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By T. T. Munger. 16mo, gilt top, $1.00.
Talks to young people on Purpose, Friends and Companions,
Manners, Thrift, Self-Reliance and Courage, lealth, Reading
and Intellectual Life, Amusements, and Faith.

This book touches acts, habits, character, destiny; it deals with the present and vital thought in literature, sociсty, life; it stimulates one with the idea that life is worth living. ... The production of a book of this sort is not an every day oc. currence: it is an event : it will work a revolution among young men who read it ; it has the manly ring from cover to cover. - New York Times.

The spirit in which the book is written is neither narrow nor unduly critical, but sympathetic rather, and healthful and manly. The work is a plea, not for asceticism or rigidity of any kind, but for self-respect, open-mindedness, and right-liv. ing; for good faith and earnestness of life; for cheerful courage, honesty, and good health alike of body and mind. It is such a plea as all manly young men will listen to with interest and profit. - New York Evening Post.

It is a book calculated to do a great deal of good wherever it is attentively read, as it can hardly help being by any one who dips into it at all. We wish especially that every young man on the threshold of life might have such a wholesome introduction to its struggles and prizes as this book furnishes. - Christian Register (Boston).

There is a finished, not to say eloquent brightness in these chapters, which carries the reader on with kindling interest from page to page. . . . At once wise and winning, and free froin anything common. - The Independent (New York).

It is sensible, earnest, candid, and discriminating, and, withal, thoroughly interesting. --The Congregationalist (Boston).

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