Universal History, Ancient and Modern: From the Earliest Records of Time, to the General Peace of 1801, 6. kötet

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Isaac Collins and sons, 1804

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68. oldal - Caesar was killed in the fifty-sixth year of his age, and about fourteen years after he began the conquest of the world. If we examine his history, we shall be equally at a loss whether most to admire his great abilities or his wonderful fortune. To pretend to say, that from the beginning he planned the...
127. oldal - Such were the honours paid to Augustus, whose power began in the slaughter, and terminated in the happiness of his subjects ; so that it was said of him, " that it had been good for mankind if he had never been born, or if he had never died.
321. oldal - Mammfea, sent for the famous Origen, to be instructed by him in the principles of Christianity ; and after discoursing with him for some time upon the subject, dismissed him, with a proper safeguard, to his native city of Alexandria. About the same time that Alexander was victorious in the...
38. oldal - The single circumstance of the manner of their fighting determined the fate of the battle. Pompey's cavalry, who consisted of the younger part of the Roman nobility, valued themselves upon their beauty, and dreaded a scar in the face, more than a wound in the body. They were therefore frightened from the field by the unusual mode of attack, and thus the day was lost to Pompey and the republic.
308. oldal - ... new emperor, with the tribunes and centurions, to be brought before him. Though all were willing to court the favour of the young emperor, such was the authority of Severus, that none dared to disobey. They appeared before him confounded, and trembling, and implored pardon upon their knees. Upon which, putting his hand to his head, he cried out, " Know, that it is the head that governs,
39. oldal - He talked with terror on the blood he was going to shed, and pleaded only the necessity that urged him to it. He deplored the many brave men that were to fall on both sides, and the wounds of his country, .„ whoever should be victorious. His soldiers answered his speech with looks of ardour and impatience ; which observing he gave the signal to begin. The word on Pompey's side, was Hercules the invincible ; that on Caesar's, Venus the -victorious.
140. oldal - ... in debaucheries at the table; and he appointed Pomponius Flaccus and Lucius Piso to the first posts of the empire, for no other merit than that of having sat up with him two days and two nights without interruption. These he called his friends of all hours. He made one Novelius Torgnatus a praetor, for being able to drink off five bottles of wine at a draught.
51. oldal - Caesar had too much humanity to be pleased with such an horrid spectacle; he turned away from it with disgust ; and, after a short pause, gave vent to his pity in a flood of tears. He shortly after ordered a magnificent tomb to be built to his memory, on the spot where he was murdered, and a temple near the place to Nemesis, who was the goddess that punished those that were cruel to men in adversity.
204. oldal - A body of manners, whom Nero had taken from the oar and enlisted among the legions, went to meet Galba three miles from the city, and with loud importunities demanded a confirmation of what his predecessor had done in their favour. Galba, who was rigidly attached to the ancient discipline, deferred their request to another time. But they, considering this delay as equivalent to an absolute denial, insisted...
79. oldal - They soon cut off his head and his hands, returning with them to Rome, as the most agreeable present to their cruel employer. — Antony, who was then at Rome, received them with extreme joy, rewarded the murderer with a large sum of money, and placed Cicero's head on the rostrum, as if there once more to reproach his vile inhumanity.

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