Philiberta, 356. kötet

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Ward, Lock and Company, 1883 - 366 oldal

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112. oldal - There's a fancy some lean to and others hate — That, when this life is ended, begins New work for the soul in another state, Where it strives and gets weary, loses and wins : Where the strong and the weak, this world's congeries, Repeat in large what they practised in small, Through life after life in unlimited series ; Only the scale's to be changed, that's all.
112. oldal - Yet I hardly know. When a soul has seen By the means of Evil that Good is best, And, through earth and its noise, what is heaven's serene, — When our faith in the same has stood the test — Why, the child grown man, you burn the rod. The uses of labor are surely done ; There remaineth a rest for the people of God : And I have had troubles enough, for one.
94. oldal - Have laid their eggs ? Why from a comfortable pillow start To see faint flushes in the east awaken? A fig, say I, for any streaky part, Excepting bacon. An early riser Mr. Gray has drawn, Who used to haste the dewy grass among, To meet the sun upon the upland lawn

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