to go out, i. e. to bring out, bring forth, produce; Hoph. to be caused to go forth, to be brought out.

2x Hithp. to place or present one's self, set one's

self up.




c יָקָר
-יִקְרַת .t-

c יְקָרָה


739 K. to be straitened, be distressed, be distressing.
799 K. to form, frame; Niph. and Hoph. to be formed.
78 - strictly, p. a. K. of 7-a former, creator;

(likewise) a potter.
- w. af. '73) -- a work, something worked; (like-
wise) imagination, cogitation, thought.
K. to be precious, be esteemed, be valued, be rare;
Hiph. to cause to be precious, make precious,
make rare.
m. –

precious, rare.
? f.

K. to fear, be afraid, stand in awe; Niph. to be feared, be awful; Pi. to awe, frighten.

- i. c. X??; strictly p. a. K. of 87'— fearing, fearful, afraid, timid. ! . !; . — . 77 K. to go down, descend; Hiph. to cause to go

down, i. e. to bring down; Hoph. to be caused

to go down, be brought down. 177 K. to cast, throw, shoot; Niph. to be shot; Hiph.

to throw, shoot; (likewise) to point out, direct,

instruct, teach. ,

- .

- a month.
- i. c. 'n? - sides, innermost part.


.fear , awe - יִרְאָתִי ,w

. af ;יִרְאַת .i.

c- יִרְאָה

.green יָרוֹק .the moon יָרֵחַ

יָרַח יְרָחִים .pl



yrs K. to be grievous, be unpleasant, displease; to

be grieved, be vexed, go ill (with one); (like

wise trans.) to do harm. Po greenness, verdure.

awy z lit. greenness of herb, i. e. green herb. winy K. to possess, take possession of, inherit; Niph.

to be impoverished; Pi. to take possession, usurp; Hiph. to cause to possess, give for a possession, take into possession; to dispossess, drive out; (likewise) to cause to be poor, make

poor. (without the accent wi) imp. v. there is, there are. This verb sometimes receives affixes, and then it ceases to be impers. e. g. Two thou art ; Dwi ye m. are, fc.

there is [a case in] which, i. e. it happens sometimes that. See Note 9, p. 5. o win there is to me, i. e. I have; (est mihi).

=> wp there is to thee, i. e. thou hast, &c. 20 K. to sit, settle, dwell, inhabit, abide; Niph. to

be inhabited; Hiph. to cause to sit or dwell, make to be inhabited, people; Hoph. to cause to be inhabited, to be placed.

יָשִׁישׁ יָשֵׁשׁ

(.m יָשֵׁן

ןf יְשֵׁנָה


- pl. Dow? — a very old man. jezja K. to sleep, go to sleep, fall asleep; Pi. to cause

to sleep, lull asleep. m)

p. a. K. of jepja - sleeping, asleep. . you Hiph. to help, assist, deliver, save; Niph. to be

assisted, be delivered. non -i. c. 79; pl. D'u? - straight-forward, right, ישר .uprightness , rectitude-יָשְׁרִי .w.

upright; an upright man.

af – יְתוֹמִים .pl- יָתוֹם -remainder

, rest , overplus , abund - יִתְרִי .w.

af - יֶתֶר


, advantage , Superiority , excellence יִתְרון

# pref. a5, like, when, about, thereabout. - ..

as well

.... as...



.אֲשֶׁר See כַּאֲשֶׁר ;K

. to be heavy , be hard , be grave , be honourable כבד

, , ; Niph. to be laden, be burdened, be honoured, be glorified; Pi. to harden, honour, revere; Hiph. to cause to be heavy, make heavy, cause to be hard, make hard, harden; Hithp. to make one's self honourable, pretend to be honourable.

. – .


important – בְּבַד .i.

c- כָּבֵד

חֵיל כָּבֵד חֵיל כָּבֵד

an important army, i. e. a great army.

כְּבוֹדִי w
af ;כְּבוֹד .i.

c- כָּבוֹד .honour , glory – כְּבוֹדִי w

. af .already , before now כְּבָר



; כה .this way and that way כֹּה וָכֹה .as far as there , yonder עד כה


.in the meanwhile עַד כּה

K. to be dim , ( e . g . the eyes ) ; Pi . to become כהה

. — .

K. and Pi. to subdue, conquer, force; Niph. to
be subdued.
so, thus; here, there.

n .


. , (e. g. ); . dark, be gloomy, be faint; trans. to check, restrain.

- כֹּהֲנִים .pl - כֹּהֵן

כּוֹכָבִים .pl ; כּוֹכַב .i.

c- כּוֹכָב

- . – - a priest. AT - i. c. het? — the priest's office, priesthood.

. ; . — a star. 393 K. to measure; Pilp. 5353 to contain ; (like

wise) to sustain, support; Hiph. to measure, con

tain, sustain, endure. 1 Niph. to be fitted up, be prepared, be proper,

be right; Pi. to prepare, establish, make firm, confirm; Pu. to be prepared, be established; Hiph. to provide, prepare, establish; Hithp. to be founded,

be established. dib - pl. nid - a cup, goblet.

a furnace.
27 – pl. 29 - falsehood, lie.
no power, strength, vigour.

for, because, seeing that, when, if, that, though,
although, surely, yea, indeed.

oa. See on.
og i. q. 959 a churl, miser.

i q. to so, thus. no-i. c. 2; pl. D'- a talent (a coin); (like

wise) a plain or level ground; a mass, morsel.
- w. af. 153, 72, 92, &c.

all, every, any, Sam (when it has no accent).

whole. niy all the while, as long as. 2 –

- pl. Das — a dog. oba K. to be ended, be at an end, be completed, be

determined, be spent, be consumed, fail, long for; Pi. to end, finish, complete, put an end to, cause to fail, cause to long, give the finish, consume,



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כָּלוֹת .pl ; כַּלָּתִי .w.


- a

- a bride; (likewise) a daughter-in-law.

- .

tool or utensil; (generally) thing, (

garment. . i. . . 5352 Pilp. of 510, q. v.

Hiph. to put to shame, tease one by ridiculing him; Hoph. to be put to shame, be confounded; Niph. to be ashamed.

בְּלִי a vessel , cup pot , any- כֵּלִים .pl

(in pause) בֶּלַי .a churl , miser כִּילַי .i.

q כְּלֵי ,



,shame - בְּלִפּוֹת .pl ; כְּלִמָּתִי .w.

af ; בְּלִפַּת .i

. c- כְּלִמָּה

כְּמוֹ ,as - כָּמוֹנִי כָּמוֹךָ כָּמוֹהוּ : כְּמוֹכֶם w

. af


disgrace. .

as, like; (likewise) when. Niph. to be burned, grow warm; metaph. to be excited (spoken of the affections); to yearn (spoken of the bowels).

. .


rightly בֶּן


. S0 , thus כֵּן .אַחַר See .אַחֲרֵי כֵן .therefore לָכֵן .a stringed instrument , a harp - בְּבּוֹרות .pl - בְּבּוֹר

Hiph . to humble , subdue , overcome ; Niph . to be כנע

– כְּנָפַיִם .du ;כְּנַף .i.c- כָּנָף

. , a .

. , , ; . humbled, humble one's self.

- a wing ; (likewise) extremity, end, skirt.

-a stool, seat, throne. K. (only in the participles) and (more usually) Pi. to cover, cover one's self, conceal; Niph. and Pu. to be covered ; Hithp. to cover one's self. a fool.


כִּסְאוֹת .pl ; כִּסְאִי :w

. af



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