L'entente cordiale: a self-interpreting guide to Paris, for the Exhibition, 1855

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194. oldal - At the request of persons extensively engaged in tuition, JG has introduced his WARRANTED SCHOOL AND PUBLIC PENS, which are especially adapted to their use, being of different degrees of flexibility, and with fine, medium, and broad points, suitable for the various kinds of Writing taught in Schools. Sold Retail by all Stationers, Booksellers, and other respectable Dealers in Steel Pens.
196. oldal - London. Sold retail by all Druggists and Patent Medicine Vendors in the world. NB — To prevent spurious imitations, please to observe that the words, " KEATING'S COUGH LOZENGES" are engraven on the Government Stamp of each Box, without which none are genuine.
196. oldal - I cannot resist informing you of the extraordinary effect I have experienced by taking only a few of your LOZENGES. I had a cough for several weeks that defied all that had been prescribed for me ; and yet I got completely rid of it by taking about half a small box of your Lozenges, which I find are the only ones that relieve the cough without deranging the stomach or digestive organs.
201. oldal - THE EARNEST STUDENT, being Memorials of the Life of the late JOHN MACKINTOSH. By the Rev. NORMAN MACLEOD, Minister of Barony Parish, Glasgow.
202. oldal - OF ALISON'S HISTORY OF EUROPE, From the Fall of Napoleon to the Accession of Louis Napoleon.
197. oldal - Durability of Gutta Percha Tubing. Many inquiries having been made as to the durability of Gutta Percha Tubing, the Gutta Percha Company have pleasure in giving publicity to the following Letters from parties who have had it in use for a considerable length of time : — From Sir Raymond Jarvis, Ventnor, Isle of Wight (Second Testimonial.)
200. oldal - Vol. II., Cloth, price 2s. 6d., ATHENS AND THE PELOPONNESE, WITH SKETCHES OF NORTHERN GREECE. By HERMANN HETTNER. " The work of a most able and thoughtful man." — Examiner. " If the ' Miscellany of Foreign Literature ' contains a succession of volumes of the kind and quality of those with which it has commenced, it will prove a welcome addition to many a library.
26. oldal - No, no, colonel, I know too well the respect " " Nonsense ! I desire it." And the emperor gently placed the arm within his own, although the veteran still resisted. "Come, father...
196. oldal - Lozenges, and the numerous testimonials constantly received, fully justify the proprietor in asserting they are the best and safest yet offered to the Public for the cure of the following complaints : — Asthma, Winter Cough, Hoarseness, Shortness of Breath, and other Pulmonary Maladies. They have deservedly obtained the high patronage of their Majesties the King of Prussia and the King of Hanover ; very many also of the Nobility and Clergy, and of the Public generally, use them, under the recommendation...

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