Nuisances of Cephalonia—Rest-destroying Boatmen—A Mishellenist— Change of Habitation—Dogs, Bells, and Owls' Torments—Duration of Bell-ringing restricted at Zante—Torture of Heretics—A terrible Greek Christmas — An intolerable Peal — Philhellenism shaken by Bells–Signor Lascarato's Reception on his Visit to us—Signora Lascarato—Lascarato in Prison—His ill-timed Arguments—A brutal Jailer—Conduct of the Warders—Protestant a term of reproach—A disinterested Author—My visits to the Prison—Built by Sir C. Napier -What would render a Greek Empire probable—The Hats-off Custom—Why some honest Ionians desired the Union—British Officer's Stratagem for Seeing the Greek Ladies—The Hole in the Door—Lord Byron–House of the Poet—Daughters at a discount—Wooing in Cephalonia—A prudent Suitor—A Bridegroom knocked down to the highest Bidder—Nationality not the greatest of Wirtues—Universal

Philanthropy preferable—Prince Consort on the same Subject—A similar imperial Idea. - - e - - e - e . 90


Flowers and Foliage—Wine Company unsuccessful—Unpopularity of Cephalonia as a Station—Local Society without a Head—A too secluded Ruler—A Wedding in High Life—Sugarplum Surfeit—Privileged Englishmen—The Marriage Ceremonies—“Let the Wife fear her Husband”— Cephalonian Beauty — An unwonted Dance—How Unionists were sometimes Manufactured—A too classical Partner in the Dance–Visit of H.R.H. the Prince of Wales—H.S.H. the Prince of Leiningen—A Crown refused by a Naval Captain—The Prince's Ride—A Royal Dinner Party — The Mysteries of Cephalonia—The Royal Departure—The Ionian Steamer and the Ionian Assembly— The President of the Assembly—Offer of a Country-house—Begging Boys—Count Roma, Mr. Stevens—Zante, second in Beauty only to Corfu — The Pitch Wells—Luncheon of Grapes — Advantage of a Knowledge of Greek—Superior Clubs of Zante—The Archives—The Ghetto—First Visits made by Strangers—Count Lunzi's Country-house —Appropriate Present to a John Bull—How the Greek War-office employed the Military Staff—“Hair Mattresses for Private Soldiers"— The Resident and the Rizospast—Mr. Stevens' Mistake regarding the Mills—Tempting Offer of a Passage to Athens—A Greek Regent of British Descent — The Alfred Mania—Obstinacy of the Greeks—A Rash Promise. . . - - - - - - • . . 115



PAGE Classical and Biblical Earthquakes — Former Shocks in the Ionian Islands—Destruction of Fort St. George—My first Earthquake worthy of the Name—Four Days of Shocks in one Week—The worst Shock known for Years—Damage done—Saltatory Motion most dangerous– Discouraging Friends—General's House shaken at Corfu-Barometer no Guide—Extracts from my Journal—An unfulfilled Prophecy—The second Shock, in Severity, of the Year — Comparison of the two greatest Earthquakes—The late Bishop of Gibraltar—Send my Family home—My new Habitation safer—A violent but partial Hurricane— British Soldiers fly for their Lives—Why Greeks have always built

strongly—Water, Fire, Wind, cause Earthquakes - - - . 149


The Greek New Year—An exciting Tour of Visits—Unreasonable Complaints of England—My strong Belief in the approaching Union— Author requested to make an Address—Motives which actuated Him to comply—“Hop o' my Thumb"—A successful Hit—My supposed Speech printed at Athens—The true Speech — Greek Hospitality— Projected Address to the Author—The English Honorary Members of the new Club, the Kephellenia—A Greek Christening–Barbarous Treatment of the Baby—Legal Necessity of the Custom–Festivities in honour of the Royal Wedding—Dinner, and Illuminations—Cephalonian Taste calumniated—A romantic Story—The Theatre—Modesty at a Discount—The Prima Donna's principal Friend —An unchivalrous Exploit—The Prince of Denmark to be King of Greece–Beauty to the Rescue—A vainly wished-for Riot—Unfounded Rumours of intended Disturbances—The Clubs and Illuminations — Excellent Behaviour of the Masses—Greeks not yet fit for Constitutional Government—My Departure on the Greek Good Friday—The Address from the Gentry-Reluctantly rejected Addresses - - - . 169

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