When S-ND-CH hangs in satire's chains,
And S-CK-Lle's ghost haunts || Minden plains,

When history has damn'd 'em:
The muse shall consecrate thy name,
And give Lee to immortal fame,







THOUGH my friend General Burgoyne

' and his army have laid down their arms, yet they were invincible whilst they held them in their hands-This is my confolation-the campaign has not answered our expectations Ego & Rex meus are disappointed-One army being prisoners at Boston, and another army, shut up, in Philadelphia, are (it must be owned)


our fire, and returned it with great spirit, till a shot pierced the upper works of his ship, when he immediately unmoor. ed, cut his cables, and got under fail, with the whole fleet, consisting of eight ships, two snows, and one brig. In short, the enemy were compelled once more to make a disgraceful and precipitate retreat.”-Boston Gazette.

1 And haunt the places where their honour died. Pope,

rather unlucky accidents-But let it be confi. dered that we have only fixty thousand men in America, (Gen. Burgoyne and his army included.) Thirty or forty thousand more may do great things, and perhaps reduce the rebels to unconditional submision in five or fix, campaigns. I took up the pen from a generous motive ;-to celebrate our supposed victories, to display the glory of Old England, the extension of our commerce, the wisdom of our ministers, the magnanimity of our monarch, and the happiness of the people-As it is my ardent with to raise the spirits of my desponding countrymen, I still think the publication of the following chearful Ode (though a little mal-a-propos at present as to facts) may prove a national benefit.


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Cuftode rerum Cæsare, non furor,
Civilis, aut vis exigit Otium;
Non ira, quæ procudit enfes,
Et miferas inimicab urbes.

Hor. L. 4. Ode 15
SING Io Pæans, through the land,
No more the yankey cowards ftand

Who basely meant t'enslave us:
We've flay'd their virgins-babes and wives,
With tomahawks and scalping knives,

Which God and NATURE gave us.

Our bayonets have op'd their veins,
The congress quaking in our chains

Are “ deftin’d to the cord;"
-Yet ftill they talk of rights and laws,
And fay they fell in freedom's cause

Beneath a tyrant's fword !

Traitors ring from every tongue,
The king—the king-can do no wrong!


Lord Suffolk's speech.

These knaves talk common sense !
Array'd in terrors let him shine
And imitate the wrath divine,

'Tis in his own defence!

" Grac'd with all the power of words "“ So known-fo honour'd by the lords,"

Our Tully will harangue 'em : Ambitious Twitcher act Jack Ketch, And gratify his loyal letch,

Both to impeach and hang 'em.

Sam Johnson rob’d in gown and band,
With that fam'd pamphlet in his hand

Which charm’d the British nation;
Will tune his wit to gibe and scoff,
And roar--(just as they're turned off)


" No tyranny

Bold G-rm -e cries out-"Who's afraid,”
Then nobly draws his conquering blade,

Yet stain'd with Minden's slaughter;
- He spares no rebel-live or dead,
For lo, he fmites off - Cufhing's head,
And flogs his wife and daughter.


I The fevere punishment designed for this gentleman, and his family, was probably owing to his lordship’s having discovered that Mr. Cushing had conceived an idea of being


Franklin shall Sawney's vengeance feel,
And die by neither rope or steel,

But take a daring flight ;

-To heaven he mounts in chains of wire To perish by his stolen fire,

Ty'd to a paper-kite.

ll Clinton and Howe wili form a noore By twisting of their Cordon Rouge;


elected king by the revolted colonies. I am indebted to my learned friend, Dr Johnson, for this anecdote, to which he alludes by saying, “ If their rights are inherent and unde“sived, they may by their own fuffrages encircle by a diadem o the brows of Mr. Cushing."

Taxation no Tyranny, p. 234. $ It is clear beyond a possibility of doubt, that this archpatriot, philosopher, modern Prometheus, and rebel, is an old offender. The solicitor general was therefore highly commendable for calling him a thief. He proved the charge (to the entire satisfaction of the kam and council) by a quotation from Zanga. Mr. Wilson, it is io be hoped, will dress up the doctor for his execution with a few bluoted con. duétoss.

|| This co-operation between the generals, was expressly ordered by the military cabinet, at the instance of Lord M- nsfield ;-- the secretary for the colonies prevailed on his royal master, to give Mr. Clinton, a red ribband, to enable him to perform this manevre.

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