Practice of Midwifery, on Monday, the 4th of October, at his house. No. 9, Old Jewry. Pupils will have the advantage of a valuable museum.

Dr. Adams's hour of lecturing is ten o'clock, and not twelve, as Tvas printed in our last.

Medical and Chemical Lectures, St. George's Hospital, and George-street, Hanover-square, will commence on Monday, October 4th, at the usual morning hours, viz. the Lectures on the Materia Medica and Practice of Physic at eight, and the Chemical at a quarter after nine o'clock. Ey George Pearson, M,D. V.R.S. Senior Physician of St. George's Hospital, of the College of Physicians, &c. —A register is kept of the cases of Dr. Pearson, in St. George's Hospital, and an account given of them every Saturday morning at nine.

Dr. Squire will, on Tuesday the 5th of this month, begin a Course, -of Lectures on the Theory and Practice of Midwifery, and the Diseases of Women and Children.

Dr. Hooper and Dr. Ager will begin their next Course on the Theory and Practice of Physic, Chemistry, and the Materia Medica, at the Theatre, 26, Cork-street, Burlington Gardens, on Monday, October 4lh, 1813, at eight o'clock in the morning.

Three Courses are given every year, beginning in February, June, and October, each on the first Monday of the month.

Mr. A. Carlisle, F.R.S. F. A.S. Professor of Anatomy in the Royal Academy, and Surgeon to the Westminster Hospital, will begin his Course of Lectures on the Art and Practice of Surgery, and the Sciences connected therewith, on Tuesday, October 12lh, at twelve o'clock, at his house in Soho-square.

The introductory discourse is open to all professional students, and the subject to be continued on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the same hour.

The diseases and accidents allotted to the province of surgery will be amply treated of, and illustrated by cases from the lecturer's experience. A compendious view of the animal economy will be adr duced to illustrate the several processes of disease and of recovery.

The operations of surgery, and the anatomy of the affected parts, are to be demonstrated.

Tlieutre of Anatomy, Windmill-street.—Mr. Brodie will begin his Lectures on the Theory and Practice of Surgery, oaMonday, October 4th, at seven in the evening.

St. George's Hospital.—Sir Everard Home will begin his Course of twelve Lectures on the principal Operations of Surgery (given gratuitously to the pupils of this Hospital) on. Thursday the 14th of .October.


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Quantity ol rain from tlie 26th of August to the 25th of September, one inch -JgV

The general character of the weather in this interval lias been as favorable for the harvest as in the preceding; and, though a greater quantity of rain has fallen, it has not been in a degree to impede the farmer in thi9 important operation. The raivge-of the mercury ban been remarkably great, from 292 on the morning of the 6th, when the heaviest fall of rain that had happened for many weeks occurred, to SO3. This great and rapid fall of the mercury in the ban.meter, was preceded, on the 4th, by sudden stormy gusts of wind from the S.W. The degree of temperature has been sometimes below the usual standard of the season; on the 8th the thermometer was down to 45 at sis in the morning, and probably, in some situations exposed from N.W. which was then blowing, to a strong wind some degrees lower.

Cholera seems entirely to have vanished in this interval, and a tendency to catarrhal affections, and rheumatism, to have arisen. Rubeola still' is frequent among children.

Frince'x Street, Cavendish Square, Sept. 26,


A Clinical History of ,;cute Rheumatism, or Ihe Rheumatic Fever. II. A Clinical History ol the Nodosity of the Joints. By John Haygarth, M.D. 8vo.—Cadell and Co.

Particulars of the successful Treatment-of a Case of Hydrophobia, with Observations. By Price Wynne. 8vo.—Longman and Co.

The Repojt of the London Committee of associated Apolhecarie9 and Surgeon-Apolhecaries of England and Wales, with the Resolutions proposed as (he Bases of a new Bill. 8vo.—Callow.

Treatise on the History, Nalure, and Treatment, of Cbincough; including a variety of Cases and Dissections: to which is subjoined, An Inquiry into the relative Mortality of the principal Diseases of Children. By R. Watt, M.D. 8vo.—Longman and Co.

A Catalogue of Medical Books, containing the most modern and approved Works on Anatomy, Medicine, Surgery, Midwifery, Ma-< teria Medica, Chemistry, Veterinary Surgery, &c. 84c. Corrected to October 1, 1813.-^-Highley and Son.

Anatomical Examinations.—A complete Series" of Anatomical Questions, with Answers; the Answers arranged so as to form an Elementary System of Anatomy, and intended as preparatory to Examinations at Surgeons' Hall. To which are annexed, Tables of the Bones, Muscles, and Arteries. Second Edition; 2 vols, small 8 vo. —Highley and Son.

Cullen's Nosology, or a Systematic Arrangement of Diseases into Classes, Orders, Genera, and Species; with accurate Definitions. . (Translated from the Latin.) Foolscap 8vo.—Highley and Son.

A Medical Dictionary, containing an Explanation of the Terms in. Surgery, Medicine, Midwifery, Anatomy, Chemistry, &e. &c. By John James Watt. Second Edition; foolscap 8v0.—Highley and Son.

A Compendium of Anatomy, or a concise and clear Description of the Human Body; with the Physiology or Natural History of the various Actions of its different Organs and Parts. Illustrated with engravings. Containing also an Essay on1 Suspended Animation, with the proper means to be used for the Recovery of Drowned Persons. By William Burke, Surgeon. Second Edition. L2ruo.—Highley and Son.


Mr. Gibbons' interesting case of the imposture of Anne Fmdkes, will be inserted, in our next Number; also communications from Dr. Sutton; Mr. Jumes Atkinson; Mr. J. Webster; §c. SfC

Mr. Jones is informed that the letter signed Dr. Douglas, of Manchester, though ingeniously written, was suspected to be. spurious, and was therefore not admitted; it has been mislaid, or it would hare been returned as requested.

The Editors some time ago engaged that a General Index to the Medical end Physical Journal should be given at the end of the 30th Volume. A single Correspondent has reminded them of that promise. I'hey accord~ ingly acquainted the Proprietors with the circumstance, and ihcy have agreed, that as soon as Jive hundred Subscribers shall have sent their ninne*. as purchasers of the Index, to the publisher, at No. 1, Puternostcr-row, the work shall be proceeded upon without delay. But the requisite erpence m ton great to be risked without such subscription. 3

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