the great commotions of the times, tion, we believe, says, in his either in church or state, yet by Life and Times," ," he was a their admirable writings have preacher of extraordinary skill, shown that they were not un especially in matter and method, worthy to follow such men as so that few that ever I heard exHowe, and Baxter, and Owen, celled him. He lived uprightly nor unworthy to be ranked next to near fifty-seven years of age, to them in the esteem of a grate and suffered much, after his ejecful and admiring posterity. Per- tion, by the lowness of his estate.” haps we cannot do better than to We believe he produced two other exhibit an opinion concerning this works, neither of which we have author that will deservedly have seen; the one entitled the Docmore weight with our readers trine of Self-posing, and Nonconthan any thing we can say. formity without Controversy. Richard Baxter, though no rela


Pupul Superiority.--" Innocent the friar or Corbin, was the first assertor of third exalts the papal power as much transubstantiation, which was much disabove the regal, as spiritual things are puted at the time, but confirmed by the better than temporal, or the soul supe- Council.” rior to the body; and having compared Alonks' Hoods.--" In the time of Pope these two powers to the two great lights Jolin the 22d, the great body of the in the firmament, infers from thence, Cordeliers quarrelled about the form of that the pontifical authority is as much their hood, and this trifling object besuperior to the regal, as the sun is came an affair of importance in Europe ! greater than the moon."

Popes and Kings were interested on the Pupal Idolatry.--" One wrote a tract occasion, and hundreds of friars burnt at upon the adoration of the Pope's feet.the stake for their obstinacy in the dis

The Rabbins.-t is said of the Rabbins, pute!" " In them is no light, no knowledge of Jerome.-" The gold, the silver, the God, no spirit, no true and solid art, ivory, the apes, and the peacocks, which no understanding even of the Hebrew came from Tarshish to Solomon, mean tongue- they have done nothing towards the writings of pagans and of hereticks!” understanding the sacred text; their dic- Jerome. tionaries and comments have brought What shall be said of the early fathers, more obscurity, than light on truth." after this choice specimen of their wisdom ?

Transubstantiation.-- Ratramnes, a

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Chapel Opened. -A neat and commo- number of work-people, they felt it a dious place of worship was opened at duty to consider how they might promote Pyle, near Colnbrook, Nov. 12. The their best interest. They first approRev. J. Clayton, jun. preached in the propriated a large room in the mill for morning from Acts xix. 2.; and the the purpose of public worship; they Rev. J. Griffin, of Portsea, in the after then procured the assistance of neighnoon from 1 Tim. i. 19. The ministers bouring ministers, who preached on the engaged in the devotional services were week days; and then they obtained, prinMessrs. Redford of Windsor, Cook of cipally at their own expense, supplies Maidenhead, Hall of Chesham, Red from London to preach on the Sabbath. ford of Uxbridge, Harrison of Wo. After some time, a small church was burn, Whitridge of Armitage, and Ash formel, and a Sunday school established. · well of Uxbridge, the present supply at The good men, in whose hearts the first Pyle. The example of the proprietors of design of founding this cause originated, the paper-mills at Pyle, is well deserving were removed from the church militant the imitation of men of business in to glory and immortality. The cause similar circumstances. When the late has proceeded with various success since Messrs. East and Ibotson, of Wooburn, the removal of its founders, till the sons Bucks, purchased these mills, and found of Mr. Ibotson coming to their majority, themselves surrounded by a considerable and to the possession of the estate, re

solved to tread in the steps of their pious £550., towards which, besides the gift father, and to complete what he began. of the ground, the generous founders They have accordingly allotted a small have contributed the sum of £250. The plot of ground near the high road, and chapel is to be regularly vested in trust erected upon it an elegant and convenient for the use of the church and congregameeting. house, which will contain pear tion. The collections on the day of openthree hundred persons. The whole ex- ing amounted to £76. pense of the building is estimated at

LIST OF ORDINATIONS, AND REMOVALS. (Independent and Baptist, published in the Year)


LANCASHIRE. BeeTuaM, Rev.J, (Bradford Academy,) LITTLER, Rev. R. Independent, Lower

Blunham, Baptist, Oct. 23, 1822: Chapel, Darwen, July 24, 1823. Bootle, Rey. H. (Bradford Academy, BELL, Rey. S. Independent, Lancaster, Baptist, Reysoe, June 3, 1823.

removed from Wrexham. CAMBRIDGESHIRE.

HARRIS, Rev. R. (Hackney Academy,) RANSOM, Rev. S. Independent, Fordham,

Independent, Harwich, Sept. 15, 1823. Sept. 19, 1822.

Fletcher, Rev. R. (Rotherbain Col

lege,) Independent, Ebenezer Chapel, CHESHIRE THORP, Rev. J. (Blackburn Academy,)

Darwen, Sept 18, 1823. Independent, Queen Street, Chester,

LINCOLNSHIRE. April 30, 1823.

Davidson, Rev. A. (Hoxton Academy,) Neeton, Rev. G. St. John's Chapel, Grantham, Sept. 17, 1823. Runcorn, Countess of Huntingdon's,

MIDDLESEX. Aug. 21, 1823.

SheNsTON, Rev. 1. B. Baptist, Crouch CUMBERLAND.

End, Oct. 3, 1822. Williams, Rev. J. (of the Hoine Mis. Nichois, Rev. S. Independent, Canio

sionary Society,) Independent, Zion mile Street, Bishopsgate Street, Lon. Chapel, Brompton, Jan. 23, 1823. don, Nov. 26, 1822. DEVONSHIRE.

FLETCHER, Rev. I., A.M. Independent, NICHOLSON, Rev. S. Baptist, How's Stepney, Feb. 19, 1822. Removed from Lane, Plymouth, July 26, 1823.

Blackburn. Davies, Rev. J. (Axminster Academy,) DENTON, Rev. J. Independent, Mill Independ. Kingsbridge, Aug. 6. 1823. Wall, Limehonse, March 20, 1823. DURHAM.

NORFOLK. Williams, Rev. W. (Hackney Aca- BATTEAUX, Rev. T. C. (Hackney Aca

demy,) Independent, Swallwell, May deiny,) Independent, Oulton, Nov. 28. 7, 1823.


PORTER, Rer. R. Independent, Staines, LANGFORD, Rev. R. Baptist, Little He

May 27. dingham, Dec. 26, 1822. STEER, Rev. S. Independenţ, Castle He

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. dingham, Oct. 24, 1822.

nc- ALVEY, Rev. G. Particular Baptist, WATKINSON, Rev. J. Independent, Ma,

Southwell, June 5, 1823. plested, Dec. 19, 1823.

ent, Man Sevier, Rev. C. T. Independent, WelWright. Rev. W. Independent, Witham,

Jingborough. Removed from Ridgwell, April 24, 1823. MAY, Rev. R. (Hoxton Academy,) In

SHROPSTIRE. dependent, Stanstead, Sept. 16, 1823.

19 KENT, Rev. M. (Bradford Academy,)

Baptist, Shrewsbury, June 12, 1823. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. HERBERT, Rev. H. Congregational,

SOMERSETSHIRE. Lower Castle Str. Bristol, Aug. 1821.

CROOK, Rev. Enoch, Baptist, Crewkerne,

Weston, Rev. S. Independent. White's March 19, 1823.
Hill, near Bristol, June 3, 1823.

STAFFORDSHIRE. Lucy, Rev. Mr. (Countess of Hunting- ROAF, Rev. J. Jun. (Hoxton Academy,) don,) Bristol, July 16, 1823.

Independent, Wolverhampton, July WOOLDRIDGE, Rev. J. (Hoxton Aca

31, 1823. demy,) Independent, Bristol.

Bendow, Rev. B. Particular Baptist, HEREFORDSHIRE.

Cosely, Oct. 7, 1823. HOPLEY, Rev. — (Bradford Academy,)

SUFFOLK. Baptist, Hemel Hempsted, July 8, WRIGHT, Rev. G. Particular Baptist, 1823.

Beccles, July 21, 1823.



: DUNKERLEY, Rev.D. Independent, LoxARUNDEL; Rev. J. Union Street, South ley Chapel, Yorkshire, Nay 19, 1822,

wark, Jan. 29, 1823. Removed from COPE, Rev. R. LL. D. Independent. Whitby.

Salem Chapel, Wakefield. Removed. BLACKBURN, Rev. J. Independent, Morte from Dublin, May 8, 1823. Take, Sept. 9, 1823.

WOODWARK, Rev. ). (Rotherham ColVaRty, Rev. R. (Hoxton Academy,) lege,) Independent, Ebenezer Chapel, Independent, Mitcham, Oct, 7, 1823. Doncaster, June 11, 1823. WARWICKSHIRE.

ELTRINGHAM, Rev. W. (Rotherham Jones, Rev. D. (Hoxton Academy,) In College,) Independent, the Cross Cha

dependent, Foleshill, near Coventry, pel, Harrowgate, July 17, 1823. Oct. 29, 1823.

PRESTON, Rev. J. (Idle Academy,) InWILTSHIRE.

dependent, Mixcnden, near Halifax, Tozer, Rev. T. Independent, Marlbo- Sept. 4, 1823. . rough, April 9, 1823.

WALES. LITTLE, Rev S. Independent, Mere, July Griffiths, Rev. J. Congregational, 23, 1823

Beaumaris, Anglesey, North Wales. WORCESTERSHIRE. GRIFFITHS, Rev. P. Independent, Alle DAVIES, Rev. D. (Stepney Academy,) tweer, Glamorganshire, Dec. 13, 1822.

Co-pastor with Rev. Mr. Butterworth, Davis, Rev. D. Congregational, New Evesham, Aug. 21, 1823.

Inn, Monmouthshire, April 27, 1823,YORKSHIRE.

ROBERTS, Rev. D. Congregational, DenMʻPHERSON, Rev. J. (Bradford Aca. bigh, North Wales. Removed, Oct. 21,

demy,) Baptist, Salthouse Lane, Hull, 1823. April 9, 1823.

SCOTLAND. GRANT, Rev.G.A. Baptist, Bacup, April MACKLAWRIN, Rev. Mr. (Rotherham 29, 1823.

Academy,) Independent, Island of ACKWORTH, Rev. J. M. A. Baptist, Islay, Argyloshire.

Leeds, June 5, 1823.


Published in the year 1823. BEDFORDSHIRE.--AMPTHILL.-October 30, 1822. BERKS.—LONG WITTENHAM.-Baptist, April 23, 1823. BUCKS.-High WYCOMB, Crendon Lane.--Independent, re-opened after alterations, October 15, 1823.

--STONY STRATFORD.-Independent, June 11, 1823. CAMBRIDGESHIRE.--CASTLE CAMPS.-Baptist, October 22, 1822.

-- ToFT.- Independent, July 3, 1823. CHESHIRE.-CONGLETON.-- Independent, December 8, 1822. CORNWALL.--COLLINGTON.- Independent, re-opened February 20, 1822.

--LAUNCESTON, Castle Street Chapel. --Independent, July 23, 1823.
DERBYSHIRE.- CHESTERFIELD.-Independent, May 29, 1823.'
DEVON.-OAKHAMPTON.-Independent, re-opened, December 26, 1822.
ESSEX.- ROMFORD.-Independent, April 10, 1823.

-MANNINGTREE.-- Independent, July 30, 1823.
-Wix.-Independent, erected at the expense of J. Everett, Esq.

-STANTSEAD.-Independent, July 21, 1822. GLOUCESTERSHIRE.-HILLSLEY.-Baptist, September 3, 1823.

BRISTOL, Lower Castle Street.Welsh Congregationalist.

Lo Newfoundland Street Chapel, re-opened, after alterations, October 3, 1823. HAMPSHIRE.-YARMOUTH, Isle of Wight.--Baptist, April 29, 1823.

-- RIPLEY, near Christchurch.--Independent, November 29, 1822. HEREFORDSHIRE.ORCOP Hill.-- November 27, 1823. KENT.--MAIDSTONE.--Baptist, October 22, 1822.

- HERNE BAY.--December 2, 1822.
CANTERBURY.--Baptist, May 22, 1822.

Countess of Huntingdon, Union Chapel, repaired and
enlarged, re-opened April 13, '1823...
LINCOLNSHIRE.--GRANTHAM.- Independent, Sept. 17, 1823.
MIDDLESEX.-LONDON, Moorfields.--Welsh Baptist Chapel, March 16, 1823.

-- KENSINGTON GRAVEL Pits.--Baptist, July 30, 1823.

-- LONDON.-Craven Chapel, near Marlborough Street.December 11, 1822. Independent.--This spacious place will contain 2000 persons. Cong. Mag. SUPP.

4 Z

MIDDLESEX.-LONDON.-Jewin Street Crescent.-- Welsh Calvinistic Methodist, ?from Wilderness Row, March 26, '1823.

Founder's Hall, near the Bank, re-opened April 4, 1823. NORFOLK.--SWAFFHAM.-- Particular Baptist, Aug. 26.

--- Pyle, near Colnbrook - Independent, Nov. 12, 1823. ŅORTHAMPTONSHIRE.-ALDWINKLE, St. Peter's, near Thrapston. -Baptist, July 2, 1823.

--- Newark.- Independent, March 27, 1823. OXFORDSHIRE.--WRAXTON.--Independent, July 14, 1823. SOMERSETSHIRE.--CANNINGTON.-- Independent, October 22, 1823. STAFFORISHIRE.--ROWLBY.— Baptist, July 29, 1823.

-Bilston.- Independent, March 25, 1823. SUSSEX.-Arundel.-Independent, January 1, 1823.

-SEAFORD.-Independent, June 11, 1823. WARWICKSHIRE.-COVENTRY, Vicar Lane Meeting.--Independent; consider

ably enlarged; re-opened January 8, 1823.
WILTS.-TROWBRIDGE,-Baptist, May 6, 1823.
WORCESTERSHIRE.- Astwood.-Baptist, June 11, 1823.
YORKSHIRE.-BACUP.--Baptist, May 20, 1823.

-Loxley CHAPEL.-Independent; repaired and enlarged; reopened May 15, 1822.'

-TADCASTER.-Independent, May 1, 1823.
-STAITHES, 'near Whitby.--Independent, Sept. 3, 1823.

- DARLINGTON.--Independent, erected chiefly at the expense of J. J'Anson, Esq. late of London, September 14, 1823. SUFFOLK.-SUDBURY.—Independent, March 27.

- Boxford.-Independent. This spacious Meeting was erected at the expense of two brothers, September 24, 1823.

-FRAMLINGTON.--Independent, August 6, 1823. SURREY.-CROYDON.--Independent; enlarged ; re-opeued' June 3, 1823.

- KENNINGTON.-Holland Chapel.-Independent, October 15, 1823. WALES.-ABERAVAN, near Neath, Glamorganshire.- Particular Baptist, October 23, 1822.

*** - Castell-y-Bwych, Hentleys, near Newport, Monmouthshire.--Baptist, November 12, 1822.

-Nash, near Newport, Monmouthshire.--Baptist, April 16, 1822.
- MANARLBER.-Newton, near Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Nov. 27, 1823.
-LANDEUSANT, Anglesea.--Independent, November 9, 1822.
-MICHAELSTONE, Glamorganshire, July 29, 1823.

ADDITION TO THE MÉMOIR OF PIERRE DU BOSC.-See p. 677. The Memoir of Pierre Du Bosc had been completed, and was printed off, when we found, while consulting his book for a different purpose, that Mr. Orme had brought forward the circumstance mentioned near the end of our Memoir in his life of Owen, He states, from Robert Robinson's Life of Claude, that Stillingfileet, pressed hard in the controversy, and willing to supply by an appeal to authority, the deficiencies of his argument, “got Compton, Bishop of London, to write to Claude, Le Moyne, and other French Presbyterians, for their opinion of English Presbyterianism. They gave complaisant, but wary answers." We differ from Robinson here, for we think their answers, though cvasive, exceedingly unwary, and to say the least, liable to serious misconception. He goes on to state, that these letters were published by Stillingfleet, as suffrages for Episcopacy and against Nonconformity. There could not be a more glaring absurdity; for no art can make that a crime at Dover, which is 'at the same time a virtue at Calais. Episcopacy and Nonconformity rest on the same arguments in both kingdoms, and a man who does not know this is not fit to write on the controversy. Mr. Claude complained bitterly of this ungenerous treatment; but the letters that contained these complaints were concealed till his death; when they were printed by his son.” Whatever may be thought of the indiscretion of Claude, respecting the conduct of Compton and Stillingfleet there can be but one opinion.

Page 673, col. 2. lipe 6 from top, for form read force

Þitto, ditto, line 9 ditto, for Commissaries read Commissioners
Page 675, col. 1, line 4 from bottom, dele the word by
Page 676, col. 1, line 23 ditto, for divine read diviner

Ditto, col. 2, line 9 ditto, for irrespectivency read irrespectiveness
Page 677, col. I, line 28 ditto, for Brevent read Brevint

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