The Letters of Charlotte Brontë: 1848-1851

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Clarendon, 1995 - 782 oldal
This is the second volume in the critically acclaimed Letters of Charlotte Bront . During the important four years covered in this volume, Charlotte witnessed the success of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, but also endured the deaths of Branwell Bront and Emily, followed by Anne's in May 1849. Haunted by the fear that she also would succumb, Charlotte found salvation in writing Shirley, published in October 1849, and comfort in her friendship and correspondence with Ellen Nussey, with her publishers--especially George Smith--with Mrs. Gaskell, and (for a time) Harriet Martineau. She may also have received a proposal of marriage from Smith, Edler's manager, James Taylor. This volume is fully annotated and introduced by eminent Bront scholar Margaret Smith.

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List of Illustrations
The Manuscripts
Biographical Notes
A Short Account of the Last Days of Dear A B by Ellen Nussey
Anne Thackeray Ritchie on Charlotte Brontë

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A szerzőről (1995)

Margaret Smith is Honorary Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Research in Arts and Social Sciences, University of Birmingham

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