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Musis Amicus, triftitiam & metus
Tradam pretervis in mare Creticum
Portare ventis.

Hor. Ode 26. Lib. 1.

To Wyndham cane no venal lyre,
The name shall every note inspire

And confecrate my lays :
Let freedom's sons no more complain,
Again they'll hear thy patriot ftrain,

And join in Wyndham's praise,

Around you throng the facred band,
With eager transport press your hand,

And mutual welcome blend :
From Burke the tear of joy will start,
Ca'ndith will clasp you to his heart,

And Savile hail his friend.

Townshend with quick sensations bleft
Will snatch you to a soldier's breast,


By sweet affection ty'd ;
-He beft can all thy worth admire
Who knew, who lov'd thy noble * Sire,

Now feels a father's pride.

Again we'll turn the classic page,
Where Greece defies a tyrant's rage.

And foars above controul :
Then liberty her sons could charm,
Nerve every gallant Chieftain's arm,

And fire his generous soul.
I've seen thy Roman spirit rise,
l've mark'd the light'ning of thy eyes

Along th' embattled line :
Ardent !-bold freedom's sword to wield,
To lead her offspring to the field,

And like a Hambden shine.

O! born to bless the common-weal,
To emulate a Keppel's zeal,

In time's fair annals bright;
When British tars indignant ray’d,
And Victory's signals vainly wav'd

To call yon Recreant Knight.


* Mr. Garrick will join in the warmest eulogium on the late Mr. Wyndham.----He might have said----" Take him for all in all---I shall not look upon his like again,"--- This was written before Mr. Garrick's death,

Ye sailors cheer each honeft name,
O waft them to immortal fame,

Who cloath'd with honour fhone :
Your Hawke who Albion's thunder hurl'd
-When Chatham's genius aw'd the world !

Lays truth before the throne t.
One Captain crouds his presling fail,
And drives with the insidious gale

To reach the promis'd land :
The alter'd log-book proves his crime,
And still the muse with caustic rhime

Shall burn the felon's hand.

That court will brand the knight with shame,
And high enrol their Keppel's name

With Saunders--- Warren---Blake!
The course of Glory nobly run,
He'll set like yon declining fun,

That brightens all his wake.
Come M--1---ve with your dull chicane,
And Twitcher's tricks the cause explain,

Why Sir Hugh fail'd no fleeter;
---Shock us no more with sullen moans,
Ey'n Barré dreads your dismal tones,
And calls you---Nimble Peter !


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+ Alluding to the representation of the twelve Admirals.
I A short extract from Don Ulloa's voyage will evince the


Sawney---in right, pick out a faw,
Scotch treach'ry graft on quibbling law,

Soul-.-Body---Conscience barter: ---Your morals plant in Britain's soil, The beauty of our system spoil,

And boast your country's charter,

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Ye fevers seize you mitred corps,
Who vote and thirst for human gore ;

---Tho'milk-white their attire, With zeal and blood their faces glow, ..-As Mount Vesuvius clad in snow,

Yet vomits liquid fire.

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My Wyndham fpare, in bloom of youth
Endued with knowledge---genius---truth,


propriety of this epithet, “ Among the great variety of animals in this country, one of the most remarkable is the Perico Legere, or Nimble Peter, an ironical name given it on account of its extreme suggilhness and sloth.---Whenever he moves every step is attended with such a plaintiff, and at the fame time so disagreeable a cry as at once produces pity and disguft--- In this disagreeable cry confifts his whole defence, for be makes at every motion such howlings as are even inSupportable to his pursuer, who foon quits him, and even Aies beyond the hearing of his horrid noise.”...-.-N. B. A curious drawing of this emblematic animal may be seen in Capt. Phipps's celebrated voyage towards the North-Polc.

Fitted for virtue's shrine; - Jebb! appease the fever's strife, (Britain owes you her Glofter's life)

I'll fing your skill divine.

No more in festive mirth we fit,
Nor relish humour---wine or wit,

No joyous healths go round:
Of thee, my friend, alone we speak,
Whilst tears bedew each manly cheek,

And sadness spreads around.

For you

soft beauty lifts the prayer, To you---the timid blushing fair

Their tenderest wishes wing: ---For you Eliza tunes her voice, She'll make the vocal lyre rejoice,

To rapture wake the fring..


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