And coax bold Kate of Ruflia :
-Ally with negroes-gypsies-Danes,
Stab with Scotch Dirks, and Irish + Skanes,

And scorn the king of Prussia

We'll make the house of Bourbon dance,
When Yankey land is join'd to France,

Be Britain's thunder hurl'd:
-In triumph let our navy ride,
Whilft honest Twitcher cries with pride,

" Old England 'gainst the world."

How are thy subjects, Albion, blett!
The East as happy as the West,

-As Pigot's ghost will tell us :
If on one I hero's acts I dwell,
With envy every Scot would swell,

And Lovat's clan be jealous.

What tho' our debt the greater grows,
We always may defy our foes,


f Six regiments of royal papists to be raised in Ireland, and armed with kanes, which, by Spenser's description, are. a sort of Hibernian scalping knife. The Dirk is well known in this country fince 45.

1 Col. Stuart's generous, manly conduct, is fufficiently known.

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E’en when our credit's shaking : For if the Dutch will lend no more, We'll pay Mynheer the heavy score,

-And clear ourselves by breaking.

Why should we whiggish zealots fear?
His Grace of York—and cropt Shebbeare,

Are royal scribes appointed ;
-Passive obedience they will preach,
From all the loyal texts that teach

-To love the lord's anointed.

Moral Gazettes spread law and truth,
Sedition's venom taints our youth,

Suck'd in from Woodfall's paper :
-Both houses should the king address,
To save the state, and gag the press,

-He'll grant an Impri-matur 9.

Send Shelburne-Barre-Burke to jail,
-No Habeas Corpus, and no bail-

Will then old Chatham riot!
- From dungeons dark the Yankeys turn,
At Smithfield every rebel burn,

And give the nation-quiet.



$ An true friends to liberty call aloud for a licenfing aa, otherwise our çivil or religious rights must suffer. The lak a& expired in 1694. (Vide Blackstone.)

rather unlucky accidents-But let it be confidered that we have only fixty thousand men in America, (Gen. Burgoyne and his army includ. ed.) Thirty or forty thousand more may do great things, and perhaps reduce the rebels to unconditional submission in five or fix campaigns. I took up the pen from a generous motive;- to celebrate our supposed victories, to display the glory of Old England, the extension of our commerce, the wisdom of our ministers, the magnanimity of our monarch, and the happiness of the people-As it is my ardent with to raise the spirits of my defponding countrymen, I still think the publication of the following chearful Ode (though a little mal-a-propos at present as to facts) may prove a national benefit.


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Custode rerum Cæsare, non furor,
Civilis, aut vis exigit Otium;
Non ira, quæ procudit enses,
Et miferas inimicat urbes.

HOR. L. f Ode 15,

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SING Io Pæans, through the land,
No more the yankey cowards stand

Who bafely meant t'enslave us:
We've flay'd their virgins-babes and wives,
With tomahawks and scalping knives,

* Which God and Nature gave us.

Our bayonets have op'd their veins,
The congress quaking in our chains

Are “ deftin'd to the cord ;"
-Yet still they talk of rights and laws,
And fay they fell in freedom's caufe

Beneath a tyrant's sword !

Traitors ring from every tongue,
The king-the king-can do no wrong!


Lord Suffolk's speech.

These knaves talk common sense !
Array'd in terrors let him shine
And imitate the wrath divine,

'Tis in his own defence!

" Grac'd with all the power of words
*** So known-fo honour'd by the lords,"

Our Tully will harangue 'em :
Ambitious Twitcher act Jack Ketch,
And gratify his loyal letch,

Both to impeach and hang 'em.

Sam Johnson rob'd in gown and band,
With that fam'd pamphlet in his hand

Which charm’d the British nation;
Will tune his wit to gibe and scoff,
And roar-(just as they're turned off)


“ No tyranny

Bold Germ-e cries out- -~ Who's afraid,"
Then nobly draws his conquering blade,

Yet stain'd with Minden's slaughter;
He spares no rebel- live or dead,
For lo, he fmites off - Cushing's head,
And flogs his wife and daughter.


The severe punishment designed for this gentleman, and his family, was probably owing to his lordship's having discovered that Mr. Cushing had conceived an idea of being


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