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London Printed by C. Roworth,

Hell-yard, Temple-bar.



6. Remarks on Scepticism, being an Answer to the Views

of Bichat, Sir T. C. Morgan, and Mr. Lawrence. By

the Rev. Thomas Rennell, A.M. Christian Advocate in

the University of Cambridge.

7. Cursory Observations upon the Lectures, &c. By one

of the People called Christians.

8. A Letter to the Rev. Thomas Rennell. From a Gra-

duate in Medicine.


II. Mémoires sur la Marine, et les Ponts et Chaussées de

France et d'Angleterre, contenant deux Relations de

Voyages faits par l’Auteur dans les Ports d'Angleterre,

d'Ecosse et d'Irlande, dans les années 1816, 1817 et 1818;

la Description de la Jetée de Plymouth, du Canal Calé-

donien, &c. Par Charles Dupin.


III. British Monachism, or Manners and Customs of the

Monks and Nuns of England; to which are added, 1.

Peregrinatorium Religiosum, or Manners and Customs

of Ancient Pilgrims.-2. The Consuetudinal of Anchorets

and Hermits.-3. Some Account of the Continentes, or

Persons who had made Vows of Chastity.-4. Economy

of Monastic Life, &c. &c. By Thomas Dudley Fos-

brooke, M.A. F.A.S.


IV. Radical Reform, Restoration of Usurped Rights. By

George Ensor, Esq.


V. Narra-

V. Narrative of my Captivity in Japan, during the years

1812 and 1813; with Observations on the Country and

People. By Captain Golownin, R.N. To which is added

An Account of the Voyages to the Coasts of Japan, and

of the Negociations with the Japanese for the release of

the Author and his Companions. By Captain Rikord - 107

VI. An Elementary Treatise on Astronomy. Vol. II. Con-

taining Physical Astronomy. By Robert Woodhouse,

A.M. F.R.S.


VII. Eastern Sketches, in Verse. By Henry Gally Knight,



VIII. Political Essays, with Sketches of Public Characters.

By William Hazlitt.


IX. Essays on the Institutions, Government, and Manners of

the States of Ancient Greece. By Henry David Hill, D.D.

Professor of Greek in the University of St. Andrews. 163

X. ). The Importance of the Cape of Good Hope, as a Colony

to Great Britain, independently of the Advantages it pos-

sesses as a Military and Naval Station, and the Key to

our 'Territorial Possessions in India. By Richard Bar-

nard Fisher, Esq. Third Edition, with Additions.

2. Considerations on the Means of affording Profitable Em-

ployment to the redundant Population of Great Britain

and Ireland, through the Medium of an improved and

correct System of Colonization in the British Territories

in Southern Africa.

3. Hints on Emigration to the Cape of Good Hope. By

William J. Burchell, Esq.

4. The Cape of Good Hope Calendar, and Agriculturist's

Guide. As compiled by G. Ross, Superintendent of the

Government Press in that Settlement.

5. An Account of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope,

with a view to the Information of Emigrants.

6. A Guide to the Cape of Good Hope, describing its Geo-

graphical Situation, Climate, &c.

7. The Emigrant's Guide to the Cape of Good Hope, con-

taining a Description of the Climate, Soil, and Produc-

tions of the Colony. By Jolin Wilson.

8. Journal of a Visit to South Africa in 1815 and 1816,

with some Account of the Missionary Settlements of the

United Brethren near the Cape of Good Hope.

Rev. C. J. Latrobe.


XI. De l'Administration de la Justice Criminelle en Angle-

terre et de l’Esprit du Gouvernemeni Anglais. Par

M. Cottu, Conseiller à la Cour Royale de l'aris.


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Art. I. 1. Mission from Cape Coast Castle to Ashantee, with a

Statistical Account of that Kingdom, and Geographi-

cal Notices of other Parts of the Interior of Africa.

By T. Edward Bowdich, Esq. Conductor.

2. The African Committee. By T. Edward Bowdich,

Esq. Conductor of the Mission to Ashantee. - 273

II. Thesaurus Græcæ Linguæ ab H. Stephano constructus.

Editio nova, auctior et emendatior.


III. 1. Dictionnaire Infernal; ou Recherches et Anecdotes

sur les Démons, les Esprits, les Fantômes, les Spectres,

les Revenans, les Loup-garoux, les Possédés, les Sor.

ciers, les Sabbats, les Magiciens, les Salamandres, les

Sylphes, les Gnomes, les Visions, les Songes, les Pro-

diges, les Charmes, les Maléfices, les Secrets merveil-

leux, les Talismans, &c. &c. &c. Par J. A. S. Colin

de Plancy.

2. Histoire de la Magie en France depuis le commence-

ment de la Monarchie, jusqu'à nos jours. Par M.

Jules Garinet.

3. Danske Folkesagn, samlede af J. M. Thiele.

4. Deutsche Sagen, herausgegeben von den Brüdern


5. Des Deutschen Mittelalters, Volksglauben und Hero-

ensagen, von L. F. von Dobeneck.

6. Tales of the Dead, principally Translated from the


· 348

IV. 1. Grundsätze der Strategie erläutert durch die Dar-

stellung des Feldzugs von 1796 in Deutschland.

2. Principes de la Stratégie développés par la Relation

de la Campagne de 1796, en Allemagne ; ouvrage

traduit de l'Allemand, et attribué à S. A. I. l'Archiduc


3. Geschichte des Feldzuges von 1799 in Deutschland

und in der Schweitz.


V. 1. Brutus,

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