Superscription of Letters.

TO THE ROYAL FAMILY. The King-To the King's most excellent Majesty :

Sire; Møst gracious Sovereign; or, May it please your Majestyy. And in the course of the letter, not

you, but your Majesty. The Queen--To the Queen ; or, To the Queen's

most excellent Majesty. Madam ; or, May it

please your Majesty. "Your Majesty. The Prince of Wales-His Royal Highness the

Prince of Wales. Sir; or, May it please your

Royal ilighness. Your Royal Highness. The Princess of Wales-Her Royal Highness the

Princess of Wales. Madam; or, May it please your Royal Highness. Your Royal Highness.

All other Princes and Princesses of the Blood are addressed by the style of “ Royal Highness," to which is superadded any other title his Majesty may have thought proper to bestow on them, as “ Duke of York,” &c.

TO THE CLERGY. The Archbishops---His Grace the Archbishop of C.

My Lord Archbishop; or, May it please your Grace. Your Grace.


Bishops--The right reverend Father in God T.

Lord Bishop of L. My Lord; or, May it please your Lordship.' Your Lordship. Deans, &c.The Revd. Dr. F. Dean of Y. Canon

of W. Prebend of C. Chaplain to his Grace the

Duke of B. &c. &c. Reverend Sir; or, Sir. Rectors, Curates, &c.The Revd. Mr. B. Bevd.

Sir. N. B. If a clergyman be the son of a Duke, he is styled Lord, as Lord G. M. If the son of a Peer of less rank, he is styled the honourable, or the reverend Mr. A. or B. indiscriminately.

Sir ; Dr,

TO THE OFFICERS, &c. OF THE LAW. The Lord Chancellor--The right honourable the

Lord Chancellor. May it please your Lordship; or, My Lord. Your Lordship. The Chancellor of the Exchequer--The right honourable H. A. Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Sir. Chief Justice of the King's Bench-The right

honourable Lord E. My Lord. May it please

your Lordship. Chief Justice of the Common Pleas~The right

honourable Lord A. My Lord. Your Lordship. The Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer.- The

honourable Sir Archibald M. My Lord (though

not a peer). Your Lordship. The Master of the Rolls-His Honor the Master of the Rolls. Șir; or, May it please your Honor.

our Honor. The puisne Judges and Barons—Mr. Justice R.

Mr. Baron T. or if they have a title, by that

title, as, Sir F. B. Bart. Sir. Masters in Chancery-W.G. Esq. Sir. Attorney and Solicitor General --Mr. Attorney, or Mr. Solicitor General. Sir.



Recorder, Common Serjeant, &c.--Mr. Recorder,

&c. Sir. Serjeants at Law-Mr. Serjeant A. Sir. Barristers --If younger sons of Peers, by their

proper style of Honourable ; as, The honourable TE. If otherwise, E. B. Esg. Sir. And all Barristers are styled Esquires, whether King's Counsel or not.


TO THE OFFICERS OF STATE, &c. The President of the Council. His Grace the Duke

of P. Lord President of the Council. My Lord

Duke. Your Grace. Secretary of State-The right honourable Lord H.

one of his Majesty's Secretaries of State. My

Lord. Speaker of the House of Commons—The right honourable C. A. Speaker of the House of Cominons.

Sir. The Commissioners of the Admiralty, 80.-- If

addressed collectively, The right honourable the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. My Lords. Your Lordships. If individually, according to their ordinary rank in life. The Officers of his Majesty's Household—If upon

business relating to their office, by the style of that office; as, The most noble the Marquis of S. Lord Chamberlain. My Lord Chamberlain, &c.

TO THE NOBILITY. Dukes--His Grace the Duke of L. My Lord Duke; or, May it please your Grace. Your

Grace. Marquisses—The most noble Marquis of s. My

Lord; or, My Lord Marquis. Your Lordskip. Earls—The right honourable the Earl of Di. My Lord. Your Lordship.


Viscounts-The right honourable Lord Viscount F.

My Lord. Pour Lordship. Barons--The right honourable Lord D. My Lord.

Your Lordship, Ladies---According to the rank of their husbands ;

as, Her Grace the Duchess of A. Madam. Your

Grace. The right honourable the Marchioness of S. My

Lady; or, Madam. Fur Ladyship. The right honourable the Countess of M. My Lady. Your Ladyship; &c. &c.

N. B. The eldest sons of Dukes, are, by courtesy, styled Marquisses; the eldest sons of Marquisses, Earls ; those of Earls, Viscounts; and the sons of Viscounts and Barons, The honourable. The younger sons of Dukes are called Lords ; and the daughters of these nobility, and their sons' wives, are styled according to the title given by courtesy to their husbands or brothers. TO GOVERNORS OF ISLANDS,

COLONIES, &c. Lord Lieutenant of Ireland-His Excellency the

Earl of H. Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. My Lord; or, May it please your Excellency. Your

Excellency: Governors of Colonies, Forts, &c.T'he honourable

T. S. Governor of his Majesty's Leeward Charribee Islands. Sir. TO THE CORPS DIPLOMATIQUE, OR

AMBASSADORS, ENVOYS, &c. His Excellency the Earl of B. his Majesty's Am

bassador at the Court of Spain. My Lord. Your

Excellency. His Excellency Count de G. his Swedish Majesty's ! Ambassador at the Court of Great Britain. Sir. l'our Excellency.




If these gentlemen possess any titles of nobility, or honour, they are superadded to those which denote their rank. His Royal Highness the Duke of York, Field Mar

shal.Sir; or, May it please your Royal HighThe honourable Sir R. H. Admiral of the Blue. Sir.

Majors, &c. in the Army, and Captains in the Navy, are addressed, Major. P. Sir. Captain B. Sir, &c. &c.


BODIES CORPORATE. The honourable the Governor, the Deputy Governor,

and Directors of the Bunk of England. · Gentlemen ; or, May it please your Honours. Your

Honours. The honourable the Court of Directors of the East

India Company. Gentlemen, &c. The Master and Wardens of the Worshipful Com

pany of Goldsmiths. Gentlemen, &c.

COMMONERS. Baronets-Sir T. H. Bart. Sir. Knights—Sir B. II. Sir. Members of the House of Commons-If Privy

Counsellors, Officers of State, in the army or navy, or royal household, or sons of Peers, according to such situation : otherwise, M. A. T.

Esq. M. P. Sir. Doctors of Physic, Laws, $c.-Dr. B. Dr. L. &c. Sir.


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