The New History of Korean Civilization

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iUniverse, 2012 - 352 oldal

Throughout its 4,000-year history, Korea has created a vibrant and unique culture. Unfortunately, many believe it developed solely due to China's influence, thus leaving no room for an independent history and culture. This is simply wrong.

"The New History of Korean Civilization" explores the existence of a distinctive Korean culture established by the Korean people and separate from its Chinese and Japanese counterparts. Author Chai-Shin Yu, distinguished professor of Korean studies, surveys the history of cultural life in Korea and provides a detailed account of this country's remarkable heritage.

From the prehistoric age through the rise of the Chos n Dynasty and up to the creation of the Republic of Korea, this concise history traces the development of history, politics, philosophy, religion, literature, and art. Chai-Shin Yu shows how Korean culture also played a vital role in the formation of Japanese culture.

Written for the purpose of introducing the roots of Korean culture to Westerners and second-generation Koreans living in the West, "The New History of Korean Civilization" is a bold addition to the historiography of Korea."

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Chai-Shin Yu, Ph.D, is a distinguished professor of Korean studies at the University of Toronto and former visiting professor of Seoul National University and Yonsei University. The author of numerous previous publications on Korean thought and history, he currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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