Four Years in the Ionian Islands: Their Political and Social Condition. With a History of the British Protectorate, 2. kötet

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108. oldal - Nobody, however, who has paid any attention to the peculiar features of our present era, will doubt for a moment that we are living at a period of most wonderful transition, which tends rapidly to accomplish that great end to which, indeed, all history points, the realization of the Unity of Mankind!
144. oldal - Th' infernal monarch rear'd his horrid head, Leap'd from his throne, lest Neptune's arm should lay His dark dominions open to the day, And pour in light on Pluto's drear abodes, Abhorr'd by men, and dreadful ev'n to gods. Such war th' immortals wage; such horrors rend The world's vast concave, when the gods contend.
144. oldal - Through all their summits tremble Ida's woods, And from their sources boil her hundred floods. Troy's turrets totter on the rocking plain, And the toss'd navies beat the heaving main. Deep in the dismal regions of the dead...
144. oldal - Above, the sire of gods his thunder rolls, And peals on peals redoubled rend the poles. Beneath, stern Neptune shakes the solid ground ; The forests wave, the mountains nod around ; Through all their summits tremble Ida's woods, And from their sources boil her hundred floods.
312. oldal - States, every thing which may relate to the maintenance of the fortresses already existing, as well as to the subsistence and payment of the British garrisons, and to the number of men of which they shall be composed in time of peace. The same Convention shall likewise fix the relations which are to exist between the said armed force and the Ionian Government.
148. oldal - At half-past four that morning occurred the greatest earthquake felt for some years past in the Ionian Islands. In our house every one was fast asleep, in profound darkness; but all were suddenly and startlingly awakened by a tremendous crash. It appeared to me as if the end of all things were at hand, and that I was hastening to eternity! It was as if everything and everybody were falling and crashing together. A violent hurricane of wind, with a noise like the discharge of a huge piece of ordnance,...
130. oldal - But about a month before my visit, all the gates had been removed by order of the local Government, with the consent of the Senate.
171. oldal - ... CHRISTENING. 181 clerk squeaked out the Creed, three times successively, with the most wonderful rapidity. The last twenty minutes of the ceremony were actively employed in torturing the baby. After various crossings and benedictions it was stripped naked, and carried in a cloth by the nurse. The priests then burnt a quantity of incense, and poured plenty of oil into a large iron caldron, previously half filled with tepid water. His reverence now seized the baby, and plunged it three times into...

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