preaching; and after his example constantly speak the truth, boldly rebuke vice, and patiently

suffer for the truth's sake;”Hereby we declare, 1. That the doctrine and life of John are to be followed

by all. Mark, vi. 20; John, v. 35; Phil. iii. 17';

Heb. xiii. 7, 8. 2. That this is to be so done as to lead us,

(a) In obedience to his precepts, to repent truly

of sin. Matt. iii. 7-9; xxi. 32 ; Mark, vi. 12; Luke, xiii. 3-5; Acts, xvii. 30; xx. 21 ; 2 Cor.

vii. 10-11. (6) In conformity with his example, (i) To speak the truth constantly. Matt. 'xiv. 1-12; xi. 7; Prov. xii. 17-19-22; John,

X. 41 ; Rev. xxi. 8; Eph. iv. 25. (ii) To rebuke vice boldly. Mark, vi. 14-29 ;

Luke, iii. 19; vii. 24; Lev. xix. 17; Eph.

v. 11; 1 Tim. v. 20.
(iii) To suffer for the truth patiently. (See

preceding texts.) John, v. 33; iii. 20;
2 Tim. i. 8; Jam, i. 3, 4; 1 Pet. ii. 20;
iii. 17; iv. 16-19; Rom. viii. 18; 2 Cor.
iv. 16–18.
So for grace to be able to do this we here

offer our prayer. The Conclusion is :

“ through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.” As before.

Supplementary Questions.
Who is John the Baptist here said to have been ?
Why is he called “ the Baptist,” or “ Baptist ?”
In what manner is he said to have been born ?
Where have we the account of his birth ?
What was he afterwards sent to do?
How was he to prepare the way of God's Son ?

What is “repentance ?”
By whose arrangement and ordering did all this take

What do we ask to be made to follow ?
In what manner ?
What does he teach us to do by, or in, his preaching ?
What by his example ?
What are we constantly to speak ?
What will be the portion of liars at the last ?
What is boldly to be rebuked ?
Did this John Baptist so act ?
In what remarkable instance did he do this ?
What did it lead to ?
What are we to endure patiently?
What have we to encourage us under such sufferings ?
Who besides John has gone before us herein ?
What will such sufferings end in ?


Saint Peter's Day.



The Invocation is :

“ O Almighty God, who by thy Son Jesus Christ didst give to thy Apostle Saint Peter many excellent gifts, and commandedst him earnestly to feed thy flock;

Here, after invoking God as “ Almighty' we pass on to

state,1. That Saint Peter, His Apostle, had many excellent

gifts bestowed upon him by God. Acts, ii. 1-4, 14–18; iii. 12–16; iv. 7-10; v. 12-15; ix. 32–43 ;

2 Cor. iv. 6,7; Jam. i. 17. 2. That these gifts were given him by, or through,

God's Son, Jesus Christ. Luke, xxii. 31, 32; Acts, iv. 13; v. 34; Gal. ii. 8; 2 Pet. i. 1-3; 2 Cor.

i. 20. 3. That he was also commanded, and that earnestly, by

the same Son, to feed God's flock, for which work these gifts had prepared him. John, xxi. 15–17; 1 Pet. v. 2-4; 2 Pet. i. 12-15 ; iii. 1, 2; Ezek.

xxxiv. 2 ; John, x. 12; Jer. iii. 15; Acts, xx. 28. The Petition is :

“ Make, we beseech thee, all Bishops and Pastors diligently to preach thy holy Word, and thy people obediently to follow the same; that they may receive the crown of everlasting

glory;”In this Petition the following points are involved : 1. That the subject-matter of all preaching should be

God's holy word. Acts, iv. 29; v. 20; 2 Pet. i.

16-21; Col. i. 27, 28; 1 Cor. i. 17, 18. 2. That it is the duty of all bishops and pastors to

preach, and that diligently, this holy word. 2 Tim. iv. 3; ii. 2, 15, 16 ; i. 13; 1 Cor. ix, 16-19; 1 Tim. i. 2; iv. 13-16; Eph. ii. 17; Rom. xv. 19; 1 Cor.

xi. 1. 3. That when God's word is preached, it is the duty of

all God's people to follow obediently its instructions and guidance. 1 Thess. i. 5,6 ; Acts, ii. 37-41; Matt. vii. 21; Heb. ii. 1-4; iv. 1, 2; xiii, 7-17;

Jam. i. 22; Matt. vii. 24-27. 4. That when pastors and people so act, the one dili

gently preaching and the other obediently follow

ing the word of God, a crown of everlasting life
will be bestowed upon them both by God. Dan.
xii. 3 ; 2 Tim. iv. 8; 1 Pet. v. 2-4; 1 Thess. ii. 12;
Rev. ii. 10.
Whence our prayer, here earnestly put forth,

that God would make all so to act as their

respective positions require. The Conclusion is :

“ through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen." As before.

Supplementary Questions. What had Saint Peter bestowed upon him by God? Through Whom were these gifts given ? For what purpose ? What command was also given to him by Jesus Christ? Of whom does the flock of God consist ? On what are they to be fed ? See first point in the Pe.

tition. What should be the subject-matter of all preaching ? Whose duty is it to preach that word ? How should they preach that word ? How should that holy word be followed after it has been

preached ? By whom? What will a diligent preaching of this word on the part of

ministers, and an obedient following thereof on the

part of hearers, respectively lead to ? By Whom will those crowns of life and glory be bestowed ?


Saint James the Apostle.



The Invocation is simply;

“O merciful God,”— And contains no acknowledgment. The Petition is :

“ Grant ...... that, as thine holy Apostle Saint James, leaving his father and all that he had, without delay was obedient unto the calling of thy Son, Jesus Christ, and followed him ; so we, forsaking all worldly and carnal affections, may be evermore ready to follow thy holy com

mandments;— Herein, among other points, it is declared : 1. That Saint James was a holy Apostle of God. Matt.

iv. 21, 22; x. 2; Mark, i. 19, 20; iii. 17; Luke,

vi. 14; Acts, i. 13; xii. 2. 2. That he was called by God's Son, Jesus Christ, and,

when called, followed Him without delay. See

preceding texts. 3. That in doing this he left his father and all that he

had. See preceding texts. 4. That, in like manner, we should be always ready to follow God's holy commandments. Ps. cxix. 60;

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