Country neighbourhood, or the cause
Barren lands with wood, on plant and tolly of difíentions in, by the
inig, 507,

Rev. Mr. Knox, 131.
Baliile, anecdotes of the, 85, 181, Courtier, history of a dilgraced, but
194, 219.

viituous one, 201.
Belinda, an African, her complaint,


Despair, the soily of, a moral tale,
Beutey, Mr. William, the Marling- 289, 316.

ham philofopher, his character, Despotic power, instances of its cx.

ertion in Frauce, 473.
Bishop of Osnaburgh, sketch of his reveaux, account of ibe gallant co-
daily life, 248.

lonel, 161.
Bowing, on, 505

Drinker, Edward, reflections on the
Braidwoods, Mers. of Edinburgh, life and death of that remarkable

their adınirable method of imparte man, 6.
ing speech and the knowledge of Drunkenness, on, 87.
language in the naturally deat, and Duelling, on, 401.
confcqueotly dumb, 388.

Dwarf, a remarkable, 208.
Brown, Mr. his extraordinary cha-

radter, 185.

Earthquake at Hatodunos, near Den-
Burgh, Mr. his character, 400. bigh, account of, 57.
. C.

Earthquakes in Sicily, particulars re-
Caiches, spirited and ingenious ob- . lative to, 102. Sir William Ha-
fervations 03, 35

milton's account of them, 2752
Catholic ceremony at Belancon, ac 292, 321, 340, 363, 390.
count of a, 353.

Egerton, hittory of Mr. 224, 243.
Caution, 2, 116, co Proicfants tra Electricity, good effects of, 17.

velling in Popish countries, 280, English mustapha, account of, 377.
againit money lenders, 422. Enigmas, 20, 21, 45, 93, 117, 139,
against swindlers, 426.

164, 165, 188, 189, 211, 213, 236,
Cecilia Wyvil, a moral lale, 28, 52, . 261, 285, 309, 333, 357, 405,427,
Character, a singular, 546.

428, 451, 453.477, 498, 525, 549,
Christmas, on the prelent insipid and 572, 573, 596, 620, 621.-A9-

formal manner of spending that Iwers to, 20, 44, 69, 92, 116, 139,
season, 615.

164, 210, 260, 308, 331, 355, 356,
Christian, a plcaling and interesting 379, 381, 403, 404, 452, 498,523,

account of the death of a, in the 524, 547, 548, 572, 595, 619.
behaviour of Mrs. Morrice, bishop Epitaph, an enigmatical, 91. a ingu.
Atterbury's daughter, when dying, lar, 160, a Latin one on the cour-

teis Poulett, 260. translated, 570,
Clonogram, 2,:65. answer to. 453. on Mr. Woodmason's children,
Circunftance, a whinsical, 181, a who were burnt to death, 521, OB
fingular, 233.

the fourth carl of Shaftesbury,
Clergy, the revenues of the, 235. 545.
Compary, on the choice of, 49. Equal representation, on, 447.
Comparison between the years 1750
and 1783,40.

Family and children, on the folly
Convent des Voirons, dcícription of, and wickedness of neglecting

them for the pleasures of dislipa-
Cornih curate, memoirs of a, 369, tion, by the Rev. Mr. Knox, 177.

Fanny Ficlding, bistory of the unfor.
Corporation eloqueoce, humourous tunate, 77.
letter on, 337.

Females, on, 442.
Colnetics, on the use of, 41.




Fidelity of dogs, remarkable instance Jokers, a crust for the, 377.
of, 234.

Jultice meeting, a scene at a, 577.
Flowers, on a taste for the cultivation

of them, and beautiful shrubs and Knives, &c. description of a new,
trees, 588.

cheap, and caly method of making
Fraud, a remarkable, 251.

them, 329.
Georgium Sidus, riescription of, dise Langley, George, Latin in cristimon

covered by Mr. Herschel, 281. his combottone, 18. inilas-d,
Goose, remarkable inttance of longe. 186.
vity in a, 115.

Law case, a remarkable, 433. bc-
Gordon, singular accoust of Mr. <ween two brothers, 495.
Robert, 470.

Letters, from a young gentleman at
Gout, method of curing it by a milk Paris, to his friend in England,

diet, recommended by the cele 439. from Fanny Murgan to Miis
brated Boerhaave, 252.

Dyer, of ourt-fenry, Caernar.
Gratitude rewarded, 41.

theoihir, 509, written by chciate
Grey mare's the better horse, origin lord Chestcrticld to the present
of that phrase, 346.

earl, 518. to a young man entering
Grosvenor East Indiaman, authentic into the world, 533,004. by Dr.

account of the loss of that thin, Schomberg, 10 a young lady, 541.
247, 266.

from the king of Prilia lo Vule

taire, 587. :
Haller, memoirs of the celebrated Lloyd, trial of John, for robbery,
Dr. 457

History, an affecting, 163.

Luminous appearance in the heavens,
Horned cattle, observations on the accouni of a, 56.

disorder among them, by Mr. Ludanic, sensible rcparice of a, 281,
Darwin, 301. Tome aicempts to

ftop its progress. 376. .

Mad dog, Dr. Berkenhout's cure for
Humanity and heroism, atfecting in the bile of a, 587.
ftance of, 193.

Marriage, reflexions on it origin
Hypocrisy detected, or the history of and intent, 361.
Aurelia and Lucilius, 17i.

Mels a cheap and excellent, 618.

Mellina, particulars reípecting that
Ignorance and folly punished, or the unfortunate city, 209.

history of Celemena and Quaver, Minos, a table, 613

Miracics, account of fome effeteiby
Imitation, on the power of, 421., religious atfectation and i:upu.
Imperial clemency, a moral tale,

erial' clemency moral tale. dence, 239,
537, 557.

Mistakes, droll, 232, 474.
Incident, an affecting, 137.

Moral Scene in the country, a, 217.
Inhabitants of Hudson's Bay, parti.
• culars relative to them, 351. to the Orthography, curious fpecimens of,

inhabitants of Sumatra,:49. 497. .
Invention, an electioneering, 1 6. Obitimacy overcome, and patriotilin
Inventions, useful, 42.

triumphant, 145.
Iron grey, the, or a remarkable mar.
riage, 159,

Paradoxes, 69, 494. answered, 91,
INand, in the sea of Iceland, corious 548.

account of the discovery of a new Pick-pocket, the, a fragment, 313.
one, 423.

Pinto, Emanuel, and Antonia Curta,

their trials for the murder of Win,
Jews, account of their marriage ce Adair, 111,
remonies, food, uieniils, &¢.601.


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Plague, some remarks on the, 228. Scotch fair, odd proclamation for
Porieus, bishop, his collective view holding a, 17.

of the arguments in favour of a Shipley, letter from Dr, to the Coa.
future flate, 25.

titutional Society, 63.
Prince of Alturias, the manner in Shipwreck, account of a dreadful

which he spends the day, 593. one on the coast of the Caffres, 162,
Prophet, cnigmatical description of Silver mincs in England, on the ex-
a wonderful one, 213.

istence of, 444:
Prolirnte and penitent, history of Slavery, on, 325, 348, 385,416, 445

one, with verses intended for her 489, 591, 607.
tomb-ftone, 417

Sleep, on, by Mr. Rack, 357.
Public papers, on the injustice and Spider, a theme on a, 209.

cruelıy of some of them, by the Stacie, account nf Mr. John, who
Kev, Mr. Knox, 491.

invenied a method to reduce bard
Pun, a, 308.

bodies to powder, 255.

Strephon and Celia, or the force of
Queries, 91, 188. answers to, 68, love, 10.

Strolling player, humourous week's
Questions, 44, 69, 97, 164, 188, 211, journal of one, 257.

255, 284, 309, 332, 381, 404, 427, Swinburne's Travels, entertaining
477, 498,524,525, 549, 572, 596, extracts from, 97.
619, 620.-Answers to, 19, 116,
138, 211, 260, 283, 308, 331,378, Taxes, on, 565.
403, 427, 475, 476, 523, 571. Tca drinkers, serious address to, 253.

Teignmouth, description ot, 200.
Rchus, a, 20, 117, 139, 165, 189, Thomas, account of Mr. Auitio,472.

212, 261, 284.- Answers to, 43, Time, on the æconomy ot, 449. on
187, 260, 283, 331, 332, 380, 428, its improvement, 566.
476, 498, 549.

Tirlemont and St, Frond, account
Receip!, an intalible one for all gen- of, 113.
tlemen travellers, 586.

Title Page Vamp, a poor farved
Reflexions, 352, 400, 424, 448, 496, author, his life and lamentations,
523, 544, 568, 592, 616.

465, 484.
Rejangs, descripuon of their per. To and The, che petition of, 33.

1ons, customs, and inanncrs, 553, Turnip seed, on lowing, 415.

Reprobate, an uncommonly noton Valley of Stones, in Devonshire, ac

rious one radically cured, 258. count of the, 65.
Robbery, a new species of, 527. Versailles, particulars refpe&ing that
Rome, the fall of, by Mr. Hume, palace, 529.

Veríes. Odc on a beautiful young
Rome, executions at, 18.

lady going to bathe in the sea at
Rullia, description of a royal enter Salcombe, after recovering from a

tainment given there in the time violent fever, 22, a ballad, 23. an
of Peter the Great, 3.

impromptu on the Dutchels of
Russian army, arbitrary manner of Devonhire, by Mrs, Curtis, hifter
recruiting it, 618. :

to Mrs. Siddons, ibid. impromp.
Ryland, trial of William Wynne, for tu on the receipt-tax, 24. Omnia
forgery, 123. account of him, 164. Vincit Veritas, ibid, ipring, a

paltoral poem, by S, M,0. ei
Saib, Tippoo, account of, 113. Shattelbury, 47. epitaph op Joha
Sailors, instances of the eccentricity Webb, 43. origin of the word
of Britilh, 114.

Alderman, 70, on the death of
Schreutzer, some particulars of the che celebrated Slack, butcher and

rise of Peter, 439.


Nage-boxer, by Charles Jones, 71. 406. elegy on the death of Dr. R. an elegy, 72, ou a bee's settling on a Levet, by Dr. Johnson, 407. on young lady's breait, ibid, the patris friendship, 4n8. elegy on the death Olic refolurion, ibid. epilogue to the of the Rev. Mr.

W M , 429. cplnew comedy called a Friend in Need logue, written by a young gentleinan is a Friend indeed, 94. verses ad- of Shaftesbury, for the benefit of dressed to Miss Seward, by Miss Mr. Cooper, an old itinerant comeScott, 95. to Celia, always in full dian, and spoken by him on his bedress, 96, to a lady who asked What nefit night, 430, the comforts of the is love ? ibid. on the neglect of poe- seasons, 432. epigram, ibid. lines on fy, 118. written during a terrible the interment of the late John Wills, storm of thunder and lightning, 119. Esq; 452. the 8th Píalm paraphraicd, on leaving Heitercomb, 120. Llewyn by Tailo, 454. an elegy, 455: to a and Gynech, a tale, by Mrs. Robin- friend, who pressed the author to fon, 141, on the late unusual forms marry for the sake of a great forbeing followed by a very early har- tune, 456. lamentation of a country veft, 144. ftrait hair, a poem, 166. girl, dairy-maid in a fainily near advice to the ladies, 168. encomium Chippenham, over her lover, the on General Elliot and Sir Roger Cure noted Peare, who was hung in chains lis, 190, written in a chantry, by the for robbing the mails, 478. imitaRev, Mr. Graves, ibid. on life, by ion of the 4th ode of the 2d book Miss Steele, 191. on a clothicr's of Horace, 479.elegy by Mr. Malon, child, 192. on seeing Mr. James vu the death of his wife, 480. the Adams's name first in the Ladies dove cor, 500, an attempt to paraDiary, ibid. ode addressed to the phrase the Lord's Prayer, by Tallo, bathing machines at Exmouth, 214. 504. on the death of several friends on the late thunder storms, by Mr. in the course of a tew weeks, 526. William Bett, of Wadham College, the distressed cottager, 527. ode to Oxford, 216, on resignation, by Täs. peace of mind, 528. elegy on a murfo, ibid. on the present plentiful derer hanging in chains, 555.10 Mils harvelt, 238. advice to the fair sex, ---,on her proving unlawtully with a song, by Mr. Hook, 240. epitaph child, by Tallo, ibid. verses on the on a swearing school mistress, ibid. prospect of planting arts and Scien. on the late feasonable showers of ces in America, by Dr. Berkeley, rain, 262. epitaph on John Bailie, 552. to my son, J. H. with his nurie 263. the humble fuit of a finner, by ing chair, 574. ou cheartulneis, by Tatto, 264. cpitaph on a scold, ibid. Philogathus, 575. an original ep!. fair Ellen, an ancient ballad, by Mrs. taph, 576. on wearing a brealt. Cowley, 286, the siege of Gibraltar, locket, containing a lock of a lady's by a young gentleman of the Gram- hair, 576. the honest countryman's mar-school, Sarum, 310. a Spanish litany, 598. the venison fealt, 599. song, 311. epigram, by Tafto, 312. 10 Delia, 600, inscribed on a Ima'l on modern honour, ibid. epitaph on cottage in a rustic tatte, ibid. Stella Jife, ibid. on a virtuous mind, 334. to Julia, 623. an humble addrcís to the tulip and butterfly a fable, 335. mankind, 624. a friend in the pocket, 336. a poem, by Sir Waller Raleigh, 358. the 93d Wheat, on the method of cultivating, Psalm paraphrased, by Tallo, 359. either by drills or broad-caft, 1. on human life, ibid. whimsical lines Whispers, political, 169. illustrative of the word Twift, 360, Wincheiter,remarkable incidents in a charm for cnnui, by Mr. Hayley, the history of that city, 618. 382, on hope, 384. memento mori,

Y. by Taffo, ibid. epicaph on Miss Role, Yarn, hint relative to bleaching it, ibid, small-beer, by Dr. Duncan, 235.

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