Temporis calendarium; or An almanack

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69. oldal - If you forgive me, I rejoice ; if you are angry, I can bear it : the die is cast, the book is written ; to be read either now or by posterity, I care not which : it may well wait a century for a reader, as God has waited six thousand years for an observer.
34. oldal - This table and the accompanying remarks are the result of many years' actual observation ; the whole being constructed on a due consideration of the attraction of the sun and moon, in their several positions respecting the earth, and will, by simple inspection, show the observer what kind of weather will most probably follow the entrance of the moon into any of its quarters, and that so near the truth as to be seldom or never found to fail.
5. oldal - First the flaming Red Sprung vivid forth ; the tawny Orange next ; And next delicious Yellow ; by whose side Fell the kind beams of all-refreshing Green. Then the pure Blue, that swells autumnal skies, Ethereal...
34. oldal - These observations refer principally to the summer, though they affect spring and autumn nearly in the same ratio. 5. The moon's change, first quarter, full, and...
65. oldal - Through the still night, incessant, heavy, strong, And seizes Nature fast. It freezes on ; Till morn, late rising o'er the drooping world, Lifts her pale eye unjoyous.
1. oldal - The verdure of the plain lies buried deep Beneath the dazzling deluge, and the bents And coarser grass upspearing o'er the rest, Of late unsightly and unseen, now shine Conspicuous, and, in bright apparel clad, And fledged with icy feathers, nod superb. The cattle mourn in corners, where the fence Screens them, and seem, half petrified, to sleep In unrecumbent sadness.
11. oldal - ... length, between my eye and the stars ; sliding the beads upon it till they hid such and such stars from my eye, in order to take their apparent distances from one another; and then, laying the thread down on a paper, I marked the stars thereon by the beads, according to their respective positions, having a candle by me.
16. oldal - Creator, and the most striking demonstration of his " eternal power and godhead," were unworthy of their regard ; while we are commanded, in scripture, to " lift up our eyes on high, and consider Him who hath created these orbs, who bringeth forth their hosts by number," and who guides them in all their motions "by the greatness of his strength." '* The heavens," says the psalmist, " declare the glory of the Lord, and the firmament showeth his handiwork.
18. oldal - Powers of Attorney for the sale or transfer of Stock to be left at the Bank, &c., for examination, one day before they can be acted upon ; if for receiving dividends, they may be presented at the time the first dividend is payable.

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