cellor of the Roman Church soon after. been laboring among the Flathead and Requiescat in pace.

Blackfeet Indians of the Far West. On Thursday, February 7th, he died in a rude but in a camp of half-breeds on Milk River,

Montana. Father Decorby, 0. M. J., atAt the early age of thirty-seven the Rev. tended his last moments and administered Philip Rappagliosi, S. J., has been called to the last sacraments to him. May he rest in his reward. For the last five years he had peace.


THE FALL OF RORA. The Search after Mark, mark, thore awful sons of martyrdom,

With their uplifted hands, but eyes dowcast, Proserpine and other Poems, Meditative

As through the uncreated light had dazed them; and Lyrical. By Aubrey de Vere. Henry The error of nur brief existence past, S. King & Co., London, 1878.

They stand like saints resurgent from the tomb,

Suspended still on that great voice that raised The name of Aubrey de Vere is familiar them !" to the Catholic world as one written high in the temple of poesy. The characteristics Tennyson is exquisite in the songs that inof this great poet are his deep religious feel. terperve his longer poems. The Burle Song, ing, his powerful dramatic genius, and his Elaine's Song, and Queen Mary's Song. consummate skill in the composition of the are full of a subtle melody which dwells on sonnet-a form of poetical composition in the mind like music. But like songs inwhich few, even eminent poets, are success tended for music, there is little or no thought ful. It is observable that Tennyson care in them. Not so the songs of De Vere. fully avoids it.

Jur readers will find in this collection the The mention of the poet laureate's name best specimens of his genius, and we cor. suggests a comparison between him and De dially commend it to the lovers of good Vere, a comparison which results in giving poetry. the palm to the Catholic poet. Both belong to the same school, the Wordsworthian, and both have put forth their powers in

POEMS. By “ Eva," of The Nation. San the same field. Tennyson's place among

Francisco. P. I. Thomas, 1877. the Victorian poets, at no time secure, has The poems contained in this volume were been of late years seriously threatened by

originally contributed to the Dublin Nation, the younger generation of poets. His

and relate to the heroic but ill-fated strug. Arthurian Idyls, on which his fame will

gle of 1848, for the vindication of Ireland's ultimately rest, have been growing more right to all the liberties and prerogatives of turgid from year to year, while the chaste a free country. The poems vary in charand elegant poems of Aubrey de Vere show

acter, tone, and sentiment, but in the main a marked growth of the poetic talent and

they are the expression of the writer's inmetrical skill. All critics are agreed that

tense sympathy with the national movement Tennyson's dramatic attempts have proved for freedom, and their natural and fervid most unfortunate to his reputation, whilst tone indicates the depths of her hope and De Vere's Alexander and Thomas á Becket

grief as called forth by the varying fortunes abound in dramatic beauties and tours de of her country's cause. There are also force.

several very well-executed translations of In this collection of his poems we have some of Beranger's songs, though no subseventy-five exquisite sonnets on a vast

a vast sequent writer can hope to equal Father diversity of subjects and themes, all treated Prout's or Thackeray's success in this sphere. with an eye to the enforcement of some There is a monotonous lilt in many of the deep moral truth or Catholic sentiment.

nt. songs and poems, and a rigidity of metre The following on the saints as painted by that indicates a certain inexperience in the Perugino, is very beautiful :

writer; but there are many poems which “ Glory to God, of all fair things the maker, have an ease, vigor, and melody that show For that he dwelleth in the mind of man !

no uncommon poetic talent. This, on Our Glory to man, of that large grace partaker

Older Tongue, is truly melodious:
For that he storeth thus his spirit's span
With shapes our earth creates not, neither can,
Till like a flood, her vanished youth o'ertake her, " From dim tradition's far-off opal fountains,
And Heaven's New Song' to loftier labors wake Where clouds and shadows loom,

Deep in the silence of the tall, gray mountains' High artist then, as now poor artisan.

Primeval gloom,

Thy silvery stream flows down with music bound- on Irish subjects. It will awaken feelings ing,

of patriotic affection and reminiscence in Oh, ancient tongue ! With love and tears, and laughter softly sounding the Irish mind, as it is on the whole the As wild bird's liquid song !"

best collection of Irish poems and songs

that has appeared since the days of Davis, We recommend the book as free from with possibly the exception of the poems of those blemishes which destroy some poetry Speranza, of whom we are reminded.


With this number the further publication of the Catholic RECORD will cease. We have been brought to this conclusion reluctantly, not by want of sufficient support and encouragement to continue the RECORD, but by the conviction that it seriously interferes with our other publications, the Catholic Standard and the American Catholic Quarterly Review. It divided with those publications the time, attention, and energy which we feel it is necessary to give them, and which we desire to concentrate upon them.

These considerations have been in our mind for some time, but we were loath'to yield to them. We are naturally attached to the RECORD, grateful for the generous patronage that has been accorded to it, and impressed with the conviction that it was an efficient instrumentality for good in supplying, along with other Catholic monthlies, a species of literature greatly needed in this country.

But looking at our relation to the other two publications already mentioned, each extending from different sides over the field occupied by the RECORD, we have been forced to the conclusion that it would be better for the cause of Catholic literature in the United States, and the general interests we have at heart, if the time, attention, and labor required to maintain the Record in the position which, with the co-operation of many warm and earnest friends and supporters, we have succeeded in gaining for it, were concentrated upon our two other publications.

The Catholic Standard, as we have already intimated, covers the greater portion of the ground occupied by the RECORD, and what it does not is effectually covered by the American Catholic Quarterly Review. In discontinuing the RECORD, and concentrating our time and energies upon the Review, we do not, therefore, feel that we are abandoning to neglect any portion of the field we have heretofore endeavored to occupy; but rather that we are preparing the way for deeper and more thorough culture.

In conclusion, we thank gratefully and most sincerely the patrons and readers of the Record for the kind and warm affterest: they have ever manifested in our efforts to supply them in its pages with healthful and salutary Catholic literature, and for the generous support they have ever accorded us. We indulge the hope, too, that though the bond between us and them, which the RECORD formed, will no longer exist, yet that it will continue still, and be strengthened and drawn closer through the columns of the Catholic Standard and the pages of the American Catholic Quarterly Review. He

"A work that will stand amid all the fluctuations and confusions of

opinion with respect to text-books on arithmetic." The publishers take pleasure in announcing, in permanent electrotype form, Dr. Brooks's Higher Arithmetic. Large 12mo., cloth, 500

pages. By EDWARD BROOKS, A.M., Ph.D., Principal of Pennsyl

vania State Normal School, Pa. This work furnishes a complete system of arithmetical science, arranged with a unity of plan, and unfolded with a philosophy of method, hardly attempted in other text-books. It is simple and natural in the details of its steps and processes, but exhaustive and logical in its treatment of the whole subject.

No pains have been spared to obtain practical problems from actual and varied business transactions; to give important facts, phrases, and information of general use among mechanics, merchants, and banks; and to make clear and definite to instructors much which has been indefinite on Investments, Banking, Exchange, Building Associations, etc., etc.

Brooks's Higher Arithmetic not only expresses the laws, processes, and practices of arithmetic, but in developing the number-idea it develops a normal growth of mind in the student.

Price, by mail, Introduction, 85 cts. Exchange, 63 cts.


AND GEOMETRY. THE NEWEST, THE BEST, AND THE CHEAPEST. I. Brooks's Standard Arithmetical Course comprises :

INT. EX. 1. Brooks's Primary,. . . . . . . . $0 15 $0 12 2. Brooks's Elementary, .

26 3. Brooks's New Mental, . . . . . . . . 25 18 4. Brooks's New Written,

. 6045 II. Brooks's Union Arithmetical Course comprises :

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[ocr errors]

EX 1. Brooks's Primary,. . . . . . . . . $0 15 $0 12 2. Brooks's Union,

. 65 50 Also, Brooks's Union in parts: Part I, Part II. Each, , , 35 28

The Standard series separates mental and written arithmetics into two books, and is a fuller course than the Union series, which combines them in one.

These new books have become very popular, and because of their great success wherever tried are rapidly supplanting all other works in the best schools of both Parishes and Orders.

BY MAIL INT. Westlake's Common School Literature, . . . . $0 60 $0 40 Westlake's Hcw to Write Letters, . . . . . 100 67

Contains valuable information on the proprieties and forms observed in corresponding with any one of the Church hierarchy.

BY MAIL INT. Lloyd's Literature for Little Folks, .

; . . . $0 45 $0 30 Bouvier's Astronomy. · (Abridged, $1.50.) Full.. ...

1 67 Montgomery's Normal Union System of Industrial

Drawing. Each, .
Pelton's Outline Maps. Per set, 6 maps, . . . . 25 00

Address SOWER, POTTS & CO., Publishers,
Circulars sent free.

530 Market St., Philadelphia.

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CAPITAL, ............. $400,000.00
CASH ASSETS, ........... 3,363,445.74

[blocks in formation]


ALFRED G. BAKER, President.
2d Vice-President.

A. C. BLODGET, General Agent.


Assistant Secretary.

THOMPSON DERR & BRO., Wilkesbarre, State Agents.

A Premium to our subscribers of nearly
a Life Size Engraving of His Holiness



We have at an enormous expense been able to offer to the readers of the



Afin tint Engraving, in oval, surrounded by solid square border of gray. This is an authentic and approved Engraving of HIS HOLINESS, and was engraved for us by the celebrated artist, R E Piguet, from a photograph from life by ALESSANDRI, ROME. The ATLANTIC ART UNION with their accustomed liberality have perfected arrangements by which every reader of this paper can procure one of these Engravings by sending 35 cents to pay for mailing and packing charges. This is an opportunity that will not present itself to ur readers again, as this Offer will not Appear again in this Paper, and to avail yourself of this liberal proposition, you must send before June ist and note instructions as given below.

INSTRUCTIONS.-All orders must be accompanied by THIS NOTICE, otherwise, persons who are not subscribers might reap the benefit intended solely for the patrons of this paper. Upon receipt of this notice and 35 cents to pay for packing and mailing charges, the Engraving will be mailed to you free, and all charges prepaid. Send Silver, Postage Stamps or Currency. Address all orders to

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THE CATHOLIC STANDARD. Universally acknowledged to be one of the best Catholic

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er billette

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Those Barpe aro construotod on the most approved principles, with all tho modern improve aunts of London and Paris. Partioular oare is takon to fit thom for the oxtromos of olimele in this country. Prioos also will be found advantagoous.

HARPS FROM $200 TO $1000.

IF Strings, Music, and ovory roquisite for the Hen

We pospectfully rofor to the following institutions in which our Harps are now in uso, givia, front artisfaotion, QADIN or tax VISITATION, Goorgotown, D. C. Mount Br. Vino IT's, Yonkors, N. Y. BT. CATHIRIKI'S ACADEMY, Bpringfold, Iy.

BISTRO ir rau VISITATION, 81. Louio, we

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