Monthly Homoeopathic Review, 31. kötet

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397. oldal - It will, in short, become possible to introduce into the economy a molecular mechanism which, like a very cunningly contrived torpedo, shall find its way to some particular group of living elements, and cause an explosion among them, leaving the rest untouched.
236. oldal - Aphasia : being a Contribution to the Subject of the Dissolution of Speech from Cerebral Disease.
560. oldal - ... possible. It is by reviewing our own work, and correcting our own errors that we shall not only make real progress, but that we shall secure the respect of the scientific world. We, as a school, claiming to have a more definite and accurate method in prescribing, should aim at the utmost degree of precision as regards our matcria medica and therapeutic appliances.
689. oldal - ... They're boycottin' me because their ma's won't bring them to see the illuminations I'm goin' to see with you, tonight. For all parts of the city of Dublin where the real respectable people lived, and where the real respectable people worked, were celebrating in honour of something to do with the Majesty of Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland and Empress of India; to show their love and manifest their loyalty to her in millions of lights and multitudes of flags, banners, bannerettes,...
119. oldal - ... actions or candid reader of his writings can hesitate for a moment to admit that he was a very extraordinary man, one whose name will descend to posterity as the exclusive excogitator and founder of an original system of medicine, as ingenious as...
182. oldal - The real physician is the one who cures : the observation, which does not teach the art of healing, is not that of a physician, it is that of a naturalist* — Broussais.
612. oldal - I have so certainly touched the mark whereat I aimed, that antiquity may seem to have nothing wherein it may exceed us beside the glory of invention, nor posterity anything left but a certain small hope to add some things, as it is easy to add to former inventions.
477. oldal - Most medicines have more than one action ; the first a direct action, which gradually changes into the second (which I call the indirect secondary action). The latter is generally a state exactly the opposite of the former. In this way most vegetable substances act.
437. oldal - DUDGEON had great pleasure in rising to propose a vote of thanks to the Board of Management, the house committee, the treasurer and sub-treasurer, and felt that he could not do so better than by referring to the position of the Hospital, which he thought the best in London. There was no debt to speak of — certainly none which seemed to cause the board anxiety, and that was owing to the excellent financial management.
497. oldal - Homoeopathy adheres, as it has always done, to its object, as declared by its founders in the first article of its Constitution, namely: "the improvement of homoeopathic therapeutics, and all other departments of medical science," and that it is proud of its achievements up to this time.

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