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will take place on the 19th of July. ceedings, we should not be much inBets, however, to a considerable a- clined to credit the reports of his not mount, are said to be taken up daily, being able to undergo the fatigue of by persons in the secret, that it will his coronation. His Majesty has, inbe postponed still further, and, per- deed, it is said, suffered some surgihaps, indefinitely: the grounds for cal operation for an excrescence, of this surmise are said to be the ad- but little consequence, on his head,

of his Majesty, and the which, happily, however, has had no great fatigue which such a ceremony ill, or even inconvenient effects. He must necessarily impose. Be this as has given a very splendid ball to the it may, every note of preparation" children of the nobility during the speaks its approaching consumma- month, and honoured the Duke o. tion. The Hall, the Abbey, the Devonshire with his presence at a platform, the coronation robes, both banquet of unrivalled magnificence. of King and Peerage, the re-esta- A discovery of the original books blishment of the Court of Claims, of registry of births and marriages and, in short, all the necessary ar- which took place in the Fleet prison, rangements, are in active progress. and also at the Mint, and at Mayfair It does not appear that the Queen is chapel, between the years 1686 to to have any share in this august 1754, has been made, which is of ceremonial; and this is now confirm- great importance, as they will tend ed by better authority than mere to clear up many doubts with respect rumour; as Lord Londonderry, in to titles, previous to the date of the answer to a question from Mr. Monck marriage act. These valuable docuupon that subject, in the House of ments have been deposited with the Commons, declared that neither him- Registrar of the diocese of London. self, nor any other of the King's Mi- The intervention of Whitsun week nisters, were prepared to advise any has created some cessation of paract of the Crown by which the liamentary business; but still a few Queen should be included. In the discussions have arisen of much inmean time her Majesty has been so- terest, and measures of considerable lacing herself amongst her friends at importance have had their fates vaCambridge House, where she has riously decided. Amongst these, we given two dinners : she has also dined

are sorry to have to record the failure at the Mansion House with the Lord of Sir James Macintosh's forgery Mayor, and visited the theatres.- mitigation bill, which was rejected The proclamation of the ceremony in its last stage in the House of Comhas actually taken place. The form mons, by a majority of only six ! was first read at Palace Yard, and This bill was intended to effect a then the procession moved to Charing change in the punishment attached Cross, where it went round the statue to the crime of forgery, and had its of King Charles-but there was no origin in the utter fruitlessness of the proclamation there; it then moved on more severe laws at present in existto Temple Bar, where the usual ce- ence, which have produced a melanremony of demanding, and receiving choly effusion of human blood, withpermission to enter the city was gone out operating any change in the through; and after grand proclama- progress of the crime. The bill was tion there, they proceeded, accom- an experiment, but when present panied by the Lord Mayor in city and long existing measures fail, exstate, to the Exchange, and all the periments are worth resorting to, at other customary places. We must least for the sake of humanity. It not omit to mention that at every is a very curious fact, and is proved place where the announcement took beyond' doubt, by an official return place, it was received by the people now on the table of the House of Comwith reiterated and enthusiastic mons, that during the years 1818— shouts of “ Long live King George 19, 20, only seventeen persons were the Fourth.” The progress of this convicted in Ireland of uttering forged splendid cavalcade was varied by notes of the National Bank of that alternate performances on the drums country, and of these not one was and trumpets.

executed. We do not believe that From the accounts with which the this clemency has bad the effect of papers are filled of the King's pro- increasing the number of criminals.

Whether a go

Mr. Bennet has been following up cultural Committee, and informed the fruitless attempts of the Marquis them that Ministers, in consequence of Tavistock and Lord Nugent in of the expressed opinion of the House the cause of reform, by a motion to of Commons, had come to the resoexclude certain placemen from Par- lution of relinquishing the tax; a liament, and with similar success. communication which was received The exertions of Mr. Hume also do by the Committee with loud cheers. not deserve to be passed over in si- The important exposition of the filence; this gentleman has been in- nances of the country has taken place; defatigable in his scrutiny of the and the budget of the present year, different estimates as they were pre- presents the most flattering appearsented to the House, and produced ance: it seems, from the statement of more divisions than, we believe, were the Chancellor of the Exchequer, that ever before known in a similar period the national income of this year has in the House of Commons. His last exceeded the expenditure, by a sum motion was for an inquiry into the of two millions, which, upon every conduct of Sir Thomas Maitland human calculation, will next year be during his government of the Ionian encreased to four. May this calculaIsles, which was negatived by a ma- tion prove correct ! jority of seventy.

Sentence has been passed, in the vernment be correct or otherwise, Court of King's Bench, upon various the utility of such a man as Mr. public characters for libels and other Hume cannot be denied. Lord Nu- political offences. Mr. Flyndell, the gent's motion for a select committee, editor of the Western Luminary, has to inquire into the abuses of justice been adjudged eight months' impriin the island of Tobago, was also sonment in Exeter gaol, for a libel negatived by a considerable majority; on the Queen, which appeared in his and the usury laws repeal bill has paper during the late trial. Mr. been postponed to next Session. Our John Hunt, of the Examiner newsreaders may remember, that in the paper, has been sentenced to one year 1818, a provision of 60001. a year's imprisonment in Cold Bathyear was made for his Royal High- fields, for a libel on the House of ness the Duke of Clarence, in addi- Commons. Maddox, Wooller, and tion to his previous income, which he, Edmonds, for the election of Sir at the time, for some unexplained Charles Wolseley as legislatorial reasons, thought proper to reject; attorney for the town of Manchester, during the last month, however, Lord have been respectively adjudged, the Londonderry proposed a revival of first, eighteen-the second, fifteenthe grant, in which he declared the and the third, nine months' confineRoyal Duke was now ready to ac- ment in Warwick gaol, and to find quiesce; and, in addition, moved for security for their good behaviour for an allowance of the arrears which a certain term, themselves in 4001. had arisen during the interval: both and two securities in 2001. each. of these motions were agreed to, Major Cartwright, who was convictthough not without a warm and ed along with them of a similar ofcontinued discussion. A motion was fence, was fined 1001. and discharged. made by Mr. Curwen, in consequence This mitigated punishment, with reof the unanimous opinion of the spect to him, has arisen out of comAgricultural Committee with respect passion, it is supposed, for his years. to the distress of the country, for the Sentence has also been passed, at the repeal of the agricultural horse-tax last Sessions of the Old Bailey, doombill, which, after a long debate, was ing no less than 26 unfortunate creaagreed to by a division of 141 against tures, men and women, to death. 113, leaving ministers in a minority We remarked that there was not one of 28. Government, however, de- case of murder in the calendar. clared their determination to combat, Surely it is high time that our crimiin all its stages, this repeal bill, by nal code should undergo revision. which a considerable diminution of It appears that no less than 107,000 its revenue would occur. Upon more persons have passed through the primature consideration, this determi- sons of the inited kingdom in the nation was surrendered ; and Lord year 1918. Londonderry atteaded the Agri


The practical agriculturist is now em- one specics only, a black insect with yellow ployed in the preparation for raising his feet (Chrysomela nemorum of Linnæus), crop of turnips, and harvesting his grasses will attack the young turnips. He now de

-the beginning and the ending of two most stroys them by what he terms a decoy. He important branches of his industry. At sows one headland ridge of his intended this time it may, therefore, be particularly turnip field, on the south side, in May, with useful to commence our Report with a brief white turnips. He rolls it down to a very and condensed abstract of the various me- level surface. The flies, with their larvæ, thods for preserving the turnip from the assemble here in large quantities, and may ravages of the all-destroying Ay, which be readily caught, by passing the fly-catch have been lately put forth by those who rapidly along the surface, stopping occadirect the philosophical and technical pur- sionally to shake the insects to the bottom of suits of experimental as well as experienced the catch. Six or seven o'clock, in the farmers. The old prejudice against re- evenings of warm days, is the best time to search, as beyond the farmer's reach, or as take them. Thus Mr. Paul conceives, in dangerous to his profits, is fast wearing a few years, the fly might be exterminated. away, as those engaged in this employment The present season has been so cold and become better educated; and, thanks to the backward, that perhaps it is not, even now, enlightened founders of aggregate meetings too late to employ this plan to advantage ; of the agricultural body, for the double appropriating a single ridge, carliest sown. purpose of inspection of facts, and partici- But the confidence Mr. Coke expressed in pation of knowledge, Farming is rapidly the Northumberland ridge system, at the collecting the materials, and adopting the last Holkham Meeting, will probably in. arrangement, as well as assuming the name cline the farmer to treat Mr. Paul's plan of a Science.

rather as an auxiliary than as a principal. The laborious author of the Code of It has been stated, by many practical men, Agriculture has condensed many of the that horse-hoeing has succeeded where Mr. methods employed to extirpate the fly- Paul's fly catch has failed : and Mr. He. anongst which, are rolling the fields at rod, of Creake, Norfolk, a very intelligent raidnight, when the dew is on the ground; agriculturist, has witnessed this year the dirawing tarred boards along the lands, to destruction of a crop, belonging to a neighwhich the flies skip and adhere, (Mr. Paul's bour, who sowed the same seed, and the trap ;)-train-oil and sulphur used with the samé quantity, with the same drill as him. seed; and preparations of lime: all which self: the plants looked equally well on both have been tried; but with partial and in- lands ; Mr. Herod horse-hoed his, and his adequate success. Radish seed has been neighbour employed Mr. Paul's fly-catch. sown with the turnip, as offering food more Mr. Herod's crop is safe—his neighbour's attractive :—the growth of the plant has perished under the devouring insects, als been accelerated by extra quantities of ma- though a great many were caught. Indeed nure, with a' view to forward it rapidly, Mr. Coke declared himself certain as to the beyond the power of destruction : the quan- effects of the ridge system, and horse-hoetity of seed has been increased to three ing, and that he no longer entertained the pounds per acre, the crop carefully weeded, smallest fear of being able, in all seasons, and the soil frequently stirred. All these to secure a crop of turnips. An authority are attended with various degrees of benefit. so established, will, no doubt, meet the atŞir John Sinclair himself has recently pro- tention and respect which Mr. Coke has so posed to destroy the fly by flame and smoke meritoriously earned of the agriculturist. --that is, by burning the stubbles and other The prevalence of northerly winds during combustibles, on the land, previous to sow- the month, and the consequent cold showing; but Mr. Paul, of Starston, in Nor- ers, have kept vegetation very backward ; folk (the inventor of the fly-trap), a gentle. and the crops scarcely seem to have made man who has employed a diligent attention any advancement. The haymaking, which, and great acuteness in his experiments to ere this time in previous seasons, has been destroy the insect, asserts, that this plan approaching to a close, is scarcely begun; must be abortive, because the flies are then particularly in the eastern parts of the not to be found in such fields. There are kingdom : and, from the want of warm several species which, he says, during the weather, the crop is generally far more winter inhabit any thing affording shelter scanty than the spring promised. Neither from wind and weather. They are very are the meadows so abundantly clothed as tenacious of life, will remain for some mi- usual. The wheats are short in the stalk, nutes immersed in water, or bear severe and only just coming into ear: in some dispressure of the thumb and finger, without tricts, the wire-worm has injured the spring injury. Mr. Paul, however, considers that wheats, particularly where sown after turnips ; but, upon the whole, the appearance to consider the agricultural petitions, are is good. The barley also is backward, and al length closed; but, at the moment of may have received more injury from the writing this article, we know only, and that nipping air than the wheats ; the late sown from a member, that the Report was agreed looks the best. The light lands, however, to by a majority of eleven to nine. Two have no reason to complain. Beans promisea of the Committee did not approve of the full crop, and the season has been favorable terms of the Report, yet considered that for hoeing them. The turnip lands were well the production even of one they did not prepared, and the Swedes are up; but, in entirely accede to, would be better than some instances, the fly has made consider- none at all. The repeal of the Agricul. able ravages. But this crop is in too recent tural Horse Tax has been carried in the a state to afford any means of fair judg- House of Commons. The country owes its ment. The markets are crowded with stock. thanks to the talents and perseverance of Fat mutton is greatly depressed ; and the Mr. Curwen, by whose powerful representholders, who had anticipated a rise, are ations in the Committee, and in Parliagrievously disappointed. Store pigs, which, ment, this boon (as it is called) has been in the eastern parts of the kingdom, are extorted. It will give about three per cent. cheaper, in Oxfordshire, and the adjoining upon the value of his rent, to the farmer. counties, are dear, in consequence of the Such a remission can render no very imheavy losses which some time since fell upon portant service to the tenantry; but, neverthat district ; occasioned by a distemper, theless, the victory obtained is momentous which carried off a great number of pigs. to the country, since it manifests the deterIn wool there has been little doing, and that mination of an independent body, to lessen little at very low prices.

the burdens of taxation. The labours of the Committee, appointed


(London, June 23.)

THOUGH no enactment has been made probable that any great changes will be by Parliament since our last report, re- made in it. specting the foreign trade of the country, Cotton.--An extensive purchase of 3,000 except the passing of the Bill, regulating bags of Bengal cotton in one contract, in the timber trade, it is satisfactory to know the last week of May, excited some interthat the Committees of the two Houses est in the market. The quality was fair are assiduously prosecuting their researches common; the average price 5 d. per lb. on the most important subjects of foreign The transaction, however, took place under trade, agriculture, &c. A statement which peculiar circumstances, and, as reported, has been laid before the House of Lords for an exchange of manufactured goods. respecting the silk manufactures of this The other purchases amounted to about country, will probably cause considerable 1,300 bales. From the end of May, to surprise to the generality of the public, the middle of the third week of June, the who were hardly aware of the great extent market was heavy and without interest, the to which that manufacture is carried. From prices rather declined, but without much this statement, it appears that the quantity facilitating sales, which amounted in three of raw silk used in England, in 1820, was weeks to only 3,250 bags, all in bond. At no less than 2,500,000 lb., while that used Liverpool, during the same period, the in France, in the same year, was only market has not presented any improvement 2,000,000 lb. The value of the manufac- of prices; but the demand, during the first tured article in England was 12,000,0001. fortnight of this month, was pretty steady, sterling. The great increase of our silk though not brisk. The quantity of cotton manufactures is ascribed to the extension imported into Liverpool, up to June 16, of the private trade to India, by which the shows an extraordinary decrease, when manufacturers are enabled to receive more compared with that of last year, viz. of frequent supplies than before that system 49,500 bags from America, of 37,300 from was adopted. So important a branch of Brazil, and of 5,100 from the East Indies, manufacture, which has confessedly been with an increase of only 1,700 bags from nurtured into maturity, by the aid of the the West Indies, the total decrease exprohibitory system, can hardly be sup- ceeding 90,000 bags, or from 288,000 last ported, without the continuance, at least year, to 197,800 this year. The diminuin part, of that protection which it has tion of the supply for the last three weeks hitherto enjoyed ; and it is, therefore, not may be attributed to contrary winds. The VOL. IV.



cotton delivered from the East India ware- By public sale, 231 chests Havannah houses, in the month of May, was 1,779 sugars met with no buyers, the greater probags for exportation, and 5,775 for home portion was taken in about 2s. lower than consumption. By the accounts up to this the previous prices by private contract ; day, we are happy to find that an improve- fine white at 55s. 6d. and 56s. middling ment has taken place. The market re- 49s. 6d. a 52s. : Barbadoes, Bourbon, and mained heavy till Thursday (21st.), when the Brazil sugars went off at nearly the prefavourable reports from Liverpool had an

vious prices. immediate effect here. The purchases in the last week, consist of 670 Bengal, 54d. a

East India sale on Tuesday the 19th 6 d.; 200 Surat, 6d. a 7d. ; 30 Madras, inst. 70.; 137 Sea Island, 15d. a 16d. ; 200

Sugar, 19,523 bags. Pernambuco, 12d. a 12 d.; 90 Smyrna, Bourbon, brown...23s. a 258. 8d. a 8 d. all in bord; 41 St. Domingo,

yellow...263. a 29s. 6d. 94d. a 9 d. duty paid.

white ...34s. a 38s. a few lots 40s. The letters from Liverpool state an un- Bengal, brown ... 18s. 6d. a 21s. 6d. common briskness in cottons ; in the first

yellow ...30s. a 31s. three days of this week the sales exceeded

white ...358. 6d. a 36s. 6d. 8,000 bars, and more business would have Siam, yellow .278. a 298. 6d. been done, had not the sellers asked an ad


.31s, a 32s. yance of 1d. per lb.

white ......34s. 6d. a 408. Sugar.-The market has remained for

fine...438. a 458. this month past, nearly in the same state

The shipping sugars sold 1s. a 28. lower; as for some time preceding. The

quantity of new sugars brought forward has grocery descriptions supported the late been inconsiderable; and they have in ge; liament, proposing a new duty, 40s. on

prices. The bill now in progress in Parneral met with a ready sale at the full brown and yellow, 458. per cwt. on Eastmarket prices ; but the transactions have been chiefly contined to purchases made by effect on the market.

India white sugars, appears to have no the grocers for their immediate wants; there being no inducement to lay in a stock,

Average prices of Raw Sugar by Gawhile the supply is so inadequate; for which reason the refiners have shown no inclina

May 26 tion to purchase. Foreign sugars have

June 2

358. 3d. been in general low. At a public sale on


36s. ld. the 5th inst . 577 chests of Havannah, and

16 21 barrels 23 chests of Brazil were sold.


. 008. Od. The former, white fine 58s. good 56s. to 1578. 6d. middling 32s. to 558. yellow 30s. Coffee.—The reports of the market, up to 32s.; the Pernambuco, white, good 55s. to the middle of this month, were unfavourmiddling 38s. 6d. to 39s. 6d. The prices able. The large public sales went off have not since improved.

heavily ; and a considerable proportion of The refined market, after a reduction of the quantity brought forward was supposed 1s. to 2s. seemed likely to revive, but un- to have been taken in on account of the favourable reports from the Continent languid demand. checked the improving demand. The re- The public sales, last week, consisted of quest was, however, still sufficient to pre- 914 casks and 1457 bags ; notwithstanding vent any accumulation of stock; and in the this extensive quantity, the greater proporsecond week of this month there was a con- tion sold, and on Friday an improvement of siderable demand for goods suitable for the 1s. a 28. took place in all descriptions of Mediterranean markets; after which the Jamaica coffee : fine middling realised trade became depressed. The following is 146s. 6d. and 147s. By private contract, the latest statement of the markets.

a cargo of St. Domingo coffee sold at 112s. The show of new sugars this week for money; the request afterwards consi. has greatly improved, both in quality derably improved, and for St. Domingo and quantity : several of the holders have 1148. Od. was offered. evinced a determination to effect immediate This week the market appears fluctuasales, and in consequence a reduction of ting: on Wednesday two extensive parcels 6d. a ls. per cwt. has been submitted to in of St. Domingo coffee went off with much grocery sugars ; the other qualities are briskness, casks at 1158. 6d. and bags at without variation.

116s. 6d. : on Thursday the demand for The refined market has continued steady foreign coffee again became languid, and a all the week ; there are no alterations to large parcel of St. Domingo met with no notice in the prices, and there appears to buyers at 115s. 6d. and 1168.; the quality be little life in the trade. Molasses are ra- of the latter was, however, of inferior dether lower.

scription to the parcels of Wednesday.

33s. 9 d.

35s. 24d.

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