Outlines of the History of Ancient Rome: Embracing Its Antiquities; on the Plan of the Rev. David Blair. Adapted to Schools in the United States ...

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S.G. Goodrich, 1828 - 312 oldal

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120. oldal - ... than sixty senators, the chief of whom were Brutus and Cassius. He was stabbed in the senate house, on the 15th of March, BC 44, in the 56th year of his age ; he at first attempted to make some resistance, but seeing Brutus, his intimate friend. among the conspirators, he submitted to his fate, and covered with 23 wounds, fell at the foot of Pompey's statue. Csesar is perhaps the most distinguished character in history. His talents in war and literature were equally great. Amidst his military...
113. oldal - Cesar now commanded the cohorts to pursue their success, and, advancing, charged Pompey's troops upon the flank : this charge the enemy withstood for some time with great bravery, till he brought up his third line, which had not yet engaged. Pompey's infantry, being thus doubly attacked in front, by fresh troops, and in rear by the victorious cohorts, could no longer resist, but fled to their camp. The flight began among the strangers, though Pompey's right wing still valiantly maintained their ground.
117. oldal - While he was thus piously employed, he was accosted by an old Roman soldier, who had served under Pompey in his youth.
124. oldal - It lasted four days ; the first was for Gaul, the second for Egypt, the third for his victories in Asia, and the fourth for that over Juba in Africa. His veteran...
302. oldal - They were sometimes written on parchment, but more frequently on a paper made from the leaves of a plant called papyrus. The leaves were pasted together at the ends, and then made up into a roll, which was enclosed in a covering of skin, or silk, fastened with strings, or clasps.
298. oldal - ... themselves upon it, falls into a stone cistern underneath, from whence it is received into a fine polished marble basin, so artfully contrived that it is always full without ever overflowing. When I sup here...
296. oldal - Acanthus: this is surrounded by a walk enclosed with tonsile evergreens, shaped into a variety of forms. Beyond it is the Gestatio, laid out in the form of a circus, ornamented in the middle with box cut in numberless different figures, together with a plantation of shrubs, prevented by the shears from shooting up too high; the whole is fenced in by a wall covered by box, rising by different ranges to the top.
207. oldal - As the sun was declining, there suddenly appeared a pillar of light in the heavens, in the fashion of a cross, with this inscription, EN TOrrn NIKA, IN THIS OVERCOME.
116. oldal - Pompey, after having taken leave of Cornelia, who wept at his departure, and having repeated two verses of Sophocles, signifying, that he who trusts his freedom to a tyrant, from that moment becomes a slave, gave his hand to Achillas, and stcpt into the bark, with only two attendants of his own.

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