Speaking Your Mind: Oral Presentation and Seminar Skills

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Rebecca Stott, Tory Young, Cordelia Bryan
Longman, 2001 - 136 oldal
This book asks the question: 'What are the skills of a good speaker, or member of discussion group?' and then looks at how these skills can be acquired. The book is designed with the belief that the key to good speaking is an awareness of audience and context, and a knowledge of the techniques of argumentation or rhetoric. Trains students in effective discussion and presentation skills through a variety of practical approaches and shows students how to argue more effectively. Engaging and practical activities in each chapter enable the reader to practice these skills in scenarios designed to be relevant to the world of work. For those students wishing to increase their presentation skills.

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A szerzőről (2001)

Tory Young, Department of English, Polytechnic University

Cordella Bryan, Freelance Educational Consultant

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