hicks, Gray's

ker. (Shuter, Millbank-st. Westminster. T. inn-square. C. Eastwood, John, Liverpool, haberdasher. (John, Youden, s. Dover, carpenter. [Stocker, 2, New Palsgrave-place, Temple-bar. C.

Boswell-court, Lincoln's-inn. c. Fairchild, J. L. Thurlby, Lincoln, farmer. (Wil.

lis, 3, Warnford-court, Throgmorton-street. C. June 2.--Battier, John J. Mincing-lane, broker. Ford, G. S. Great Bush-lane, Canpon-street, wine- ! (Gatty, Angel-court, Throginorton-st. T.

merchant. [Taylor, Furnival's-inn. T. Bumpus, J. Holborn, bookseller. [Tatham, 41, Ford, W. Holt, Worcester, farmer. [Platt, New Castle-street, Holborn. T. Boswell-court. C.

Burrows, E. Warsop, Nottingham, miller. (Hall, Gibbons, J. and R. Hibbert, Great Prescott-st. New Boswell-court, Carey-street. C.

Goodman's-fields, bricklayers. (Eyles, 15, Wor. Cheetham, T. Stockport, sargeon. [Tyler, Pumpship-street-road. T.

court, Temple. C. Henley, J. Sol's-row, Hampstead-road, rectifier. Etches, J. Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, haberdash[Druce, Billiter-square. T.

er. (Bromley, Gray's-inn-square. c. Hughes, 'J. Cheltenham, wine-merchant. (Wil. Hancock, W. Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, cabinetliams, Lincoln's-inn. c.

maker. [Blagrave, 4, Symond's-inn. c. lrying, J. jun. Carlisle, grocer. [Addison, Staple. Hardwick, J. Clare-street, Clare-market, butcher. inn. C.

[Richardson, Walbrook. T. Jenks, F. Bromyard, Hereford, tanner. [Wil. Munk, W. High-street, St. Saviour's, Southwark, liams, Lincoln's-inn, Old-square. C.

brandy-merchant. (Webb, Dean-street, South Ramsay, T. St. Mary-hill, wine merchant. (Rear. wark. T.

don, Corbet-court, Gracechurch-street. T. Nicoll, T. Ware, Hertford, sack-maker. [Bond, Savell, J. Copenhagen-wharf, Limehouse, timber. Ware, Herts. T.

merchant. [Duthie, 20, Jobn-st. Adelphi. T. Park, R. jun. Portsca, Southampton, coal-merShaw, J. Stratford, dealer in flour. [Cuppage, Old chant. [Briggs, Lincoln's-inn-fields. T. Brvad-street. T.

Pilling, J. Huddersfield, York, currier. [Battye, Smith, Jos. Frome, Somerset, clothier. (Hicks, Chancery-lane. C. Bartlett's-buildings, Holborn. C.

Ravis, N. 'Gracechurch-street, tin-plate-worker. Storr, J. Churwell, York, clothier. (Wilson, 16, [Dawes, Angel.court, Throgmorton-st. T. Greville-street, Hatton-garden. C.

Robinson, S. Huddersfield, hosier. (Wiglesworth, Tidy, Mary, Southgate, Middlesex, corn-dealer. Gray's-inn. c. [Fisher, Holborn-court, Gray's-inn. T.

Wheatley, H. Coventry, silk-dyer. [Long, Gray'sWarneford, John, York, grocer. [Wiglesworth,

inn. c. Gray's-inn. c.

Worfindin, T. and W. Elliott, New Malton, York,

corn-factors. [Hicks, 5, Gray's-inn-sq. c. May 26.-Archer, J. Ware-park-mill, Hertford, millei. [Bond, Ware, Herts. T.

June 5.-Airey, J. Liverpool, soap-boiler. [BatBaker, G. A. Blackmai-street, Borough, cheese- tye, Chancery-lane. C.

mong er. [Latkow, Wardrobe-place, Doctor'sBliss, N. Water-lane, Fleet-street, printer. (Heg. commons. T.

ter, 56, High Holborn. T. Bolden, C. J. Duke-street, West Sinithgeld, pain. Davilson, A. G. Racqnet-ct. Flect-st. merchant. ter. Smith, Basinghall-street. T.

(Chrishop, Child's place, Temple-bar, T.

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Girdlestone, M. Norwich, baker. (Pearce, St. Cross, R. Bridlington, York, chemist. [Harvey,
Swithin's-lane, Lombard-street. T.

Lincoln's-inn-fields. C.
Gordon, J. Liverpool, merchant. [Lowe, Lon. Fletcher, J. P. Fletcher, and B. Fletcher, Patri.
don. C.

croft, Lancaster, cotton-spinners. (Lowe, South. Jones, J. Mount-street, Lambeth, and J.H. Jones, ampton-buildings, Chancery-lane. C. Kent-road, linen-drapers. (Gates, 23, Newgate Hammond, v. Ludlow, Salop, wine-merchant. street. T.

[Proctor, 6, Gray's-inn-place. c. Lent, W. Bridlington, York, ironmonger. [Har. Hayward, T. Cheltenham, builder. [Williams, vey, Lincoln's-inn-fields. c.

Lincoln's-ion. c.
“Mason, E. Worcester, tea-dealer, and Jas. Penn, Hopkins, W. of the parish of St. Philip and Ja-

Dale-end, Birmingham, soap-boilers. [Plalt, cob, Gloucester, vicioaller. [Poole, Grav's-inn.C.
New Boswell-court, Lincoln's-inn. c.

Middleditch, J. Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, plum-
Masters, R. Coventry, tailor. [Edmunds, Exche. ber. (Bromley. Gray's-inn-square. C.
quer-office of Pleas, Lincoln's-inn. c.

Renaud, Edw. Birminghain, whip-maker. (JenNicholson, Wm. Wakefield, York, corn-factor. nings, 4, Elm-court, Temple. c. [Edmunds, Exchequer-office, Lincoln's-inn. C.

Waddington, Jas. Reading, Berks, boot-maker. * Preston, J. Torquay, Devon, merchant. [Darke, [Eyre, Gray's-inn-square. C.

30, Red-lion-square. C.
Rudkin, T. H. 6, Charlotte-street, Islington, malt- June 16.-Bass, J. Holbeach, Lincoln, brewer.

ster. [Tomes, 49, Lincoln's-inn-fields. T. [Jeyes, Chancery-lane. C.
Stabb, T. Torquay, Devon, merchant. [Darke, Billingham, J. Utioxeter, Stafford, nail-manufac-
30, Red-lion-square. C.

turer. [Tooke, Gray's-inn. c.
"Tarlton, J. Liverpool, merchant. (Lowe, Lon. Blain, H. Adams-court, Broad-strect, merchant.
don. C.

(Sweet, Basinghall-street. T. Tinson, T. Elbow-lane, merchant. [Clarke, Lit- Broomhead, T. Sheffield, grocer. (Rodgers, Hol. tle St. Thomas Apostle. T.

born-court, Gray's-inn. c. Young, W. Bordwood Farm, Brading, in the Isle of Bury, Edw. Liverpool, merchant. [Blackstock, Wight, farmer. (Powball, Staple-inn. C. King's-bench-walk, Temple. C.

Dawson, T. Upton, Norfolk, merchant. [Poole, June 9.-Beane, B. Hickling, Norfolk, shopkeep- Gray's-inn-square. C.

er. (Tilbury, Falcon-st. Aldersgate-st. C. Goff, W. Brighthelmstone, Sussex, linen-draper. Board, W. Bristol, post-master. [Poole, Gray's- [Watkins, Stone-buildings, Lincoln's-inn. T. inn-square. C.

Hurndall, J. Bristol, haberdasher. (Gates, 23, Chapman, S. Greenwich, linen-draper. [Brook- Newgate-street. T. ing, Lombard-street. T.

Kay, T. Princess-square, Ratcliff Highway, coal. Corri, D. Percy-street, Bedford-square, dealer in merchant. (Saxon, Pump-court, Temple. T. music. (Pike, New Boswell-court, Carey-st. Manson, Daniel, Throgmorton-street, merchant. Lincoln's-inn-fields. T.

(Weston, Fenchurch-street. T. Croft, J. Kingston upon-Hull, draper. [Appleby, Parker, Wm. Newark-upon-Trent, Nottingham, Gray's-inn-square. C.


wire-worker. (Milne, Temple. C. Dean, J. Accrington, near Blackburn, Lancaster, Pollock, J. Adams-court, Broad-street, merchant.

cotton-spiuner. (Hadfield, St. Ann's, Man- (Sweet, Basingball.street. T. chester. C.

Wellburn, S. Sculcoates, York, grocer. [Gatty, Downs, William, Cheadle, Chester, calico-printer. Angel-court, Throgmorton-street. T. (Chester, Staple-inn. Ć.

Wight, S. widow, and J. Wight, Leadenball-street, Foster, W. Liverpool, grocer. (Koight, Basing- hat-manufacturers. [Collins, Great Knight Rihall-street. C.

der-street, Doctors Commons. T. Franklin, F. Leamington Priors, Warwick, sur. Wood, P. Kingston, Surry, gardener. [Gregory, geon. [Platt, New Boswell-court, Lincoln's.

Clements-inn. T. inn-fields. c.

Woodhead, M. Liversedge, York, merchant. (EGlover, G. Lower East Smithfield, Middlesex, oil

vans, Hatton-garden.c. and colourman. [Laue, Lawrence Pountney. Woolrich, G. and J. Woolrich, Spital-square, silkplace. T.

manufacturers. (Sweet, Basinghall-street. T. Hall, H. and J. Hall, Sun-wharf, Upper Thames.

Wroots, R. Sleaford, Lincoln, linen-draper. (Wil. street, iron-merchants. [Drake, Old Fish-st.

son, Manchester.' C.
Doctor's-commons. T.
Haynes, s. Liverpool, flour-dealer. (Chester, June 19.-Baghott, Sir Paul, Lypiatt Park, Stroud,
Staple-inn. c.

Gloucester, knight, banker." (Dax, 29, Guild-
Holland, Stephen, Bexhill, Sussex, coal-merchant. ford-street. C.
[Smith, 6, New Basinghall-street. C.

Bowmar, J. Goltho, Lincoln, farmer. [Taylor, 6,
Kirkman, C. F. Deal, linen-draper. [Phillips, Clement's inn. C.
King-street, Covent-garden. T.

Fox, Jas. Dartmouth, Devon, ship-owner. [Fox,
Paine, J. Wormwood-street, Bishopsgate-street, Austin-friars. C.

smith. [Gray, 136, Tyson-place, Kingsland: Lowes, J. Angel-court, Throginorton-street, billroad. T.

broker. [Walker, Old Jewry. T.
Reily, R. Southampton-row, Bloomsbury, man. Renaud, Edw. Birmingham, whip-maker. (Jen-

milliner. (Fisher, Furnival's-inn, Holborn. T. nings, 4, Elm-court, Temple. C.
Rex, G. Great Driffield, York, grocer. (Chilton, Sawyer, T. Ramsgate, chemist. [Young, St. Mil.
7. Chancery-lave. c.

dred's-court, Poultry. T. Shoobridge, G. Cheapside, tailor. [Castle, Mid

dleton-street, Clerkenwell, T.
Turton, J. jun. Rolls-buildings, Fetter lane, far. SCOTCH SEQUESTRATIONS.

rier. [Oriel, Finch-lane, Cornbili. T.
Warton, R. E. and Martin Brookes, Bridge-road, Gazette --May 19 to June 19.
Vauxhall, plumbers: Young, Charlotte-row,

Burrell, R. saddler, Cupar Fife Weston, M. London-wall, livery-stable-keeper, Lawrie, A. upholsterer, Edinburgh. (Robins, Lincoln's-inn-fields. Í.

Macarthur, D.C. merchant, Glasgow. Williams, J. P. Thomas-street, New Kent-road, Smart, J. merchant, Leith.

slater. [Jones, South Sea Chambers, Thread- Macdougal, D. merchant, Glasgow. needle-street. T.

Tod, J. jun. baker, Dundee.

Williamson, T. merchant, Thornhill.
June 12.-Atkinson, T. and J. Spark, Newcas- Sinclair, W. merchant, Lerwick.
• tle-upon-Type, linen-drapers. [Bell, 9, Bow Walker, J. grocer. Lochwinuoch.

Tod, R. jun. ship-broker, w.
Carver, J. Lancing, Sussex, farmer. [Palmer, Honeyınan, T. mill master, Dairsie-inills.
Bedford-row. C.

Weatherley, J. B. merchant, Jedburgh.



by special licence, Sir Roger Gresley, Bart. to the Right bon. Lady Sophia

Catherine Coventry. May 28. At Camborne Parsonage, the lady of 4. At Yardley, Herts, the Rev. James Camper Hugh Rogers, a son.

Wright, MA. Rector of Walkern, in that courity, June 4. At Farley-hill, Lady Lucy Stephenson, a

to Maria, only daughter of Wm. Ogle Wallis

Ogle, Esq. of Capsey-park, Northumberland. 5. At Maize-hill, Greenwich, the lady of Capt.

6. At St. Stephens, near Saitash, James Murray, Macbearn, Royal Artillery, a son.

Esq. Capt. of HMS. Valorous, to Miss Tucker, - In Great Cumberland-place, the lady of Edward

eldest daughter of Benjainiu Tucker, Esq. of Blount, Esq. of Bellamore, Stafford, a son,

Trematon-castle, 6. At Lawn-cottage, Battersea, the lady of James

9. James Henry D'Arcy Hutton, Esq. of Aldburgh. Esdaile Hammet, Esq. a daughter.

hall, in the County of York, to Miss Harriot 7. At Cheltenham, the lady of Capt. J. Hancock,

Aggas, of Earsham, Norfolk. CB. Royal Navy, a daughter.

- The Rev. Wm. Seys, Vicar of Telbeck and of 8. At Brompton-crescent, the lady of Lieut.-col.

Penelt, to Anne, widow of the late John Pooley Hook, 16th regt. a son.

Kensington, Esq. of Putney. 9. The lady of John Poyoder, Esq. a son.

11. At Stoke-upon-Trent, Edmund John Birch, Lately, at the house of her father, W. Williams,

Esg. of Fradswell-hall, Staffordshire, to Mary, Esq. MP. for Weymouth, the lady of Capt. H.

youngest daughter of Josiah Spode, Esq. of the Loraine Baker, RN. a son.

Mount, in the same county.

12. At Benenden, Cooke Tylden Pattenson, Esq. IN SCOTLAND.

of Iborden, in the county of Kent, to Miss At Inveresk-house, near Edinburgh, the seat of Lady Seaforth, the hon. Mrs. Stewart Macken.

Hodges, daughter of Thos. Law Hodges, Esq. zie, of Seaforth, a son.

of Hempstead.place, in the same county.

- At Dorking, James Randall, Esq. of Lincoln's. IN IRELAND.

inn, Barrister at Law, to Hebe, only daughter At Ballybricken, county of Cork, the lady of Ma

of Richard Lowndes, Esq.

13. At Herstmonceux, Edwin Dashwood, Esq. jor Burke, a daughter. Ai Kilkenny, the lady of Lieut.-Col. Wade, 12th

of the Royal Horse Guards (Blue), third son Royal Highlanders, a son.

of Sir John Dashwood, Bart. of West Wy.

combe Park, Bucks, to Amelia, second daughter ABROAD.

of the Rev. Robert Hare, of Herstmonceux, The Infanta Donna Carlotta, Consort of his Royal

Sussex. Highness the Infant Don Francisco y Pablo, bro

15. At Spencer-bouse, by his Grace the Archbishop ther of the King of Spain, a Princess, named

of York, Charles Neville, Esq. of Neville Holt, Isabella.

Leicestershire, to Lady Georgiana Bingham, At Florence, Mrs. Edward Seymour, a danghter.

fourth daughter of the Earl of Lucan. At Bombay, the lady of Jobn Worthy, Esq. 9th

18. At Greenwich, W. Parkhouse, Esq. of that regt. Nat. Inf. a daughter.

place, to Frances, widow of the late George

Morphett, Esq. of Blackheath.

21. The Rev. Charles Shipley, only surviving son MARRIAGES.

of the very Reverevd the Dean of St. Asaph, to May 22. At St. James's church, by the very Rev.

Charlotte, eldest daughter of Robert Arley the Dean of Canterbury, H. Farnell, Esq. to

Sloper, Esq. of Woodhay, Berks. Margaret Ann, eldest daughter of Alex. Tulloch,

IN IRELAND. Esq. of Charles-street, St. James's-square. By special licence, at Gloster, in the King's 24. At Crawley, Hants, John Latham, Esg. Fel.

county, the seat of John Lloyd, Esq. Henry low of All Souls', Oxford, eldest son of John

King, Esq. to Miss Lloyd, youngest daughter Latham, MD. Harley-street, and of Bradwall- of John Lloyd, Es'). hall, Chester, to Elizabeth Anne, eldest daugh- At Glenmire, near Cork, John James Hamilton, ter of the late Hon. Mr. Justice Dampier.

Esq. eldest son of -- Hamilton, Esg. of Bal. -26, George Cooper, Esq., of New Brentford, to leymacholl, county of Meath, to the Hon. Anne Charlotte, daughter of the Rev. Dr. Nicholas, of

Geraldine De Courcy, third daughter of the Ealing.

Right Hon. Lord Kinsale. 28. At Mary-le-bone church, Capt. George Wel. lings, of the 85th regt. or King's Light Infantry,

ABROAD. to Anne, the only daughter of John Penwarne, At Brussels, at the house of his Excellency the Esq. of Stafford-street.

British Ambassador, by the Rev. Whitworth - At St. George's, Hanover-square, Thomas Bal- Russell, Chaplain, to the Embassy, Jobo Baker

dock, Esq. to Charlotte, youngest daughter of Moody, Esq. to Ann, eldest daughter of Walthe late Licut.Col. Ross, of the Royal Marines. ter Mansell, Esq. of Woodferıy-house, Oxford29. At St. George's, Hanover-square, by the Lord shire.

Bishop of Landaif, John Tritton, Esq. eldest son At York, Upper Canada, by special licence, by of John Henton Tritton, Esq. of Bedington, to the Res, and Hou. Dr. Strachan, Capt. Wm. Elizabeth Mary, only daughter of the late Ed. Bouchier, RN. to Emma, second daughter of mund Hammond Biscoe, Esq. of Lympsfield, John Mills Jackson, Esg. of Dowton, Wills. Surrey.

At the Chapel of the British Embassy, at Paris, - At Compton Bishop, Charles Smith, youngest Samuel Flood Page, Esq. of Henrietta-street,

son of Henry Coxwell, Esq. of Millfield-house, Brunswick-square, to Angusta, youngest daugh. Middlesex, to Frances Elizabeth, eldest daughter ter of the late Alex. Shaw, Esq. formerly Lieut.of the late John Pope, Esq.

Governor of the Isle of Man. Lately, the Rev. H. Brackenbury, Rector of Scrimby, Lincolnshire, to Anne, only daughter of

DEATHS. John Atkinson, Esq. of Ansthorpe-ball, Yorkshire.

May 23. At Winster, Mr. Wm. Cuddie, Surgcon. 31. At Chichester, the Rev. Rowland Grove Cur. This unfortunate gentleman's death was occa

tois, Chaplain of the Forces, to Louisa Georgina, sioned by a wound received the preceding day

e'dest daughter of Major General Widrington. in a duel, which, it appears, he was induced - At Paddington Church, by the Bishop of Lon. to fight with Mr. W. Brittlebank, of the same

don, the Rev. Dr. Goodenough, Head-master of place. The Coroner's Jury returned a verdict of Westminster School, and youngest son of the wilful murder against all the parties concerned, Lord Bishop of Carlisle, to Frances, youngest three of whom are now confined in Derby gaol; daughter of Sainuel Pepys Cockerell, Esq. of but Mr. Brittlebank, the principal, bas abWestbourne-house.

sconded. - At St. Pancras, Sir Stephen Shairp, of Russell- 26. Aged 71, the lady of Capt. Dennis Butler, of

place, to Harriot, widow of the late Edward Albany-crescent.

Astle, Esq. of Prince's-court, Westminster. – Suddenly, of apoplexy, John Campbell, Esq. Lately, at si. Alban's, the Kev. Sir

John Filmer, of Conduit.vale, Blackheath. Bart. of Langleybury, Herts, to Esther, daugh- 27. Wm. Mumford, Esg. of Sutton.place, near ter of the late Mr. John Stow, of Tenements of Dartford, Kent. St. Stephen.

Daniel Key, Esq. Deputy of the Ward of AldersJune 2. At the Earl of Coventry's, in Piccadilly, gate.

28. The Rev. Joshoa Raddock, MA. Vicar of Hii '9. In Old Elvet, Darham, aged 84, the Right Rer.

chio, and late Fellow of Trinity College, Cam. W. Gibson, DD. Roman Catholic Bishop of bridge.

Acanthos, ard Vicar Apostolic for the Northern 29. At Portsmouth, Lord Francis Thyone, late District of England,

midshipman of his Majesty's ship Rochefort, Capt. Wm. Haddon, of the 6th, or Inoiskilien, and son of the Marquis of Bath.

regt, of Dragoons, eldest son of the late Major30. Mr. Stothard, son of T. Stothard, Esq. RA. and General Haddon, of the Royal Artillery. brother of Mr. H. Stothard. This gentleman, - At Munster-house, Fulham, Stephen Sulivan, well known as an artist of considerable talent, Esq. in his 79th year. was killed by a fall trom a ladder, upon wbich - At Clifton, Penelope, relict of the late General he was standing while copying a window in the Edward Smith, and danghter of the late Sir Wm. church of Beerferris, in Devon; although not Bowyer, Bart. of Denbam-court, Bucks. more than ten feet from the ground, yet being 10. At Romsey, of an inflammation of the chest, precipitated on his head, he fractured his scull after four days illness, Rebecca, wife of John and expired on the spot.

Reynolds Beddome, and youngest daughter of -The Hon. Morton Eden, brother to Lord Auck. the Rev. Robert Winter, DD. land, in his 27th year.

- At Southgate, Middlesex, in his 40th year, At his house, Portland-place, in his 86th year, Charles Pasley, Esq. late Major in the Hon. the Earl of Sheffield. His Lordship was the East India Company's service, and Charge d'Af. friend of Gibbon, and the Editor of bis Miscel. faires at the Court of Persia. laneous Works, and was the author of many - In Baker-street, Mrs. Bengough, relict of the valuable publications on commerce, agriculture, late Alderman Bengough, of Bristol, in her 82d &c. His son, George Augustus Charles Hole year. royd, Viscount Peveosey, succeeds to his titles 12. At Dover, John Minet Fector, Esq. aged 67. and estates.

Lately, at Mount-row, Lambeth, Mrs. Ashe, relict 81. In Great Pultney-street, Bath, the Right Hon. of the late Rev. Samuel Asbe, rector of Langley

John Campbell, Lord Cawdor, Baron Cawdor, Burrell, Wilts. of Castlemartin, Pembrokeshire. His Lordship 14. At his house, in Somerset-street, Portmanis succeeded in his titles and estates by the Hon. square, the lady of Nevile Reid, Esq. Frederick Campbell, MP. for Caermarthen, who - At Tichborne-house, Hants, in his 65th year, married the eldest daughter of the late Marquis Sir Henry Tichborne, Bart. of Bath.

15. In Gower-street, Martha, the wife of Jacobs - At his house, in Spring-gardens, the Earl of Hans Busk, Esq. of Ponsborne-park, Herts.

Stair. His Lordship was the sixth Earl, and 16. At the Parsonage, Langdon-hills, Essex, in succeeded his father, John, Earl of Stair, in his 79th year, the Rev. John Moore, LLB. rec1789. His titles were, Earl and Viscount of Stair, tor of the above Parish, and of St. Michael Bas. Viscount Dalrymple, Baron of Newliston, Glen- sishaw, London, one the priests of his Majesty's bece and Stranraer, and a Baronet; all Scotch Chapel Royal, St. James's, and for 54 years Mi. titles. Leaving no issue, he is succeeded by his nor Canon of St. Paul's Cathedral. nephew, John W. H. Dalrymple, now Earl of 17. At her residence, iu Upper Harley-street, Mrs. Stair.

King, of Kelsey-park, Beckenham, Keat, relict Lately, at Bath, the Rev. C. H. Simpson, DD. of the late Edward King, Esq. FRS. and FAS.

Minister of Laytonstone chapel, Essex, and late 18. At GosportMajor Bennet, of the Royal Eo. one of the East India Company's Chaplains at gipeers.

the Presidency of Madras. - In his 78th year, the Rev. Sir Henry Poole, Bart.

IN SCOTLAND. of the Hooke, néar Lewes.

At Edinburgh, aged 45, John Ballantyne, Esg. June 1. Mary, danghter of the late --Mills, Esq. Bookseller to his Majesty for Scotland. of Ripley, Yorkshire, and the bride of Mr.J.

At Inglis-Maldie, Kincardineshire, the Hon. AlexHouseman, of Clint, to whom she had been mar. ander Keith, in his 22d year. ried the preceding Tuesday, when she was given At Dumfermline, Dr. Stenhouse, of Comeby-park. away by Sir Wm. Ingilby, the present High At Newington, Edinburgh, the lady of the Rev. Sheriff.' Immediately after the ceremony the Dr. M'Crie. Bride and Bridegroom set off with a party of friends to York. On their arrival the unfor.

IN IRELAND. tupate lady was attacked by apoplexy, which terminated her life so soon afterwards.

At Castleclackan, in the county of Mayo, in bis 3. At Chester, aged 43, Wm. Carter, Esq. many 74th year, the Right Hon. James Lord Baron

years a Captain in the Royal Cheshire regt. and Tyrawly. late of the 22d regt. of foot.

At Newbrook, in the county of Mayo, aged 56, 4. After a few days illness, in Edward-street, Port. the Right Hon. Lord Baron Clanmorris. The

man-square, Sir Geo. Douglas, Bart. of Spring- title and part of his estates descend to his Lord. wood-park, Roxburghshire, which couuty le ship's eldest son, the Hon. Barry Bingham (now had formerly represented in several successive Earl Clanmorris). Parliaments.

At her father's house, Granby-row, Dublin, Eli. - At Calthorpe-house, Oxfordshire, in bis 720 zabeth, eldest daughter of John Duncan; and at year, Thomas Cobb, Esq. Deputy-Lieutenant,

her residence, in Beresford-street, Elizabeth, and Commissioner of the Pence, for that county. daughter of the late Wm. Duncan, Esq. and 5. In Euston-square, after being delivered of a still. cousin to the above. These ladies were interred born child, the wife of George Ranking, Esq.

at the same time, in the same grave. jun.

At Carlow, the Rev. Jolin Faulkner, LLD. Rector - At Beverley-lodge, near Colchester, Lachlan of the Union of Carlow and Killeshin upwards Robt. Mackintosh, Esq. of Dalmunzie, Perth- of 10 years, and Chaplain to his Grace the late shire, in bis 60th year.

Duke of Leinster. - At bis residence, at Potter's Bar, in his 72 The Rev. W. Mears, Rector of Kildallen, in the

year, Daniel Carpenter, Esq. one of his Ma- county of Cavan.
jesty's Justices of the Peace, and Deputy-Lieu.
teuant of the counties of Middlesex and Herts.

ABROAD. 6. The Rev. R. D. Squirre, one of the Prebendaries

or Hereford Cathedrul, and many years Head- At Lausanne, Jane Allott, youngest daughter of master of the College School.

the Dean of Raphoe. Lately, in St. Michael's-place, Brompton, Mrs. On board the Duke of Kent Packet, on his passage

Storace, sister to the late Dr. John Trusler, and from Lisbon to Falmouth, the Right Hon. Lord mother of the late Stephen Storace, well known Clifford. by his musical talents, also of the celebrated At Cossergam, in the Presidency of Bombay, Signora Storace.

Anne, third daughter of the late W. Hodges, 7. At the residence of the Earl of Mexborough, in

Esq. RA. Piccadilly, after a few hours illuess, the Coun- At Caunpore, Capt. John Cruikshank, 24th regt. tess of Mexborough.

N. I. by the accidental discharge of a pistol. - Francis Markrut, Esq. of Meopham Court- At Paris, after an illness of two years, the lady of lolge, in the county of Kent.

Licui.-General Hodgson.

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