church of iron refuses every such ad- them during ages commonly styled vance. Those who ask to be united dark ages, but which she regards as to her, she receives with the robe glorious with Divine light. They and the ring and the joyous feast, say she gives an undue honor to but it is noted of her that she re- saint and angel, yet find nowhere ceives none at all unless they come else such passionate devotion to like the prodigal, with the prodigal's Christ the Lord. They call her amhumble cry. These hate her as they bitious, and behold, the poor are hate nothing else on earth, far more crowding round her altars; they call than they hate sin. They dread her her a tyrant, and her slaves declare far more than they dread Satan. such bondage to be better far than Everywhere they find her. Put forth freedom; they call her a foe to the strong hand of civil law and science, and her scholars stand up banish her from one land, she rises in with earth's wisest and surpass them another, buoyant, unflinching. Nay, all. Poetry and art and music have banish her, and behold she fears lavished for centuries their choicest neither law nor death. With or treasures at her feet ; she is adorned without disguise, cunning as ser- with all that is most rare and prepents, when men fancied themselves cious; yet she is found in the haunts rid of her, her priests are among of sin and squalor, among the poorthem, where only yesterday they est and the vilest, taking with sewere driven from the land.

renest patience the lowest place. A Strange as the church they serve beggar's son may win her highest her servants are. The soldier, honors, and emperors cannot escape armed to the teeth, finds them un- her stern rebuke. armed among the Indian tribes; the Men strive hard to silence her, to savant meets them in his wander- cast dishonor on her reputation, to ings; they are side by side with, and tear her children from her arms and often far in advance of the explorer lead them into other folds, or leave and the adventurer. You cannot move them desolate with no abiding-place. them by the tender pleas which con- They declare themselves her equals quer other men; the name of wife and superiors; claim that they too or child is as nothing to them. send forth missionaries, that they too Threaten them with loss of worldly have sacraments and ministers, that goods, and they tell you that their they too pray, praise and give thanks. very badge is poverty; send them to But speak of miracles wrought conprison, and they count it honor; tinuously, with no breaks and no sentence them to death the most doubts, from the time of Christ even shameful, or load them with lifelong to this very hour, and something is disgrace, and they thank you for a found at last which compels them to transcendent joy and glory which change their mode of warfare. It they declare they gain thereby. would be a dangerous thing indeed Talk of miracles as fairy tales ! the for them to grant the truth of such things which her enemies say of her marvels, for they would thus tacitly might rank in a like category, then, concede to the Church which they by their constant contradictions. rank as evil a power for good and She is tawdry and a sham, says one, strength and healing, which would and at the same instant another is shine forth in strange contradistincbidding you beware of her exquisite tion to these sects which have it not. beauty, her deadly charms. They And so men calling themselves accuse her of destroying Bible truth, Christ's people do not shun to give yet have no choice but to grant that her the lie; men saying week by if they possess a true Bible at all to- week, and some of them day by day, day, it was she who preserved it for “I believe in God . . . Almighty,'

protest that the servants of the Al- Catholic Church is. The statesman mighty have no power now to do of the time of Louis XIV would find what Jews could do before the his old ideas of statesmanship sadly world's Redeemer came with grander out of place were he set down in the might; men claiming that the Bible, French cabinet of to-day, but he and the Bible only, is their religion, could a thousand times better underread there of One whose promise was take to guide the ship of state over that greater works than his had those stormy seas, than Protestants been his followers should do, and can comprehend the animus and then limit the words of the Om- working of the Church of the Livnipotent to a time that suits them- ing God. She puts no limits to the selves.

power of her Supreme Master, sets They have lost, God help them, no time when the signs of his omthe very meaning of the creed they nipotence shall fail, deems it no often profess to hold. Refusing to marvel that miracles are wrought. hear the only voice that can guide To her great faith the only marvel us infallibly through the tangled she is capable of feeling, is that more maze of time, their minds compre- are not wrought, and for this she hend no longer what their lips speak. never dreams of supposing that God They cannot fathom the depth of is the cause, but while men are brandmeaning, the glory and the strength ing her with the stigma of gross suof the last clause of the creed, the perstition, or are calling her a liar, belief in God the Holy Ghost. she is reproving her children with Speaking to men unmistakably to the Lord's tender reproof of old : day as of old, speaking through a "Oye of little faith, why do ye human instrument chosen by the doubt?” She uses in her sciences Lord Himself, it is the unfailing and another alphabet than man's. Her active presence of God the Holy Communion of Saints implies a union Ghost that makes the Holy Catholic with God, which wins the use of Church mistress and queen of na- the very powers of God. His true tions, through honor and dishonor, Church lives upon His word. What through infamy and good name, has He not promised to faith? what dying, and behold, she lives, having has He denied to prayer? If leagues nothing and yet possessing all things. and mountains lie between His peoShe cannot be uprooted, in whom the ple and the accomplishment of His very Lord and Giver of life dwells. will, He who has made England and She must work wonders when he is in America talk together to-day as men her. Unabashed by the wild tumult talk face to face, shall make distance round her, she puts forth her steady nothing, and bring mountains low at persistent declaration that she is the prayer of faith. is the Catholic Church of God, Do we count Plato a babbler bewhich he has established by innu- cause he knew nothing of steamboats merable miracles, and illustrated by and engines, or Euripides an idiot the lives and deaths of innumerable because he never heard of the telesaints."

scope and telegraph ? But a veil But men who will not receive this, which hung before their eyes has men who claim that a visible unity been withdrawn for us. It is not is not needful, or who are striving to that we have more genius than they ; gain back by their poor human de it is that more knowledge has been vices the unity they have parted from, revealed to us. Electricity and but could not break, have lost, too, steam existed through all the centuthe practical belief in the Commu- ries; it is a special use of them which nion of Saints, and have little or no we are enjoying. What finite mind practical conception of what the can know, or predict, or so inuch as fancy the hidden powers which an joss-house is found in this land omniscient God still holds in reserve which in common parlance bears the till He chooses to let us grasp them? name of Christian. We are seeing He who made time and space, light the dawn of a terrible day. and darkness, life and death, can do Satan has greater knowledge than what He will with each and all. Had any scholar among us; he knows well one ventured to tell the first settlers that there is in the marvellous a of Massachusetts, that a time was mighty power for good or for ill; he coming when across that ocean which has a patient cunning and a ready they had struggled over wearily for wit. Time and again he has striven weeks, a message would be sent in a to match himself with God; he is moment, and men would read in gathering his forces to try the deadly their New England homes at night war again. When the hour comes what had taken place in Old Eng. that he “shall show great signs and land only the night before, it is wonders," what shall be able to cope strongly to be suspected that he with him except a Church that can, would have been denounced in Pu- like Moses and Aaron in Egypt, and ritan meetings as a “light person," our blessed Lord and his disciples in and a liar. Yet, that to them pre- Palestine, do works more wondrous ? posterous idea is an ordinary fact to And how shall there be pointed out day. Shall the mind of God accom- to discordant sects and infidels and plish no more than His creature man heathens the only path that leads to can do, or shall He promise that truth? What shall avail to snatch whatever we ask we shall receive, them from error as brands from the and then fail in His promise because burning, except a voice which is in· the usual human means have failed ? fallible and unmistakable, the very

The God in whom we trust is an centre of unity, the present and unAlmighty God.

failing instrument of God the Holy One important point in regard to Ghost ? one subject demands attention from The Chronicle of St. Antony bears us as citizens of the United States. on the page which corresponds to an It is true that Protestants in general ordinary dedication page a prayer of have lost faith in that which is im- the saint, which later in the volume plied by the Communion of Saints, is translated thus: but it is also true that there exists 0 Light of the world, infinite among them a vague, hungry sense God, Father of eternity, Giver of of that loss, and a reaching after wisdom and knowledge, and ineffable something to fill the void. Spirit- Dispenser of every spiritual grace, ualism is the fruit of this, but still who knowest all things before they deadlier fruits are ripening for the are made, who makest the darkness future. We are told again and again and the light, put forth Thy hand that ours is a marvellous time and and touch my mouth, and make it as land, but hear it as often as we may, a sharp sword to utter eloquently we are not capable of grasping the Thy words. Make my tongue, O awful extent of the marvel. All Lord, as a chosen arrow, to declare through our South dwells a people faithfully Thy wonders; put Thy among whom it is stated that the spirit, O Lord, in my heart that I smouldering fires of their natural, may perceive, in my soul that I may Afric heathenism, are breaking out retain, and in my conscience that I into a lurid flame. Upon our prai- may meditate; do Thou lovingly, ries, many red men, smarting with holily, mercifully, clemently, and cruel wrongs, worship their Great gently inspire me with Thy grace; Spirit still. Asia is sending her do Thou teach, guide, and strengthen children among us, and the Chinese the comings in and the goings out of my senses and my thoughts, and let years are gone since the great saint Thy discipline instruct me even to prayed this prayer, may it receive the end, and the counsel of the Most even in our day an answer, while he High help me through Thine infinite preaches to us one great lesson of the wisdom and mercy. Amen.”

faith. Though more than six hundred


My life, it has been long,

And the years have sped away,
And in my youth, although they ran,

I wished them not to stay.

But the prime of youth did pass,

And I said to Time: “Run slower.
O bear not away the spring of life,

That cometh to me no more!"

But Time made answer grave:

“The summer doth follow spring; If ye have sown in the early year,

The summer the fruits will bring.

But I smote my breast in grief,

For not a seed had I sown,
And I knew no fruits are for idle men,

But for him that has toiled alone.

The summer did come and go,

And lonely and sad was I.
I said to myself: “When autumn comes

I will lay me down and die."

And I said to Time: “O Time,

My sorrow is great to bear.
Will autumn seeds not bring forth fruit,

If tended with tears and care?”

But Time made answer grave:

“The winter cometh fast.
What! can ye hope for a harvest still,

When ye let the seedtime waste?"

At the calm, cold words of Time,

There fell on my heart a chill;
But autumn winds swept over the land,

And they roused my sleeping will.

I said: “It is not too late;

I will not sit still and sigh;
Others have reaped in the waning year;

It is better to do than die.”

Deep down in the dark chill earth,

I digged a pit for the seed;
I loved the hope that sprung in my heart,

And strengthened my soul in need.

Day after day I worked,

And tended it night by night,
And loosed the soil for the tender plant

That was springing out of sight.

But the winter snow did come,

And the chilling wind and frost;
My pulses throbbed as I watched the storm,

For I feared that my hope was lost.

Despair would knock at the door,

But I never would let him in;
I thawed the ice with my own warm tears,

And remembered distrust was sin.

Slowly the plant would grow,

And the little shoots appear, And “Alas!" I cried, " for the wasted months;

Alas! for the wasted year.”

And I said to Time: “O Time,

I would I could make thee wait;
I would I could turn thy footsteps back,

For I fear I have toiled too late."

And Time made answer cold:

“Thou bringst me evil repute; I warned thee spring was the time for seed, And autumn the time for fruit."

* * * * As waters that bound by frost

Take life again from the sun,
So thus my heart when I heard the words:

“Thy labor and work is done.

“Thy faith and thy sleepless nights,

Thy tears and thy prayers are known; Turn thee; behold the golden fruit,

From the little seed thou hast sown.”

I turned-'twas an angel ; lo!

He had bound the fruit in a wreath; I saw his face, and I knew him then

I knew that his name was Death.

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