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- Musis Amicus, triftitiam & metus Tradam pretervis in mare Creticum Portare ventis.

Hor, Ode 26. Lib. 1.

To Wyndham tune no venal lyre,
The name shall every note inspire

And confecrate my lays :
Let freedom's sons no more complain,
Again they'll hear thy patriot Atrain,

And join in Wyndham's praise,

Around you throng the sacred band,
With eager transport press your hand,

And mutual welcome blend :
From Burke the tear of joy will start,
Ca'ndish will clasp you to his heart,

And Savile hail his friend.

Townshend with quick sensations bleft
Will snatch you to a soldier's breast,


Hunger alone makes Britons yield,
With bellies full-they brave the field,

And scorn-capitulation !
-But Arnold play'd the very thief,
Stole off their pudding-bread and beef,

-So took them by- starvation !
Sir William's conquests raise a smile,
Lo Red-BANK yields (and eke Mud Isle)

Which Hessians storm'd-Pell mell!
The ditch was wet- they had no g bladders,
The wall was high-they had no ladders,
- So Donop-fought and fell !


in German and English, to the whole line (according to the terms of the capitulation) to pile their arms.--

----But the true reason of this boasted magnanimity, was because Mr. Gates and his poltroons did not feel themselves bold enough to be spectators of so august and awful a ceremony.

§ Col. Donop might have been supplied with a sufficient number of both these articles for twenty pounds, which would have insured him fuccefs; besides saving the lives of fix hundred gallant Hessians, who cost this country (on a moderate computation) forty pounds a man, before they can be transported to America; consequently here would have been a nett saving of 23,980l. In a country where there is no scarcity of wood, the Provost Marshal (or military Jack Ketch) whose duty is to provide ladders, can have no excuse. [Vide Sir William Howe's letter]--. -- As few of the foreign troops can swim, they should be always furnished with bladders when they take the field. [Vide King of Prussia's rem gulations, and Marshal Saxe's reveries.]

We've fcalps to grace the new || knights collars,
Reduc'd in price-to just * three dollars,
Our Indians found such

game :
-Will North give up the glorious chace,
Give up the war, refign his place,

And end his days with shame!

-To Franklin ope St. James's gates,
As envoy from the Rising States !

'Twould give our Liege the gripes;
-As valiant Gambier if it's fit
That Ocean's QUEEN should e'er submit

To thirteen rebel stripes ?

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No-pour out Britain's blood and riches,
Take hungry Donald without breeches,

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order of Knighthood (at the request of Lord Suffolk) is to be fpeedily instituted, and confined to such of the Scotch noblemen or gentry as will raise regiments for the American service at their own expence. They are to be called Knights of the Tomahawk. Their collars will be decorated with scalps, and they are to wear scalping knives whenever they appear at court,

* A French scalp cost 101, last war; but, by General Burgoyne's economy, the price was reduced to three dollars. ---[Vide Gates's letter.]

And coax bold Kate of Russia :
-Ally with negroes-gypsies—Danes,
Stab with Scotch Dirks, and Irish + Skanes,

And scorn the king of Prussia

We'll make the house of Bourbon dance,
When Yankey land is join'd to France,

Be Britain's thunder hurl'd :
-In triumph let our navy ride,
Whilst honest Twitcher cries with pride,

Old England 'gainst the world.”

How are thy subjects, Albion, blett!
The East as happy as the West,

-As Pigot's ghost will tell us :
If on one I hero's acts I dwell,
With envy every Scot would swell,

And Lovat's clan be jealous.

What tho' our debt the greater grows,
We always may defy our foes,


† Six regiments of royal papists to be raised in Ireland, and armed with skanes, which, by Spenser's description, are. a sort of Hibernian scalping knife. The Dirk is well known in this country fince 45.

1 Col. Stuart's generous,' manly conduct, is sufficiently known.

E’en when our credit's shaking : For if the Dutch will lend no more, We'll pay Mynheer the heavy score,

-And clear ourselves by breaking.

Why should we whiggith zealots fear?
His Grace of York—and cropt Shebbeare,

Are royal scribes appointed ;
-Passive obedience they will preach,
From all the loyal texts that teach

To love the lord's anointed.

Moral Gazettes spread law and truth,
Sedition's venom taints our youth,

Suck'd in from Woodfall's paper :
-Both houses should the king address,
To save the state, and gag the press,

-He'll grant an Impri-matur g.

Send Shelburne-Barre-Burke to jail,
No Habeas Corpus, and no bail-

Will then old Chatham riot!
- From dungeons dark the Yankeys turn,
At Smithfield every rebel burn,

And give the nation-quiet.



$ All true friends to liberty call aloud for a licenfing act, otherwise our civil or religious rights must suffer. The lak a& expired in 1694. [Vide Blacktone.)

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