And coax bold Kate of Ruflia:
-Ally with negroes—gypfies—Danes,
Stab with Scotch Dirks, and Irish + Skanes,

And scorn the king of Prussia

We'll make the house of Bourbon dance,
When Yankey land is join'd to France,

Be Britain's thunder hurl'd:
-In triumph let our navy ride,
Whilft honest Twitcher cries with pride,

Old England 'gainst the world.”

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How are thy subjects, Albion, blett!
The East as happy as the West,

-As Pigot's ghost will tell us :
If on one I hero's acts I dwell,
With envy every Scot would swell,

And Lovat's clan be jealous.

What tho’ our debt the greater grows,
We always may defy our foes,


† Six regiments of royal papists to be raised in Ireland, and armed with skanes, which, by Spenser's description, are. a sort of Hibernian scalping knife. The Dirk is well known in this country fince 45.

1 Col, Stuart's generous, manly conduct, is fufficiantly known.

E’en when our credit's shaking : For if the Dutch will lend no more, We'll pay Mynheer the heavy fcore,

-And clear ourselves by breaking.

Why should we whiggith zealots fear?
His Grace of York-and cropt Shebbeare,

Are royal scribes appointed ;
-Passive obedience they will preach,
From all the loyal texts that teach

-To love the lord's anointed.

Moral Gazettes spread law and truth,
Sedition's venom taints our youth,

Suck'd in from Woodfall's paper :
-Both houses should the king address,
To save the state, and gag the press,

-He'll grant an Impri-matur g.

Send Shelburne-Barre-Burke to jail,
-No Habeas Corpus, and no bail-

Will then old Chatham riot!
-From dungeons dark the Yankeys turn,
At Smithfield every rebel burn,
And give the nation-quiet.

H 4


§ All true friends to liberty call aloud for a licenfing a&, otherwise our civil or religious rights must suffer. The lak a& expired in 1694. (Vide Blacktone.)


To Cranmer's ftake be || Adams tyd,
Mild M--rkh--m preaching by his fide,

The traitor's heart will gain ;
For if he fees the blaze expire,
Locke's works * he'll Aling to wake the fire,
And put him out of pain.



| The notorious Sam Adams.

• The good bishop could not do a more effential service to his country, than by destroying the heretical, seditious writ. ings of this author ; at the very time he exercised his chrif. tianity to a traitor.-On Mr. Locke's detestable revolution principles, rebels may be justified ; nay, in many instances they may deserve the highest applause. On his principles (which are now so universally held in contempt) it would be no difficult matter to prove that king, lords, and commons, and both our armies (I forgot Gen. Burgoyne's capitulation) were in a state of actual rebellion against America. I'll quote Mr. Locke to sew how he perverts words by his definitions. ---". Thirdly, I answer that thie doctrine of a powes “ in the people of providing for their safety anew, by a new " legiNative, when their legiflators have acted contrary to " their trust, by invading their property, is the beft fence “ against rebellion, and the probableft means to hinder it; " ---For rebellion being an opposition not to persons, but " authority, which is founded only in the conftitution and “ laws of the government ; those (whoever they be) who « by force break through, and by force justify their viola« tion of them, are truly and properly rebels : for when “ men by entering into society and civil government have « excluded force, and introduced laws for the preservation

The mitred peers with holy song, (As the procession + moves along)

Kneel to the Faith's Defender ; And pray him to pursue that plan, Which made all Scotia, to a man,

Abjure their own pretender!

Ε Ρ Ι.

" of property, peace and unity amongst themselves, those “ who set up force again in opposition to the laws, do Rea “ bellare, that is, bring back the state of war, and are pro" perly rebels.”-[Locke on Civil Government]—I appeal to the candour of the public, whether the Congress or the parliament of Great Britain are rebels; admitting (merely for argument's sake) Mr. Locke's principles.- Taxation on such principles, (I beg Dr. Johnson's pardon even for the fuppofition) might be proved tyranny.---Taking away the American charters, shutting up their ports, destroying their fifheries, making prizes of their ships (very juftly and classically called Starvation Bills) altering the mode of trials by juries, rejecting their petitions, and sending out fleets and armies to reduce them (though all this was done for their se. curity and happiness) might, I say, on such republican principles, bear the fallacious appearance of being oppressive and unconftitutional acts.

† It is supposed that the k--g and the reverend bench will attend the execution of the rebels : an AUTO DE FE is a no ways a Gala Day in Portugal.


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OUR public buildings to defend

From the keen lightning's brunt, Some pointed rods would recommend,

Others prefer the BLUNT.

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Let me too, midit this learned throng,

Shew how to save our structures ; Alas! we've tried the blunt too long, We now want SHARP CONDUCTORS.

F. R. S.

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