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THERE will be four Eclipses this year, two of the SUN, and two of the MOON, and also a Transit of Mercury over the sun's disc.

I. A TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE MOON, May 23, invisible in New England, but visible throughout Australia, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

II. AN ANNULAR ECLIPSE OF THE SUN, June 6, invisible in New England, but visible in British America and the northwestern portion of the United States, and also throughout the most of Europe, and in Siberia.

III. A TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE MOON, Nov. 15, visible in New England, and generally visible in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, North and South America, and the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean. Begins 5h. 35.0m. P. M.; middle, 7h. 18.8m. P. M.; ends 9h. 3.0m. P. M.

IV. Á PARTIAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN, Dec. 1, invisible in New England, but visible in the southern part of South America, and about the South Pole.

V. A TRANSIT OF MERCURY OVER THE SUN'S DISC, May 9, partly visible in New England, and visible throughout the western portion of North and South America. Exterior contact at Ingress begins at 6h. 54.6m. P. M.; exterior contact at Egress ends at 11h. 50.4m. P. M.

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Venus will be Morning Star till Sept. 18, then Evening Star the rest of the year. Mars will be Evening Star till July 30, then Morning Star the rest of the year. Jupiter will be Evening Star till Feb. 13, Morning Star till Sept. 5, then Evening Står the rest of the year. Saturn will be Morning Star till March 4, Evening Star till Sept. 13, then Morning Star the rest of the year. (See footnote, p. 8.) NAMES AND CHARACTERS OF THE PRINCIPAL PLANETS. DO The Moon. Q Venus. The Earth. H Uranus. * Juno. The Sun.

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h Saturn.




6 Conjunction, or in the same degree.

Pallas. Ceres.

8 Opposition, or 180 degrees.
Dragon's Head, or Ascending Node.
Dragon's Tail, or Descending Node.


Sextile, 60 degrees,

Quartile, 90 degrees.

A Trine, 120 degrees.

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BATES, LEWISTON, ME. 3 tms. Beg. 6w. fm Tu. bef. Thank., 1st Tu. Apr., 4th Tu. Aug. Com. Th. aft. last We. June. BOWDOIN, BRUNSWICK, ME. Com. 4th Th. June. Vac. 11w. fm Com.; 2w. at Christmas; 1w. in Spring.

COLBY UNIVER., WATERVILLE, ME. Com. Wed. bef. 4th of July. Tms.: 1st, Sept. 24-Dec. 24; 2d, Jan. 7-March 18; 3d, April 1-July 1.

ME. WESLEYAN SEM. AND FEM. COL., KENT'S HILL, ME. 3 tms, 13w.ea. Beg. 4th Tu. Aug., 2d Tu. Dec., 3d Tu. Mar. DARTMOUTH, HANOVER, N.H. Com. last Th. June; vac. 10w. after.

N. H. CONF. SEMINARY AND FEMALE COLLEGE, TILTON, N.H. 3 terms, 13w. each. Fall term begins Aug. 27, '90.

NORWICH UNIV. (Military), NORTHFIELD, VT. Year beg. Th. Sept. 18, '90; closes Th. June 25, '91.

MIDDLEBURY, MIDDLEBURY, Tms. beg. Jan. 3, Apr. 9, Sept. 10, '91.


UNIVERSITY OF VT., AND STATE AG. COL., AT BURLINGTON. Com. last Wed. June; vac. fm Com. to last Wed. Sept.fm Wed. bef.Christmas, 1w., 1w. in Apr. VERMONT METH. SEMINARY AND FEMALE COLL., MONTPELIER, VT. Tms. beg. Dec. 8, '90; Mar. 23, Aug. 25, '91.

AMHERST, AMHERST, MASS. 3 tms. Beg. Jan. 8, Apr. 9, and 2d Th. Sept. BOSTON COLLEGE, BOSTON, MASS. 2 terms. Beg. 1st Mo. Sept. and Feb. BOSTON UNIVER., BOSTON, MASS.COLL. OF LIBERAL ARTS. 3 terms. 1st beg. Sept. 18, '90; 2d beg. Jan. 6, '91; 3d beg. Mar. 24, '91. COLLEGE OF MUSIC. 2 tms, 20w. each. 1st beg. Sept. 11, '90; 2d beg. Feb. 5, '91.-SCHOOL OF ALL SCIENCES. Post grad. dept. Tms same as in Coll. of Lib. Arts.

COLL. OF THE HOLY CROSS, WORCESTER, MASS. Year beg. 1st Wed. Sept., ends last Th. June.

HARVARD, CAMBRIDGE, MASS. Year beg. Th. after last Wed. Sept., ends at Com, last Wed. June; rec. 23 Dec. to Jan. 2, inc., and fm Wed. bef.Fast to Tu. after, inclusive.

SMITH COLL., NORTHAMPTON, MASS. (For women.) 3 tms, Jan. 8, Apr. 1, and Sept. 18. Com. June 24.

TUFTS COLLEGE, MASS. A single tm of 39w. Begins Sept. 18, '91. Com. 3d Wed. June; vac. 13w.

WELLESLEY COLLEGE, WELLESLEY, MASS. (For women.) 3 tms., Sept. 11, '90, Jan. 8, '91, April 7, '91. Com. June 23. WILLIAMS, WILLIAMSTOWN, MASS. 1st term, Sept. 11 to Dec. 23; 2d term, Jan. 15 to March 31; 3d term, Apr. 16 to June 24. Com. June 24.

BROWN, PROVIDENCE, R.I. Acad. yr. beg. 3d Wed. Sept. Com. 3d Wed. June. TRINITY, HARTFORD, CONN. 2 tms. 1st beg. Sept. 16, '90; 2d, Jan. 6, '91; 1st, Sept. 15, '91. Com. last Th. in June.

WESLEYAN UNIV., MIDDLETOWN, CT. Com. last Wed. June, 1891; vac. 11w. fm Com., 2w. at Chris., 1w. in Spring.

1st tm 12w., vac. 24w.; 2d tm till Com. with recess at Easter.

SCHOOL OF THE FINE ARTS (YALE UNIV.). Beg. Oct. 1 and ends June 1. Theological Schools.

THEO. SEM., BANGOR, ME. (Or. Cong.) Anniver. 1st Wed. June; vac. 14w. fm anniv. Exam. for entrance 2d Th. Sept. COBB DIVIN. SCHOOL of BATES COLL., LEWISTON, ME. Year same as College. VT. EPISCO. INST., BURLINGTON, VT. Acad. yr. 40w. fm Sept. 3.

THEO. SEM. (Orth. Cong.), ANDOVER, MASS. Yr. b. Sep. 17, '90; an. June 11,'91. BOSTON UNIVER. SCHOOL OF THEOL. (Method.) Year beg. 17th Sept. '90.

NEW CHURCH THEOL. Sc. CAMBRIDGE, MASS. (Swedenborg.) Yr. beg. Sept. 25, '90; ends June 12, 91.

EPIS. THEOL. SEM. AT CAMBRIDGE. MASS. Yr. beg. last Wed. in Sept. ; ends 3d. Wed. in June.

NEWTON THEO. INST., NEWTON CENTRE, MASS. (Bapt.) Ann. 3d Th. May. Vac. fm ann. to 1st Tu. Sept., fm Chris. to New Year's.

DIVINITY SCH. OF HARVARD UNIV. Year same as that of Harvard College. TUFTS COLL. DIV. SCHOOL, COLLEGE HILL, MASS. (Universalist.) School year same as that of the College.

BERKELEY DIV. SCH. (Epis.) MIDDLETOWN, CT. Beg. Sept. 25; ends in June.

DIV. SCH. OF YALE UNIV., NEW HAVEN, CT. (Ortho. Cong.) Year beg. 3d Th. Sept.; closes 3d Wed. May.

HARTFORD THEOL. SEM., CONN. (Ortho. Cong.) Acad. yr. fm 3d Th. Sept. to 2d Th. May.

Medical Schools. MED. SCH. OF ME., BOWDOIN COLL., BRUNSWICK, ME. Beg. Feb. 5, lasts 20w. PORTLAND (ME.) SCH. FOR MED. INS. 2 terms, beg. July and Oct. '91.

MED. DEPT. DART. COLL., HANOVER, N.H. Lecture tm begins middle July. cont. 20w. Recitation tm beg. 2d Jan., cont. till June 20.

UNIV. OF VT., MED. DEP., BURLINGTON, VT. Beg. last Th. Feb., cont. 20w.

MED. SCH. OF HARVARD UNIVER., BOSTON. Yr. beg. Th. after last Wed. in Sept., ends last Wed. in June.

BOSTON UNIV. SCH. OF MED. (Homo.). Open to both sexes. Beg. Oct. 8, '91.

MED. DEPART. OF YALE UNIV., NEW HAVEN, CONN. 1st Th. Oct., till Com., with vac. same as Yale College.

DENTAL SCH. HARV. UNI., BOSTON. Begins and ends with College year.

BOSTON DENTAL COLLEGE, BOSTON. Year beg. 2d Mon. in Sept.; ends 3d Wed. in June.

Law Schools.

LAW SCH. OF HARVARD UNIV., CAMBRIDGE, MASS. Year same as College. BOSTON UNIV. SCH. OF LAW. Beg. 1st Wed. Oct., ends 1st Wed. June. YALE LAW SCH., N. HAVEN, CT. Beg. Sept. 25, '90; Jan. 8, Apr. 9, '91.

Scientific and Agric. Schools. MAINE STATE COLL. OF AGRIC, AND YALE, NEW HAVEN, CONN. Com. THE MECHANIC ARTS, ORONO, ME. last Wed. June; vac. of 13w. fm Com. | Tms beg. Feb. 3, Aug. 4. Com. June 24.


THAYER SCH. of CIVIL ENGIN., HANOVER, N. H. Yr. fm Aug. 1 to May 1. UNIVER. OF VT., BURLINGTON, has also a scientific and agricultural course. MASS. AGRIC. COLLEGE, AMHERST, MASS. 3 terms. Terms beg. Sept. 3, '90, Jan. 6,'91, Apr. 7, 291.

MASS. COLL. PHARMACY, BOSTON, MASS. Year beg. 4th Mon. Sept. 1890. BOSTON UNIVER. COLL. OF AGRICUL. Tms. beg. Sept. 3, '90, Jan. 6, '91, Apr.8,'91. LAWRENCE SCIEN. SCHOOL (HARV. UNIV.), CAMBRIDGE, MASS. The year is the same as that of Harvard Coll.

THE BUSSEY INSTITUTION, JAMAICA PLAIN, MASS. (A school of Agriculture and Horticulture, in Harv. Univ.) Year same as that of Harvard College.

VETERINARY SCHOOL OF HARVARD UNIVER. Year same as that of College. MASS. INST. OF TECHNOL., BOSTON. Ac. yr. last Mon.in Sept. to 1st Tu, after May 27.

WORCESTER POLYTECH. INSTITUTE, WORC., MASS. Tms. fm 2d Tu. Sept. to 3d Tu. Dec., and fm first Wed. Jan. to 1st Wed. in Apr., and from 3d Th. in Apr. to last Th. in June.

SHEFFIELD SCIENT. SCHOOL (YALE UNIV.), NEW HAVEN, CT. Terms same as those of Yale College.

MEETINGS OF FRIENDS The Yearly Meeting of Friends is held at Portland, Me.: Meeting on Ministry and Oversight,on5th day,6th month,11th, at 9A.M. For business, on 6th day, 12th, at 9 A. M. Public meetings for worship on first day. The Yearly Meeting is composed of the Quarterly Meetings of R. Island, Salem, Sandwich, Falmouth, Smithfield, Vassalboro', Dover, Fairfield, and Parsonsfield, held as follows:

Rhode Island: 1st fifth day, 2d mo., at Providence; 1st fifth day, 5th mo., at East Greenwich; 1st fifth day, 8th mo., at Newport, and 1st fifth day, 11th mo., at Fall River. Salem: 3d fifth day, 1st mo., at Salem; 4th fifth day, 5th mo., at Amesbury; 3d fifth day, 8th mo., at Lynn; 3d fifth day, 10th mo., at Weare. Sandwich: 1st fifth day, 4th and 12th mos., at New Bedford; 2d fifth day, 7th mo., at Falmouth; and 1st fifth day. 10th mo., at Sandwich, Mass. Falmouth: 7th day before 1st sixth day in 2d and 9th mos., at Windham; 6th mo., at Falmouth; and 11th mo., at Durham.

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STATE NORMAL SCH., CASTINE, ME. Terms b. Mar. 10, Aug. 25, Dec. 8. GORHAM NORMAL SCHOOL, GORHAM, ME. 2tms, 20w.ea. Beg.inFeb.and Sept. STATE NORMAL SCH., FARMINGTON, ME. Tms b. Mar. 17, Aug. 25, Dec. 8, '91. STATE NORMAL SCH., PLYMOUTH, N. H. 2 tms. Beg. Sept. 3, '90, Feb. 4, '91. STATE NOR. SCH., CASTLETON, VT. 2 ts, 20w. ea. Beg. 3d Tu. Feb., 3d Tu. Au. STATE NORMAL SCH., JOHNSON, VT. Tms 20w. Beg. 1st Tu. Sépt., 2d Tu. Feb. STATE NORMAL SCH., RANDOLPH, VT. Tms beg. 1st Tu. Feb., 4th Tu. Aug.

NORMAL SCHOOLS OF MASSACHUSETTS. The year is divided into 2 terms of 20 weeks each, including a recess of 1 week near the middle of the term. Vac. 2 or 3w. in winter, 9 or 10w. in summer. Exam. for admission at the beg. of each term, which is at Salem, Feb. 10, and Sept. 1; at Westfield, Feb. 3 and Sept. 8; at Bridgewater, Feb. 4, and Sept. 2; at Framingham, Feb. 4, and Sept. 9; at Worcester, Feb. 5, and Sept. 10, '91.

MASS. NORMAL ART SCHOOL. 2 tms. Beg. Oct. 1 and Feb. -, '91.

R. I. STATE NORMAL SCH., PROV., R. I. 2 tms. Spr. tm beg. Feb. 3, closes June 26. Fall tm beg. 1st Tu. Sept.

STATE NORMAL SCH., NEW BRITAIN, CONN. Two tms. 1st tm beg. Sept. 2, '90. IN NEW ENGLAND (1891). Smithfield: 2d fifth day, 2d mo., at Worcester; 2d fifth day, 5th mo., at Northbridge; 2d fifth day, 8th mo., at Bolton; 2d fifth day, 11th mo., at Smithfield. Vassalboro': 2d seventh day in the 2d mo., at Vassalboro'; on the last seventh day in the 5th mo., at China; and on the 2d seventh day in 9th and 11th months, at East Vassalboro'. Dover: 7th day after 1st fifth day, 1st mo., at No. Berwick; on seventh day following 3d fifth day in the 4th mo., at Dover; 8th mo. at No. Berwick and 10th mo. at Rochester. Fairfield: 7th day before 2d sixth day in 2d mo. at Winthrop, and 9th mo. at Manchester; 7th day before last sixth day, 5th mo., and 7th day before 2d sixth day, 11th mo., at Fairfield. Parsonsfield: At East Parsonsfield, Maine, on seventh day following the 1st sixth day in 9th mo., and on seventh day following the 2d fifth day in 1st mo.; at North Sandwich, N. H., on seventh day following the 1st sixth day in 11th mo., and on seventh day following the 3d fifth day in 5th mo.


The following days, in respect to the payment of notes, are legal holidays. On most of them courts, banks, etc., are closed. If the day falls on Sunday, the day following is usually kept as a holiday. Thanksgiving and Fast are appointed by state or national authority.

Maine. Jan. 1, Feb. 22, May 30, July 4, Christmas, Fast, and Thanksgiving. New Hampshire. Feb. 22, May 30, July 4, Christmas, Fast, Thanksgiving, and Election Day.

Vermont. Jan. 1, May 30, July 4, Christmas, Fast, and Thanksgiving. Massachusetts. Feb. 22, May 30, July 4, 1st Mon. Sept., Christmas, Fast, and Thanksgiving. Rhode Island. Feb. 22, May 30, July 4, Christmas, Fast, Thanksgiving, and Election Days.

Connecticut. Jan. 1, Feb. 22, May 30, July 4, 1st Mon Sept., Christmas, Fast, and Thanksgiving.

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9 9 Fr. 7 144 30 IO 10 Sa. 7 134 31 II 11 S.7 134 32 12 12 M. 7 134 34 13 13 Tu. 7 124 35 14 14 W. 7 124 36 15 15 Th. 7 114 37 16 16 Fr. 7 11 4 38 17 17 Sa. 7 104 39 18 18 S.7 104 41 19 19 M. 7 20 20 Tu. 7 21 21 W. 7 22 22 Th. 7 23 23 Fr. 7 24 24 Sa. 7 25 25 S-7 26 26 M. 7 27 27 Tu. 7 28 28 W. 7 29 29 Th. 7

Last Quarter, 3d day, 5h. 12m., morning, E.
New Moon, 10th day, 10h. 25m., morning, E.
> First Quarter, 17th day, 1h. 18m., morning, W.
O Full Moon, 24th day, 7h. 25m., evening, E.

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Sa. 7 144 24 4 S-7 144 25 5 M. 7 144 26 6 Tu. 7 144 27 7 W.7 144 28 8|Th. 7 14 4 29

810 25
91026 7



1 44 7 14 7 sec. 251 8 2 8h|thi.| 4 2 8 55 92 thi.| 514 9 52 93 10 kn. 6 25 10 54 114 kn. sets 11 58

9 140 10 927 8
9 150 11 928 84
9 160 12 829
9 180 14 8
9 190 15 8
9 210 17 7
9 230 19 7
9 240 20 6
9 260 22 6 5
9 270 23 6

legs 5 47 1 1

04 legs 7 6 2 2 14 feet 8 25

2 58


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23 3

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30 30 Fr. 7

14 56

9 550 51

220 21

23 rei. 10 28

3 45

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