bial elements. 68. Give and decline the pronouns, and mention the antecedent of each. 69. Wbat beds are meant ? what chambers ! what chasm? 70. To what is yet opposed in meaning? 71. What is contrasted with the beds ascended ?72. What mode and tense is must pass ? 73. Is there an ellipsis at the end of the sentence? if so, supply it. 74. Parse the, before sooner. 75. What does also modify ?

76. Tell how the sentences in this extract seem different from those in any other extract given. 77. Try whether you can with any satisfaction rewrite any of them. 78. Is there any unusual word in the extract ? 79. Can you discover any more peculiar, or more complicated, sentences here than in Lesson LXVI. 80. Does the grammatical analysis of the sentence reveal the difference between this extract and that in Lesson LXVIII, as a piece of composition? Are you satisfied, then, to stop in your study of language with what this book teaches ?



81. What is a sentence? What are the kinds, and how is each constructed ?

82. What is an element in analysis ? Illustrate by means of a sentence.

83. Name and define the six grammatical elements.
84. What are the kinds of verbs as used in predication ?
85. What may attributes be, and what is asserted by them?
86. What is the importance of the proposition ?
87. What is the basis of an element ?
88. How are elements classified as to structure ?
89. How is the infinitive mode with its subject used ?
90. How is it used without a subject ?

91. Give an example of each kind of objective element, naming each.

92. What offices does the participle perform ?
93. State what that is, and give its offices in sentences.

94. What kinds of comparison are made in sentences ? Give an illustration of each.

95. Write a synopsis of connectives.

96. Give some illustrations of the manner of abridging propositions.

97. Give the syntax of the adjective in all its uses.

98. Give an example of each kind of verb as to form, signification, etc.

99. How are idea-words combined into elements and sentences ? 100. What is the relation of speech to grammar ?


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