TT is especially wished that those about to read

these pages should know beforehand what they contain. That they have never been intended for an imitation of the popular stories of the day; and are written by one wanting as much the wish as the talent to be a sensation writer. Neither do they lay claim to any new or deep line of thought. They are detached pictures, and pictures only, of some phases in active Christian life ; and their aim has been to shew to the young the moving springs of much they see good and beautiful around them, in the hope that, allured by the fair smile of duty, and the beauty of Christian virtue, they may seek to follow in the path of the one, and

shew in their own lives all the graces of the other. Not a few of their elders, if any such take up the book, will fit the frame-work to other forms, and find in many quiet English homes the originals of our sketches.

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