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Medium of Entercommunication



“When found, make a note of."-CAPTAIN CUTTLE.







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monarchy in England, to be by that very destruc

tion more firmly established. CONTENTS.-No. 236.

Often as this remarkable document has been NOTES:- The Death-Warrant of Charles I. : another His: quoted and referred to, I do not know that the toric Doubt, 1- Symbolum Mariæ, 4 Brasses, 11. - *Kidley Wink;" 5 - Mrs. Wyat of Bosley historiang. Sure am I that if the learned author

Monumental original has ever been examined by any of our Forget me not – Revival of the Stocks --- A remarkable of The Curiosities of Literature, when preparing Picture - The earliest Advertisement - Remarkable Epitaph - The Verb “Collide" - Sir Walter Scott and Bur.

for publication his interesting Commentaries on the ton, 6.

Life and Reign of Charles the First, had had the QUERIES :- The Paterini, 7 - Lords of Brecon — " Dora" original Warrant under his eyes, he would have

ventories – Garrick in the Green Room --- Last ore Gretna anticipated me in pointing out the "grave doubts,” Priests Guinea-Lines Heald and Whitley of York to use the mildest phrase, which an examination shire, W.R. – Heritable Millers - William Kenrick of it throws upon the truthfulness of what has Local Second-hand Booksellers - Lloyd of Towy - London Monumental Brasses – Marley Horses - “ The Oath"

hitherto been supposed to be an authentic as well -"Opus inoperosum”-"Other-Worldliness"-Theodore as authorized report of the King's trial-namely, Parker - Preservation of Seals - Quotations wanted Symbolism of the Human Ear - Great Warrior - White

the True Copy of the Journal of the High Court of and Green as the Royal Colours – Worley, or Wyrley Fa- Justice for the Trial of King Charles I. mily, 7.

There is no doubt that the Warrant in question REPLIES:- The Date of the Marriage of Lady Jane Grer; is the one under which the King suffered. It

11 - Dinners "à la Russe," Ib. - The Tontine of 1789, 12 - Defects in Marriage Registers, 13 - Sir John Denhain's

came from the possession of Colonel Hacker, one Death, Ib.- Christian Names, 14 – Thomas Chaucer – of the three officers to whom it was addressed, Miss Steele -- Miserere Carvings - Edward Underhill, the when he was arrested in 1660, and by whom it "Hot Gospeller" - Treyford : Elsted - Monastic Inveutories --"Stand on Sympathy," " Richard II.," Act iv. was produced before the House of Lords, where Sc. 1 - Fortune's Spinning-wheel-, Rev. Thomas Rose, it has ever since remained. Yet this remarkton-Benjamin Franklin's " Laurel Wreath": a Picture able document, almost the only original document Names of Paper - Red Deer - "Make a Bridge of Gold,” connected with this great event which has been &c. -" When Adam delved," &c., 15.

preserved--a Warrant for the execution of one Notes on Books, &c.

who rightly described himself as “not an ordinary

prisoner”-is in many of its most important parts Nates.

written on erasures, and by a different hand. THE DEATH-WARRANT OF CHARLES

Before entering into a consideration of these i.:

erasures, and what they seem to point to, it will ANOTHER HISTORIC DOUBT.

be necessary to sketch briefly the incidents of the

so-called Trial of the King. If there be one event in English history respecting which, looking to its unparalleled cha

On January 4 Master Garland presented to the racter, the momentous results which flowed from House of Commons a new Ordinance for erecting it, and the sensation which it created throughout

a High Court of Justice for the trial of the King Europe, we should expect our information to be the Lords having rejected the former one), which full, clear, and beyond dispute, it would surely be time, assented to and passed the same day; and

Ordinance was read a first, second, and third the execution of Charles I. Yet, what is really the case ? Beyond the one

it was ordered that no copy be delivered : and the great fact, that the 30th of January 1649 *

House resolved, that the people are (under God)

the original of all just power. That themselves “Charles our dread sovereign murther'd at his gate,"

being chosen by and representing the people have every incident connected with that fearful tragedy the Supreme Power in the nation ; that whatsois involved in more or less obscurity. The very ever is enacted or declared for law by the Comspot where the execution took place is matter of mons in Parliament hath the force of a law and controversy, and the identity of the executioner the people concluded thereby; though consent of is as much disputed as that of the Man in the king and peers be not had thereunto. Iron Mask, or the writer of the Letters of Junius. The following is a List of the Commissioners

Few historical documents have been made so appointed by this Ordinance, not in the order in familiar to the public by means of facsimile as which their names are recited in it, but alphathe Warrant for the execution of the unhappy betically, for convenience of reference hereafter. monarch. A strip of parchment, measuring some The respective shares which the Commissioners eighteen inches wide and ten inches deep, on took in the subsequent proceedings are indicated which there are about a dozen lines of writing, and as follows:-The dates after the names show on some threescore seals and signatures, destroyed what days of the trial, viz. 20th, 22nd, 23rd, and The year then ending March, all the documents con

27th January, they were present in Court. The nected with the trial and execution bear the date of

names of those who signed the Warrant are printed 1648.

in italics. The letter S marks those who were


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