All that is known with any degree of certainty concerning Shakspere is—that he was born at Stratford-upon-Avon-married and had children there-went to London, where he commenced actor, and wrote poems and plays-returned to Stratford, made his will, died, and was buried.”-STEEVENS.

Along with that tombstone information, perhaps even without much of it, we could have liked to gain some answer, in one way or other, to this wide question : What and how was English Life in Shakspere's time; wherein has ours grown to differ therefrom? In other words: What things have we to forget, what to fancy and remember, before we, from such distance, can put ourselves in Shakspere's place; and so, in the full sense of the term, understand him, his sayings, and his doings?”—CARLYLE.

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