Periods of European Literature, 2. kötet

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C. Scribner's sons, 1897

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241. oldal - Under der linden an der heide, da unser zweier bette was, da mugt ir vinden schone beide gebrochen bluomen unde gras. vor dem walde in einem tal, tandaradei, schone sanc diu nahtegal. Ich kam gegangen zuo der ouwe: do was min friedel komen e. da wart ich enpfangen, here frouwe, daz ich bin saelic iemer me.
ii. oldal - Europe as being, for intellectual and spiritual purposes, one great confederation, bound to a joint action and working to a common result...
12. oldal - Hora novissima, tempora pessima sunt, vigilemus, Ecce minaciter imminet arbiter ille supremus...
210. oldal - Mershe ant Averil when spray biginneth to springe, The lutel foul hath hire wyl on hyre lud to synge ; Ich libbe in love-longinge For semlokest of alle thynge, He may me blisse bringe, icham in hire baundoun.
150. oldal - Sa deip imprentit in the fantasy That it deludis the wittis outwardly, And sa appeiris in forme and lyke estait Within the mynd as it was figurait.
210. oldal - Nihtes when y wende ant wake, for-thi myn wonges waxeth won ; Levedi, al for thine sake longinge is y-lent me on. In world nis non so wyter-mon That al hire bounte telle con ; Hire swyre is whittore then the swon, ant feyrest may in toune.
323. oldal - Roman" (not "Latin") upcech. in the twelfth century. There is, at any rate, no doubt that Maurice de Sully, who was Archbishop of Paris for more than thirty years, from 1160 onwards, composed sermons in French ; or at least that sermons of his, which may have been written in Latin, were translated into French. For this whole point of early prose, especially on theological subjects, is complicated by the uncertainty whether the French forms are original or not. There is no doubt that the feeling expressed...
9. oldal - Rhyme, alliteration, cadence, and adjustment of vowel and consonant values — all these ^things receive perfect expression in it, or, at least, in the first thirteen stanzas, for the last four are a little inferior. It is quite astonishing to reflect upon the careful art or the felicitous accident of such a line as "'Tuba mirum spargens sonum,' with the thud of the trochee falling in each instance in a different vowel, and still more on the continuous sequence of five stanzas, from "Judex ergo"...
100. oldal - Curialium, the reputed author (v. chap, i.) of divers ingenious Latin poems, friend of Becket, Archdeacon of Oxford, churchman, statesman, and wit. No valid reason whatever has yet been shown for questioning this attribution, especially considering the number, antiquity, and strength of the documents by which it is attested. Map's date (1137-96) is the right one ; his abilities were equal to any literary performance ; his evident familiarity with things Welsh (he seems to have been a Herefordshire...
75. oldal - A icel jor ke la dolor fu grans, Et la bataille orible en Aliscans : Li quens Guillaumes i soufri grans ahans.

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