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This volume is intended to be the companion of "Studies in Old Testament Characters” and was planned to best serve the purposes of that work. The two volumes were prepared at the same time and the needs of the “Studies" have in more than one particular determined the form of the “Records”.

The “Studies in Old Testament Characters” is the third course of a series of studies prepared especially for the use of devotional Bible classes of college students. The authors of “Studies in the Life of Christ” and “Studies in the Acts and Epistles" (the two preceding courses of the series) had bases for their work already at hand in “A Harmony of the Gospels” by Stevens and Burton and “Records and Letters of the Apostolic Age" by Burton. The advantages to devotional Bible study of such re-arrangement of the Bible text as is found in these books have been clearly shown by the use of these courses by students. The value of similar analysis and re-arrangement of the material in the Old Testament is equally great in providing a basis for the study of Old Testament characters. The amount of material in a volume in which the whole of the Old Testament text is reprinted would have been too large to meet the purposes for which this book has been prepared. Therefore only such portions of the text are printed in full as were thought necessary to indicate the plan to be followed by the student and to show the value of the Revised Version of the Old Testament in historical and devotional study. Practically the whole of the prophecies of Jeremiah has been printed in full, first, because a clear understanding of these prophecies requires more re-arrangement than is needed in other portions of the Old Testament; secondly, because the material of Jeremiah reveals more of the life and character of a prophet than any other portion of the Old Testament; and thirdly, because critics of all schools are in the main agreed on the re-arrangement of the material of this book.


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