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The 141st Anniversary of the birth of BENJA. editor of the Perry Citizen,) who has seen much MIN FRANKLIN was appropriately celebrated service in the profession, and is an antiquarian in by the Printers of Western New York, on Mon- the Craft; FRANKLIN COWDREY, who knows day, the eighteenth day of January, 1847. more of the ups and downs of a printer's life than

The entertainment was served up in sumptuous any man living; Wm. A. WELLES, an old eastBtyle at the Blossom House. The large Hall was ern printer, who has passed through a great variefitted up for the occasion. Three tables, capable ty of fortune, not only in his profession, but in of containing 62 persons each, were spread the many other pursuits; and PHILEMON Canwhole length of the Hall, and furnished with all field, an old Hartford publisher, who, although the substantials and dainties of the season, gọt op advancing in years, is still devoted to his profes in splendid style, after beautiful models, and in sion in Rochester. The presence of these pio the most approved manner. Near the bead of the neers and patriarchs invested the occasion with an centre table was a very fine model of the first old

anusual degree of interest. fashioned Ramage Press used by FRANKLIN,

The festival was also honored by the presence with a person dressed in pressman’s garb, taking of several Reverend gentlemen, formerly or still the impression. This article, which was quite a perfect thing of its kind, was constructed at the Pastor of the Third Presbyterian Church, of this

connected with the Press, viz: Rev. A.G. HALL, instance of the Messrs. Blossom, and by them city, formerly editor of the Rochester Observer; ordered to be given to the anthor of the best ori- Rev. D. C. Houghton, of the Presbyterian ginal toast from abroad. There were present on this occasion several of Methodist Church, editor of the Genesee Evange

Church in Le Roy; and Rev. J. ROBIE, of the the Patriarchs of the Craft-Fathers of the Press

list. in Western New York-who added much to the festivity of the occasioa by their recollections of

A goodly number of editors and publishers from former times, and the hearty good humor with abroad were present, among whom we noticed which, although long since immersed in other

Dr. Foote, of the Buffalo Commercial; A. M.

parsuits, they entered into the convivialities of the fes- CLAPP, of the Express; Jas. O. BRAYMAN, of tival. Among those that were pioneers of print- the Courier; 8. 8. BLANCHARD, of the Waring in the early days of Western New York, were

saw New Yorker; A. WARREN, of the Perry AUGUSTINE (i. Dauby, editor and publisher of Citizen; W. A. SEAVER, of the Batavia Times; the first newspaper in Rochester in 1816, and now

D. D. WAITE, of the Advocate; C. B. ThompPostmaster at Utica; JAMES D. BEMIS, the son, of the Le Roy Gazette; J. M. CAMPBELL, Nestor of the Western New York Press, who of the Republican, Geneseo; E. S. PALMER, of was a publisher in Canandaigua near the com

the Allegany County Advocate; C. W. DIBBLE, mencement of the present century; L. H. Red- of the Dansville Whig; Messrs. KINNEY & McFIELD, of Syracuse, an apprentice of Mr. BE- DERMOTT, of the Syracuse Star; E. T. BRIDGWIS, one of the earliest publishers of Onondaga E8, Editor Watchman, Brockport; Geo M. DAcounty; EVERARD PECK, publisher of the sec

NA, of Ithaca, and several others whose names ond in Rochester, in 1818; EDWIN

are not recollected. paper SCRANTOM, an apprentice of Mr. DAUBY, and Among the guests were a large number of exhis successor as pablisher; F. FOLLETT, one of printers, some of whom have been connected with the earliest editors of Genesee county, who pub- the Press in other parts of the country. lished a paper in Batavia in 1825; ANSEL WAR The meeting assembled at the Drawing Rooms 2.x, an old eastern priøter and publisher, (now of the Hotel about foar o'clock, where a couple

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