Rangers and Redcoats on the Hudson: Exploring the Past on Rogers Island, the Birthplace of the U.S. Army Rangers

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UPNE, 2004 - 139 oldal
From 1991 to 1998 archeologist David Starbuck conducted excavations on Rogers Island, one of the most significant military encampments of the French and Indian War. Located in the Hudson River in what is now the town of Fort Edward, Rogers Island was once home to thousands of British "redcoats" as well as hundreds of "rangers"—irregular American colonial fighters. In fact, the island is named for its association with the famed Major Robert Rogers, leader of Rogers’ Rangers and noted author of "Rules of Ranging," his brief code-of-conduct for colonial guerrilla fighters written while encamped on the island. Rogers Island was one of the longest occupied and populous training camps of the French and Indian War and contains the remains of barracks, tents, storehouses, and hospitals. As such, the island offers unique and fascinating insights into the daily life of colonial soldiers.

Writing in a lively and accessible style, Starbuck presents the findings of his many digs while retelling the history of the island and its many inhabitants. In addition to re-creating the world of the colonial soldier, he shares island myths, stories of treasure seekers, and information about his exhumation in 2003 of the remains of Jane McCrea, the young woman who was killed and scalped in Fort Edward during the American Revolution. Most importantly, Starbuck shows us how archeology works as the energetic collection and interpretation of sherds and fragments that make expand our knowledge of one historical time and place.

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The Prehistory of Rogers Island
The History of Rogers Island During the French and Indian War
The Fascination Begins
Modern Archeology on Rogers Island in the 1990s
British and American Military Architecture
Historical Artifacts Discovered on Rogers Island in the 1990s
Archeology at Other Military Sites in Fort Edward
Conclusions Future Work and What to See in Fort Edward
Artifact Totals for Rogers Island 19911998
Further Reading

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DAVID R. STARBUCK is the author of Massacre at Fort William Henry (UPNE, 2002), The Great Warpath: British Military Sites from Albany to Crown Point (UPNE, 1999), and the forthcoming Neither Plain nor Simple: New Perspectives on the Canterbury Shakers, and he is co-author of A Shaker Family Album (UPNE, 1998). He is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Plymouth State University.

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