light. Then slowly it faded again ginning of the century, and held and so returned; faded and returned. high revels there at what is still The light had a curious effect, bring- known as the “Prince's Lodge,” ing out the cliff on which it stood in on Bedford Basin. From York Rea spectral way, and Ainging ghostly doubt arriving vessels are signalled shadows over the ship's deck. Á to George's Citadel, which overtops small schooner, with a light at her the city, and from its lofty fagstaffs masthead, was creeping along the the flags or balls by day, or different shore, and was sometimes revealed, colored lights at night, announcing and picked out as it were from the the character and course of the insurrounding darkness, by the light coming steamer, east or west, can be from the revolving lantern.

seen from every street and wharf. Close by is Camperdown flagstaff, It was within a few minutes of midone hundred and sixty-eight feet night. The red light on Maugher above high water, from which arriv- Beach'opened ahead; a familiar sight ing vessels are signalled to York from the city wharves. We entered Redoubt, the next signal station the harbor, and passing McNab's inwards. As we passed we could Island and George's Island, with its observe the lights going up in the Armstrong guns pointing out to sea profound darkness, signalling our and covering all approaches, the arrival to the distant. city. York lights of the sleeping city came in Redoubt is an old fortification, situ- view. We swung into the wharf a ated on a steep granite cliff, giving it little after midnight. Some of the the appearance of an ancient castle passengers who had friends waiting at a little distance. It is named after for them went ashore. The rest rethe Duke of York, the brother of mained on board until morning, and George IV. Another royal duke, then scattered to their various destithe Duke of Kent, the father of the nations. Queen, resided in Halifax at the be

[blocks in formation]

We are far from constituting our- the governments. Things are in a selves judges in this question. We most abnormal condition, suspended are simply jurors, whose attention is in mid-air, as it were, and nations called to a notorious fact,-Europe and individuals are ever on a torturhas sinned, and is actually sinning ing qui vive. There is neither peace greatly and multifariously. Another nor war, but a gross disorder is everyequally notorious fact presents itself where prevalent. Philosophers and to our observation, which we have politicians excogitate theories, as no difficulty in discerning as the numberless as senseless, to arrive at grand and palmary effect of the for- the cause of the disorder. But the mer,-there is no peace in Europe. Christian common-sense explanation Not that the nations are in open war- of the whole matter is couched in fare with each other; no, but because God's own words: Non est pax imeach suspects the other of foul and piis—there is no peace for the wicked. ambitious designs. Again, they sus- This is alike applicable to governpect the people, and these in turn ments and individuals. A writer in

a recent number of the Civiltà Cat- inflicted is, that terrible suspense, tolica, reasons profoundly on this that certainty and uncertainty conquestion. In the spirit of Christian cerning the future-certainty that philosophy, and guided in particu- other punishments will come, uncerlars by his lucubrations, we will re- tainty as to their nature and effects. view the transgressions of Europe Without touching upon the parsummatim, intimating en passant, not ticular perversity of some states of ours, but the eternal judgments of God Europe, which seem desirous of outupon such prevarications. Against sinning the foul demon himself, we sinning governments God has writ. will restrict ourselves to the solemn ten: “He will speak to them in his and public sins of Europe. The wrath, and in his fury will he dis- primary transgression, and root of all turb them” (Psal. ii, 5); and the the rest, is the war against the Cathsins of people reduce them to misery olic Church, either waged directly, and wretchedness: “Sin makes peo- permitted, or at least regarded with ple miserable" (Prov. xiv, 34). indifference. There is not a nation Europe has no longer peace, because in Europe which can say with truth, in her directive, diplomatic, legal, Innocens sum sanguinis hujus-I am or, as they say, official capacity, she innocent of the blood of this one. In has abandoned herself to irreligion, this period of an age which calls and has drawn a great portion of the itself singularly civilized, because people into apostasy. In this ex- singularly jealous of liberty, we are cess, which comprehends numberless the witnesses of the abominable others, Christian thinkers discern the spectacle of the most unbridled principal cause of the actual state of license granted to every possible things. State, did we say? No, monstrosity in religion, and of the chaotic perturbation is more to the most inhuman tyranny exercised topoint. Nothing is written or spoken wards the Catholic Church alone. of but arms, armies, fleets, alliances, Indeed, legal or arbitrary injustice dangers, probabilities, and possibili- towards the persons, things, and ties of wars. Every nation seems to rights of the Catholic Church is rewrithe in the throes of a mysterious garded as the perfection of the civili- flagellation, administered by God. zation of the modern states of EuWhether we gaze from the material rope; hence the more civilized are and human standpoint, or from the they the more they oppress Cathomoral and divine, we behold fear and licity by their laws, vilify the hierconfusion. The public powers trem- archy, impoverish the priesthood, ble, individuals tremble, liberals throw obstacles in the way of wortremble, Catholics tremble, the ship, and render Catholic teaching wicked tremble, the good tremble. odious. This so-called civilization The evidences of the overflowing of simply resolves itself into antichristhe cups of Babelic Europe, the civil- tianity, which consists in separating izing, the progressive, and the en- everything which belongs to the civil lightened, appear on all sides. That order from the religious, politics from innate sentiment that the justice of the gospel, public right from divine God is at work, punishing socially, right, conscience from the Decafor the social crimes of governments logue, the people from God, the and people, is aroused in the breast faithful from the Church, and Chrisof every one, be he Christian or un- tian society from Jesus Christ. All believer. Well for our peace of mind this is called secularizing the legislawere we certain that the heaviest tion, repristinizing, so to speak, the blow of the chastisement had already independence of the state and of the fallen. But the peculiarity of the citizens, and restoring to Cæsar what chastisement which is actually being belongs to Cæsar. Different states

possess this civilization in different and priests, every one of which cries degrees, but all are invested, some to heaven for vengeance. Another through malice, some through politi- effect of the apostasy of the nations, cal motives, some through servile and the cause of many sins, is the fear. But they have all “conspired Masonry, which is notoriously hosin one, against the Lord and his tile to Christianity, and subversive Christ ;" all desire to exclude Jesus in tendency of religious and civil Christ from their civilization, to live peace. Freemasonry is not only tolseparated from the Church of Jesus erated in Europe, but promoted, faChrist. They want universal secu- vored, privileged, even raised to the larization. Now this sin, which in honor of thrones, and the most powcludes a formal apostasy of the pow- erful of these too. Hence, antiers from God, is precisely that which christian Masonry has come into the he decreed to punish from the high possession of nearly all that has been heavens with his tremendous con- taken from the Church of Christ, tempt and fury: Qui habitat in cælis and people baptized in the faith, and irridebit eos, et Dominus subsannabit redeemed by Christ, are abandoned eos. Tunc loquetur ad eos in ira sua, et to the discretion of secret powers, in furore suo conturbabit eos—He that which deny Christ and his baptism. liveth in the heavens will laugh at Upon the altar where states formerly them, and the Lord will mock them. adored the true and living God, they Then will he speak in his wrath, now adore the lying and evil-designand in his fury disturb them. How ing Moloch of the Masonic lodges. true every word of this prophecy is, We behold the sad effects of this in history tells us. We refer the reader the numerous socialistic and interto the history of Nero and his fol- national sects which begin to prevail lowers, not excepting the empireless among the working classes, and which monarch who died at Chiselhurst. are the favored offspring of Masonry. That these threats, so faithfully car- Governments tremble, and with rearied out, are addressed to the kings son, at the formidable proportions of the earth, is appositely proved in assumed lately by these anarchists. the following verses: “And now, ye But the fault lies with themselves. kings, understand ; learn ye who For Christian civilization, they have judge the earth. Serve the Lord in substituted Masonic barbarism. fear, and exalt him in trembling. Besides this, there is the unbridled Learn discipline, lest the Lord grow license, either permitted by the auangry.As sure as the potentates thorities, wickedly connived at, enof Europe have offended, so sure will joyed by the press and the theatres, they suffer. Cælum et terra transi- of blaspheming and vilifying everybunt, verba autem mea non præteri- thing sacred and venerable in heaven bunt. But let us glance at the alarm- and upon earth. And not only is ing extent of this apostasy, which has God, with all that is suggestive of led Europe into a series of sacrileges, Christianity, brought into ridicule, iniquities, and crimes, which, in cer- but the very first elements of human tain respects, have reduced her be- morality are ignored with malicious low the level of the most barbarous intent, every virtue is derided and nations of Paganism. We pass over pronounced hypocrisy, and the the spoliation of the Church, the rob- foundation itself of social life and the bery of things sacred to God, the order of nature is being uprooted. demolition of his temples, or their This is a most execrable license, the conversion into base or profane pur- criminal nature of which is aggraposes, the dispersion of the religious vated in this, that these same powers orders, the proscriptions, the exiles, deny it, and punish it when it viothe imprisonment of Catholic bishops lates the dignity of their own persons and the laws. Hence it is no which are of daily and hourly comunusual sight nowadays to behold mission. We would only remark that this monstrosity,-every public out- assassinations, robberies, and suirage to the majesty of God is lawful, cides are increasing frightfully. but woe betide the man who outrages Another great sin of the governthe majesty of the ruling sovereign. ments of Christian countries in EuFor instance, in Germany, a horrible rope is the perversion of public instrucblasphemy against Jesus Christ, the tion. Nearly every state has deprived Son of God, is regarded by the law the Church of her God-given liberty, as an innocent witticism.” But "an and ignored her duty of educating the innocent witticism” pronounced at youth admitted within her 'pale by the expense of his Bismarckian celsi- baptism. Where they have not taken tude, or his imperial majesty, is se- this prerogative from her, they have verely punished. In Italy, the man hampered its exercise by odious laws. who laughs at the unity of God, is re- On the contrary, the most ample libgarded as “a man of spirit,” but the erty is given to impious sectaries to “man of spirit” who calls the unity convert the depositories of science of Italy into question, is imprisoned. into sinks of error and corruption. From all this, blasphemy and pro- The secularization of instruction by fanity have become fashionable, and the state has produced this effect, is to be noticed in the scientific and that materialism and atheism are elegant world, among the laboring taught publicly in the cathedra, and classes to an extent which excites the the young people are taught by teachhorror of our most ungodly Ameri- ers of government appointed, who cans, and good round oaths of the are paid with the money of believing most original coinage are not unfre- Christians, that God does not exist, quently heard in certain Parliaments. that man differs but little from the Add to all this the loathsome spec- brute, that the Gospel is only a tacle of public immorality, against legend, the faith of Jesus Christ superwhich the governments of Europe stition, that the immortality of the not only take no measures, but they soul and its consequent happiness or Even vaunt their civilization in that misery in the world to come, a poetthey regulate it by sanitary laws, ical humbug; that enjoyment here something unheard of in Babylon, in below is the end of life, and that the Nineveh, in Athens, and in Rome. only divinity to which incense must And worse than all, in the country be offered is the state. But God has towns and villages, where immorality beclouded the minds of these potenof this nature cannot thrive, the tates, so that they cannot perceive feasts and ceremonies of the Catholic that all this tends to the most absoChurch are so hampered and re- lute anarchy. We might say a great stricted by the laws, that they may deal more about the manner in be considered as suppressed. This which elementary justice is doled is done under the plea of providing out; about the liberty of conscience; for public order and decorum. In about those abominable laws which Italy, for example, the clowns of the are destructive of the domestic ties; Carnival are permitted to assemble in about tributary systems and taxes the public thoroughfares, but sacred which ruin patrimonies; about the processions are prohibited. The bust taxes on blood, to wit, military conof the blasphemous Mazzini may be scriptions; about armies which recarried in procession through the duce the people to the verge of starstreets, but not Jesus Christ in the vation, and drink up the best blood Blessed Sacrament-forbid it deco- of the nations; about articles in the rum, and public health! We pass civil and penal codes of laws which over the enumeration of the crimes offend the most inviolable liberties

of man; but we pass on to the con- come integral parts. The national sideration of another of Europe's unity of France is wounded. The sins, not the least indeed, the viola- balancing power of the states is falsition and utter extinction of inter- fied. The independence of the weak national law, that law which regu- . is threatened. Liberty of alliance lates the relations between one nation does not exist any longer. We must and another, and which our fore- begin at the beginning, to do it all fathers anatonomastically called, the over again." But this famous inLaw of Nations, Jus Gentium. The triguer had not the honest, common secularization of politics in Christian sense to perceive that the dissolution states, and their separation from the of international law had been cometernal maxims of the Gospel, not menced long before by his patron, only has made them lose the practical Napoleon III, when he attempted to conception of the law, which, accord- violate it against the Pope in the ing to St. Ambrose, is founded in char- Congress of Paris, in 1856, and which ity, and, according to St. Thomas, is he continued to do in the war of reason existing in God, ratio in Deo 1859. He forgot that the iniquities existens, which is the mind of God, committed by the French Empire mens Dei, which is the supreme against the Roman Pontiff should, norma of human actions, but they by a just judgment of heaven, be have even lost the conception of the expiated in France, and by France, law of nature, of the essence of natu- and that the political equilibrium of ral right, founded in sound reason, Europe was not lost in the Treaty of and which exists between man and Frankfort, which took two provinces man, between nation and nation, from France, but was destroyed in

They have taken up another code, Rome, on the 20th of September, which they style the new, the su- 1870, by the celebrated breach, withpreme principle of which is interest, out pretext, without provocation, and the purpose is robberies, or to which overthrew the august throne use the new phraseology, annexa- of the Pontiff, and constituted him tions, which St. Augustine calls great in a state of moral imprisonment, robberies, latrocinia magna, and the and which the states of Europe means of which are perfidy, deceit, should not have permitted. This betrayal, and brute force. Hence act of the occupation of Rome, conBismarck's' maxim, la force prime le trary to international law, was the droit, which is the juridical synthesis seal which authenticated the death of modern civilization. The Vis- of public right in Europe, and was, count de la Guéronnière, one of the at the same time, the title of a new accomplices in the policy of Napo- debt which sinning Europe conleon III, and who enthroned in Eu- tracted with God. But she will pay rope this diabolical policy, in a work even the last farthing of this debt, written last year, a short time before even as the first negotiator of it, his death, thus expresses his remorse Napoleon III, paid his quota in the at the extinction of international humiliations of Sedan, and the exile law, which he (falsely) says, perished at Chiselhurst. in the Franco-Prussian war of 1870. That this debt shall be paid we “The equilibrium of Europe, hav- have a pretty strong and consoling ing left the long and patient labor assurance in the life of Pius IX, of all the diplomatic traditions, has whom Providence so visibly and fallen under the tyrannical weight of wonderfully aids and protects. God, the Treaty of Frankfort. Alsace and who in his infinite decrees established Lorraine, which were French for two a temporal sovereignty of the Church, centuries, have been detached from to insure the perfect independence of the nationality of which they had be- her chief pastor, permitted him to be

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