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The names of contributors printed in small capitals; subjects
treated in ordinary type; titles of books reviewed in italics

ADAMS, JOAN. English lay critics CHURCHMAN, PHILIP H. Learning
of education, 377

by teaching, 65
America, Philosophy in, 356

College Entrance Examination Board,
American ideals, 75

Amazing document, An, 358

College stands for, What the, 16
Archives and libraries, Looting of, Colleges (Junior) in California, 117

Colorado, Education in, 84
Arithmetic. The Courtis standard tests Colvin's (S. S.) An introduction to
in Boston, 1914-1915, 442

high school teaching, 349
Artificial production of stupidity in Conservation in education, il
schools, The, 41

Cornell University, 177
Associations and organizations in the Critics of education, English lay, 377

United States, Educational, 300 Cross section of teachers' finances,
AVERILL, LAWRENCE A. The motion 294
picture and child development,

DARRAH, DAVID. Field work as a

new educational principle, 20
BARRY, FREDERICK. Twiss's (George DAVIDSON, WALTER B. The history

Ransom). A Textbook in the teacher's patriotic opportunity,

principles of science teaching, 440 INI
Bennett's (Henry E.) School effi- Death of Professor Villari, 180
ciency, 259

Decision in the Harvard-Technology
Brains, The presumption of, 238

case, 158
Branford's (Benchara) Janus and Degree of Master of Arts at Johns
Vesta, 107

Hopkins, 126
BROCK, A. CLUTTON. Patriotism and Development, The motion picture
war, 62

and child, 398
Bronner's (Augusta F.) The psychol- Discussions, 65, 158, 251, 345

ogy of special abilities and dis Doctorate of philosophy, The Oxford,

abilities, 71
BROWN, ROBERT M. Geography in Document, An amazing, 358

practise and in theory, 30 Durkheim, Émile, 449



California, Junior colleges in, 117
Chapman (J. Crosby) and Rush's

(Grace P.) The scientific measure-

ment of classroom products, 350
Character and fitness in education, I
Child development. The motion

picture and, 398

Education Bill, The English, 251

Character and fitness in, i
Conservation in, il
in Colorado, 84
in France, War and, 86
English lay critics of, 377
Lord Haldane on, 353

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