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iUniverse, 2006 - 140 oldal
From Him to Us: Volume 1 Nate Gray

This book is a series of fifty-three inspirational speeches, and is formatted into seven chapters. There were originally fifty-two speeches for this book, but I didn't realize I had another one written. The fifty-two speeches are symbolic to fifty-two weeks in a year, and I finished in 2004, which was a leap year, so I just used the extra speech for the extra week. 7 chapters are also symbolic to the 7 days of creation and resemble completion.

This book started when I wrote my first speech for a church service in August 2002. The contents therein are many "mini sermons." The topics in here range from issues on faith and patience to preparation for eternity in Heaven with God. From Him to Us is arranged in an order that allows people to see the process in life and prosper as they go through life.

Everything starts with faith and patience, and as this book is read, you will also gain spiritual wisdom and understand the fate of life. It also increases your understanding and strengthens your character and develops your perspective into a God-like perspective. Overall, you will be introduced to the process of life, go through the process, and the end result will depend on what you have learned in the process.


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