4. Three-fourths of an Amalekitish king, half of a man's Christian name, one-third of a number, and an European city, expunging a letter.

15, Three-sevenths of a rampart, and one-third of an English title.

6. A transposition of an external part of the human species.

7. A confonant, a spot, one-eleventh of a king of Assyria who was slain by his own sons, and a point.

8. One-fourth of an infect, and half of a queen's name mentioned in scripture.

9. One-eighth of a son of Jupiter who was for his barbarity doomed to everlasting thirst in the infernal regions, and fourninths of an acquaintance.

10. Four-fifths of what every person desires and at times stands particularly in need of, and a god-like being.

11. A word which has the fignification of panctilio, half of a battle, and a quarter of a Grecian lady who, was the sole person of her sex that was admitted to see the Olympic games.

12. A liquid letter, two-sevenths of a bird mentioned in the book of Job, a liquid, and two-fifths of an Heathen god

13. Five-sixths of a woman who made a petition to the Lord. which was granted by the birth of a child, three-fifths of conftraint, and a consonant.

An ENIGMA, by Sobrius, of Cheazoy,
X7 HERE plenty reigns I take up my abode,

V Or fometimes near an anfrequentcd road
I chuse to take my reft, and there to stay
Unseen, throughout a toilsome busy day.
When David unto Kiriachjearim went,
To fetch the ark of God, with an intent,
He did prevail. A chearful singing band
Did follow it, at last, to David's land.
So 'tis with me--when visiting the light
Of the meridian fan while shining bright,
Companions numerous do attend my way,
In sportive mirth, quite frolicksome and gay,
I oft (without a single word) portend
The last grand exit of a worthy friend.
Young fwains, devoid of pity and of love,
To me, alas! most cruel tyrants prove.


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N O P'D in that dull retreat, o Stella, say,

IV How passes time? How wears the tedious day,
Far from the town, from ev'ry joy it yields,
Your only promenade the lonesome fields ?
So Julia ass, that ever friendly maid,
And deems me wretched in the lonely shade.
Misjudging girl ! you wrong my kinder fate;
Reason approves, soft pleasures round me wait;
With sweet content the peaceful hours are crown'd,
No keen reflection can the bosom wound;
Domestic cares the busy'd thoughts employ,
Domestic daty wakes the heart-felt joy.
My books or pen the vacant time amuse,
Fancy at will the pleafing tak pursues,
Or guides the sweetly vary'd toil at home,
Or, join'd with meditation, loves to roam ;
Directs the ev'ning walk through yonder groves,
By yoo meand'ring stream enraptur'd roves;
Climbs that steep hillock, where the wild chyme grows,
Dotes on the prosped that its summit fhews,
While stretch'd aroued the porple harvest glows,
Here contemplation feels supreme delight;
Whai mingled beauties itrikes the ravith'd fight!
Those cultur'd hills a lonely contraft show,
To that bare rock which sears its craggy brow.
The vale beneath what bright'ning verdure crowns,
The honeft boll there ruminating frowns;
There the whole herd are at their ease reclin'd;
And see juft by the glaffy river wind;


Yon range of trees that in perspective bend,
A verdant amphitheatre extend.
The setting ray adds grandeur to the scene,
Plays o'er the distant fpire, adorns the green ;
Sparkles through waving leaves mild luftre round,
And gilds the atmosphere's extremeft bound;
Lights every glory in the radiant sky,
And decks those beauteous clouds thaç roll on high.
Can all the pomp, the splendour of the town,
E’er vie with this? Can it put nature down?
Can feres or birth-night balls sensations raise,
Like what we feel while the rapt eye surveys
The various wonders that attention claim,
And speak aloud their mighty Maker's name.

No Julia, no, I'd never change my lot,
Taste, fashion, the beau-monde, I envy not;
Your bustling cares, your modifh life I fhun,
Your dissipated life I could not run.
For me the rural life boasts every charm,
No vain ambition can my bosom warm;
Here gratify'd my fondelt with I find;
Enchanting solitude here soothes my mind,
Exerts its pow'rs, awakes the serious thought,
Or is with pieasing melancholy fraught.
A valu'd friend endears the social scene,
Of temper amiable, and chearful mien ;
With wit unftudy'd charms the litt’ning ear,
Controuls with sprightly mirth intruding care;
Or warms with sentiment the raptur'd heart,
And makes the tender tear pathetic start,
Perhaps in strains fuperior gives delight,
Unveils the works of nature to my sight;
The structure of the vegetable tribe,
Whose twining tubes the friendly juice imbibe,
Displays the wonders of the insect race,
Their laws, their policies, their every grace;
The various quadrupede, the feather'd quire,
All, all, who feel life's animating fire:
And rising thence by just and duc degrees,
Makes the untutor's mind conceive with case,
This frame's economy, the state of things,
The wisdom that pervades its finest springs;
Each truth sublime, from vulgar eyes conceal'd,
And by philosophy alone reveald.


D ATIONAL creatures ! condescend to tell M W here, in the power of reason, you excel? Now o'er the world murder and rapine reign ; Does reason edge the sword, or forge the chain? Does reason urge the war begat by pride? When you dispute, doés reason e'er decide ? Through filth, 'tis true, I drudge, my food to gain; Is't reason teaches you to cringe, to feign? Wretches who gold and vice alone inherit, Are they by reason fought before true merit? That lovely form with rapture you behold, Does reason teach to facrifice to gold ? When war, deceit, and baseness, are unknown, From social joys when you no longer roam, The force of reason man may boaft alone. Though human folly ever meet your eyes, Add fill the greatest boast-that you are wise!



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