A Journal of the Plague Year: Being Observations Or Memorials of the Most Remarkable Occurrences, as Well Publick as Private, which Happened in London During the Last Great Visitation in 1665

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E. Nutt, 1722 - 287 oldal

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Pretty much at every step we match the behaviour of people from 17th century to the point that makes you think that human society has only evolved superficially and underneath the obvious modernity of ... Teljes értékelés elolvasása

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A fascinating look at London in 1665, when the bubonic plague swept through the city. Reading it in New York City during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic was especially enlightening, as one can see so many ... Teljes értékelés elolvasása

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127. oldal - God had moved the heart of a stranger, upon hearing their condition, to give them all that money, and a great deal more such as that he said to her. The woman, too, made signs of the like thankfulness, as well to Heaven as to me, and joyfully picked it up; and I parted with no money all that year that I thought better bestowed.
127. oldal - Here, says I, go and call thy Rachel once more, and give her a little more comfort from me ; | God will never forsake a family that trust in him as thou dost...
96. oldal - But this is but one : it is scarce credible what dreadful cases happened in particular families every day ; people in the rage of the distemper, or in the torment of their swellings, which was indeed intolerable, running out of their own government, raving and distracted, and oftentimes laying violent hands upon themselves, throwing themselves out at their windows, shooting themselves...
93. oldal - ... it off the hooks themselves. On the other hand, the butcher would not touch the money, but have it put into a pot full of vinegar, which he kept for that purpose. The buyer carried always small money to make up any odd sum, that they might take no change.
75. oldal - ... to any one else, seeing they were all dead, and were to be huddled together into the common grave of mankind, as we may call it, for here was no difference made, but poor and rich went together ; there was no other way of burials, neither was it possible there should, for coffins were not to be had for the prodigious numbers that fell in such a calamity as this.
20. oldal - London might well be said to be all in tears ; the mourners did not go about the streets indeed, for nobody put on black or made a formal dress of mourning for their nearest friends ; but the voice of mourning was truly heard in the streets. The shrieks of women and children at the windows and doors of their houses, where...
107. oldal - Hayward told me, they almost buried him alive in the cart ; yet all this while he slept soundly. At length the cart came to the place where the bodies were to be thrown into the ground, which, as I do remember, was at...
96. oldal - Alley, on the right hand of the passage, there was a more terrible cry than that, though it was not so directed out at the window; but the whole family was in a terrible fright, and I could hear women and children run screaming about the rooms like distracted, when a garret window opened, and somebody from a window on the other side the alley called and asked, "What is the matter?" upon which, from the first window it was answered, "O Lord, my old master has hanged himself!
123. oldal - Much about the same time I walked out into the fields towards Bow; for I had a great mind to see how things were managed in the river and among the ships; and as I had some concern in shipping, I had a notion that it had been one of the best ways of securing one's self from the infection to have retired into a ship; and musing how to satisfy my curiosity in that point, I turned away over...
74. oldal - ... go to and again, muffled up in a brown cloak, and making motions with his hands under his cloak, as if he was in a great agony, and the buriers immediately gathered about him, supposing he was one of those poor delirious or desperate creatures that used to pretend, as I have said, to bury themselves. He said nothing as he walked about, but two or three times groaned very deeply and loud, and sighed as he would break his heart.

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