confide therein, and, when in the the resignation of the Rev. John path of duty, to leave events to Hughes, who had removed to God; to admonish and reprove Bristol. Here Mr. Evans found with honesty, plainness, and meek- religion in rather a languishing ness, without reserve, or respect state, partly owing to the temper of persons; never to preach unto and conduct of two or three perothers any doctrine or duty, but sons, on whose behaviour and exwhat I am well persuaded is con- ample much depended. A few sistent with Scripture, nor with- passages from some of the sermons out first preaching it to myself; he preache: at the Green, will to have respect to my Redeemer's not only exhibit the character of glory, and the good of souls, his ministry, but give a pleasing above my own ease, gain, or re- idea of his zeal and piety.. “Every putation : to survey the state of thing that has a right to speak, religion in my own soul, and in speaks against sin. God says, my congregation, and to bear my Destroy it, or I must destroy you: people on my heart before God, the law says, Destroy it, or I as my particular charge and con- must condemn you: the Gospel cern; to aim at the revival of re- says, Destroy it, or I cannot bless ligion, by instituting and urging you: Christ says, Destroy it, for the use of all likely means, as I came to destroy the works of the seasons of humiliation and prayer, devil : the Holy Spirit says, Decatechising, religiousmeetings, &c.; stroy it, or I cannot dwell in your to attend seriously and immedi- souls: Heaven says, Destroy it, ately to the remonstrances of con- or I cannot open my gates to rescience, as God's monitor, and en- ceive you: and the holy soul says, deavour to distinguish between Destroy it, or I am robbed of my groundless scrupulosity and a happiness and peace !-Scripture proper sense of duty; to strive to and reason declare, that the happibear on my mind a constant sense ness of heaven is reserved for of the evil nature and tendency of none but just and holy persons; unbelief, and distrust of God, as a and that those of a contrary chasin against the gospel constitution, racter must suffer an eternal disand pregnant with all other sins; appointment, as to their expectaremembering that, as God has tions of attaining it. What, then, given a sufficient ground of hope must be done to be saved? The in the gospel, every sinner is under only thing that can be successfully an obligation immediately to be- done, is to apply to Jesus Christ, lieve the report, and accept the in- the only Saviour of sinners, and definite offer of Christ with all his that for two important blessings saving benefits."

justification and sanctification ; Though greatly beloved by or an interest in his merits, and the church at Llanywchllyn, and the influences of his Spirit. Both highly esteemed in that part of are equally essential to our happi. the country, an ill state of health ness." To these two points, the induced him to think of removing. whole of revelation refers; and an It was found, that the fogs arising accurate knowledge of the plan of from Llantegid or Bala Pool, were salvation depends upon a clear injurious to his constitution, so apprehension of them. If they that a change of situation was be separated, the consequence will deemed advisable. He therefore be, either libertinism or legality; accepted, in 1777, an invitation and if they are not properly disfrom the Independent Church and tinguished, grace and works, law congregation assembling in St. and gospel, will be sadly jumbled Thomas's Green, Haverfordwest, together. Justification is a senthe pulpit being then vacant by tence passed on the believing

sinner, on account of the righte. prophet, like Jeremiah, should be ousness of Christ, in which he commissioned to draw back the believes ; but sanctification is a veil which keeps from us the work wrought in the soul, by the knowledge

knowledge of future events, proHoly Spirit, in consequence of bably some one here would read, which the justified person be . This year shall be unto thee a comes holy in all manner of con season of prosperity and comfort.' versation."

Another would probably read, In a sermon on 1 Cor. xv. 2., 'This year shall be unto thee a he mentions the following truths, time of much affliction and peras necessary for his hearers to plexity; while another would read, keep in memory," that they in black letters, the words of our might be “ saved by the Gospel," text, “This year thou shalt die ! and not be found among those - If you die this year unprepared, who “ have believed in vain." you must this year enter into a

First, That the love and state of never-ending misery! No mercy of God are free and sove- longer deceiving yourselves with reign in their exercise, depending the hope of heaven, your iniquity, on no external motive to call them hypocrisy, and delusion, will preforth; nay, that they even sur sent themselves before you. The mount all obstacles of unworthi- light of divine truth will find its ness and demerit. This is a prin- way into your unbelieving hearts, cipal doctrine of revelation ; and and conscience will turn your eterthe truth of it has been abun- nal tormentor. You will recollect dantly demonstrated in the giving the inany mercies you have abused, of Christ, to be 'a propitiation for and the many instructions and adour sins. Secondly, That Christ, monitions, which have been thrown by his atoning sacrifice, has so far away upon you. Your mirth will satisfied the demands of divine be turned into sorrow, your pleajustice, and the honour of divine santness into gloom, your honour government, that God can, con into shame, your false hope into sistently with all his perfections, distraction, and your joy into save a poor sinner. Thirdly, That weeping, wailing, and gnashing of whoever will, is welcome to look teeth! You will have no agreeunto him, and trust in him for able companion, no pleasing prossalvation. Yea, all are called, and pect, no sympathizing friend, no it is the duty of all to comply. mitigation of anguish, no 'relaxaThe heavy laden, the thirsty, the tion of torment, no hope from fearful, the inhabitants of the high- future ages, nor any relief from ways, the backslider, and even the

ages past! If

you wicked, are called-are called ear- prepared to leave the present nestly and entreated. — Fourthly, world, you shall this year enter That believers must live unto his into a state of eternal happiness. glory, in all reverence, and obe. Your troubles, conflicts, and dandience' observe all things' that gers will be over.

You will soon Christ has commanded — walk join with angels and perfect saints, worthy of their high vocation,'

— in beholding and praising God, and be filled with the fruits of while you shall drink of the river righteousness.' These are things of his pleasures. Since you may that must be retained and kept in die this year, prepare for the memory, as fixed principles, and solemn change. Be persuaded to as inducements to piety.”

seek, first of all, the kingdom of At the commencement of a new God, and his righteousness;' and year, Mr. Evans addressed his then, if you should live longer, all congregation in the following things needful shall be given you." awakening manner :-" If some

(To be continued.)

die this year,

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No. XL.

with holiness in this state. There CONFORMITY TO GOD. THE is a difference between content

HAPPINESS OF THE SAINTS and satisfaction. Content is deIN GLORY.

scribed to be this, when we BY DR. WATTS. *

have bounded our desires accord" I shall be satisfied when I awake, ing to the proportion of things with thy likeness.”—Psalm xvii. 15. that we enjoy and possess, and we In these words are two dis- can never be happy in this world tinct propositions, two great are unless we do so; but satisfaction guments, which bore up David's is, when our desires are enlarged spirits under his troubles. The to the utmost, and yet are filled. men of this world are satisfied This they cannot be in the prewith their hopes and their bles- sent life, but this was David's sings : « Well,” saith David, portion in the world to come. You " there will come a time, when I that have your desires after holishall be satisfied too. I have not ness, as David had, though they all the good things of this life that be boundless and infinite, yet they I could desire: but I am far from shall be satisfied. You may stretch being satisfied with spiritual bles- your souls to the widest capacity, sings.” It is the character of a and yet not one corner of them saint, that he is never satisfied shall be unfilled. '

The second thing considerable is * Among the early supporters of the this, I shall be satisfied when I Dissenting meeting at Castle Hedingham, Essex, was the excellent family of the

: awake with thy likeness. It was a Ashhursts, who at the beginning of the likeness to God that Adam had in last century occupied the ancient seat at innocency; this was David's enthe Castle, as a country residence, to deavour here, to have the image which they occasionally invited the lead- of God restored to him. ing Dissenting Ministers of the metro

The polis. Dr. Watts was a frequent guest. image of God that Adam lost. Tradition reports, that the lovely grounds consisted in his holiness, and and secluded walks around the Castle goodness, and in his dominion were favourable to the efforts of his

over the creatures; but I am apt muse, and that while on one of his visits to this beautiful spot, he com

to think the chief design of the posed many of the “ Divine Songs for word likeness, in our text, is meant Children." During his stay, he usually of the holiness of God, for holi, preached at the meeting-house, and the

ness is set out by God's likeness sermon which we now print from a very neatly written manuscript, was no doubt in Scripture, and David said, he taken by some member of the family should see God's face in righteous. who heard and afterward transcribed it, ness, in being justified, and he as it was found among the family papers should not only do so, but should with “ Mr. Watts, October 23d, 1698," written in the margin.

be satisfied with the holiness or L. Majendie, Esq. the present proprie- likeness of God, which he should tor of the mansion, courteously gave this be made partaker of. MS., with a second in the Doctor's own The third thing in the text is hand writing, to the late venerable Ro.

f the term awake. We may be said

+ bert Stevenson, and by the kindness of his amiable relict, we are able to present to awake. it to our readers. Though it has not 1. When our souls awake into the finished excellence of those sermons eternity,--so Dives is said to awake which the Doctor prepared for publication, yet it is an interesting fragment,

in hell. This life, this world, is and connected with very pleasing recol.

but as it were a dream, that our lections.

souls are in at present, and the

images of things represented in is from all eternity, he dwells and our fancies, show them as good sits on the throne of his holiness. and delightful, whereas, in truth, It is in reference to the holiness they are all vexation; and then of of God, that the altar and utensils God, and infinite and eternal of it were of old called holy : things, we have but a slight no. God's people were called a holy tion, but a glance, as it were, in a people. In the New Testament dream. Our souls are not so per- we have many descriptions of the fectly exercised about divine things like nature, where the saints are as they should be ; we cannot see called a chosen generation, a royal. the real value of eternal objects, priesthood; they are mine, saith but we shall awake from this cor- our Saviour; it is out of the world rupted flesh, and shall see then God hath given them to Christ. how amiable God and holiness are. Now reflect in' what an eminent

2. We may be said to awake, degree the saints shall be conwhen our bodies awake from the formed to God in holiness in the dust out of our graves. David, world to come. They were once an Old Testament saint, had a mixed on earth with sinful men, sense of this ; “ in this world I and their dust mingled with the cannot be satisfied with holiness, dust of sinners; but there shall but hereafter, when my body shall be an amazing difference between awake out of the dust, I shall be them at the resurrection. They satisfied with the likeness of God;" shall then be made like to their not that I suppose the soul will be Lord Jesus, and sure he is at a more happy, when united, than great distance from every thing it was while separated from the that is unholy. body, but then both body and The second thing whereby God's soul shall have a new likeness to holiness is described is, that he God.

acts according to the perfections The doctrine is this, that con- of his own nature. Our holiness formity to God in holiness, shall consists in conformity to the rule be a satisfaction to saints in the God hath given us, and God's world to come.

holiness consists in conformity to I. I shall endeavour to show himself. In conformity to this, what this conformity to God in creatures are holy too, when they holiness is, and wherein it con- act as God doth, when they make sists. In order to do this, consi- God their chief end, and when der a little what is the nature of they love God above all. God this divine holiness. The holiness can exalt no greater being than of God is difficult to be explained, himself; he is a faithful God, because our holiness is a confor- therefore you must trust him; mity to the law God hath given he is a merciful God, therefore us, but God hath given himself you must love him. Now how no law as he hath given us. glorious in holiness shall the saints

1. The holiness of God in Scrip. be in the world to come, when ture is set forth by his separation they shall act fully and completely from all his creatures, and exalta- according to the perfections of the tion far above them. Thus saith Divine Being! Their constant and the high and lofty one that inhabits eternal end shall be to glorify God eternity, whose name is Holy: I their Father. You that love God dwell in the high and holy place. now, shall then love God quite at His name is Holy, and the charac- another rate; then his will shall ter of that holiness is, that he in- be the perfect rule of all your achabits eternity. His creatures are tions ; you shall then exalt God things but of yesterday; but God with the most enlarged faculties. . 3. God's holiness is represented a harmony in our natures in the in Scripture, by his hating sin in world to come, as shall even amaze the creatures. Jeremiah xliv. us. Suppose any of you had your 3, 4. When he had been com- bones broken and shattered by a plaining of his people concerning fall, and a skilful chirurgeon should their sins, he saith, "O do not this set all your bones, though with abominable thing that my soul hates. great pain, and lay you down to Habakkuk xii. He is of purer sleep, and if you should find your eyes than to behold iniquity. Jos. pain all gone, your bones all well xxiv. 19. Our Saviour suffered, when you awoke, how amazing because God was a holy God; and ravishing would this be: this his holiness is set out under the is the case of the saints, they had Old Testament, by his hating the members of their bodies, and every thing that is polluted and the faculties of their souls torn by that defiles; his people are said the fall, and Jesus, the skilful to be conformable to God their Physician, sets all again, and brings Father, when they separate them all to rights again. This is begun selves from all uncleanness. Now in this life, and when it is thus let us consider how exceeding like begun, our Saviour lays us to God the saints shall be in the sleep in the grave; then, when we other world, in this respect, when feel ourselves awake, and rising we are dismissed from the very from flesh to heaven, when every thoughts of sin. Heaven is a faculty shall have its proper office, holy place, and sin must not be that it had in its first creation, there; it is a holy God that dwells this will be such delight as you there. Think of it you that love cannot conceive, nor I express. sin, you that have no holiness A second reason why confor- . here. God stands at a dreadful mity to God in holiness shall be distance from you, because he such a satisfaction to the saints in stands afar off from sinners; but, the world to come, is this, because O the happiness of saints, when the little holiness they had here in they shall awake, when they shall this world, was very delightful rise again with the image of to them. This is our rejoicing, God.

the testimony of our consciences, I would give you the reasons of that in simplicity and godly sinthis point. The first. reason why cerity we have had our conversaconformity to God in holiness tion in this world. This was Paul's shall be the saint's satisfaction, is, chief joy. You who love Christ because holiness is the renovation could be contented, that all these of their natures, a setting-to-rights worldly things should be trampled of all their faculties. The powers upon for a little holiness. When of our natures are destroyed by you feel the graces of the Spirit of sin; God made man upright, but he God working in your natures, hath sought out many inventions what a satisfaction and pleasure is to make our souls crooked, to it to you here; how do you remake them bend down towards joice in it. David, the traveller, earth. But when sanctifying that went to heaven before you, grace comes in any degree into he rejoiced in this; the very the soul in this world, you know thought of it was pleasing to there begins to be a new harmony him. I went with the multitude to between all parts of our natures; the house of God. He worshipped old things are done away, behold in the beauty of holiness then, and all things become new.

now he is satisfied with the divine But it is only in an imperfect likeness; think on the pleasures he manner here; there shall be such enjoys, and think them all yours,

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