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The Rev. Addis E. BISHOP, residing in Ohio.

* N. P. CHARLOT, Chaplin 22d Regiment Indiana Volunteers.
* John H. DRUMMOND, residing in Kansas.
- E. JAMES Purdy, Chaplain of Military Hospitals, New Albany.
* Horace STRINGFELLOW, Jr., residing in Virginia.

List of the Clergy

Who Attended this Convention.

The Right Rev. GEORGE UPFOLD, D. D., LL. D., Presidente
Rev. Joseph Adderly,

Rev. Joseph S. Large,
Elias Birdsall,

" James H. Lee, •ó Abner P. Brush,

46 John N. Lee, 4 William II. Carter,

ti Thomas Mills Martin, si Chauncey W. Fitch, D. D.,

4 Samuel D. Pulford, 16 Richard L. Ganter,

James Runcie, in William L. Githens,

" Loren W. Russ, • Theodore I. Holcomb,

" William Turner, 6 William Jahn,

" John B. Wakefield.

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- - :0:INDIANAPOLIS, WEDNESDAY, JUNE, 1st 1864. This being the time and place appointed for the meeting of the twenty-seventh annual Convention of the Diocese of Indiana, the Bishop and a number of Clergy and Lay Delegates assembled in Christ Church, Indianapolis, at half past ten o'clock, A. M.

Morning Prayer was read by the Rev. Richard L. Ganter, Rector of Trinity Church, Michigan City, and the Rev. J. B. Wakefield, Rector of St. Paul's Church, Rich mond.

The Convention Sermon was preached by the Rev. Abner P. Brush, Rector of Trinity Church, Logansport, from I Timothy, IV, 16.

After Divine Service, and the administration of the Holy Communion by the Bishop, assisted in the distribution of the elements by the Rector of the Parish, and the Rev. Mr. Wakefield, the Convention was called to order: and on calling the roll it was found that a sufficient number was present to constitute a quorum, the following Clergymen, and the Laity from more than three Parishes, answering to their names, viz:

The Right Rev. GEORGE UPFOLD, D. D., LL. D. Rev. Joseph Adderly,

Rev. Joseph S. Large, 6 Elias Birdsall,

4 James H. Lee, 6 Abner P. Brush,

16 John N. Lee, 5 William H. Carter,

4 Thomas Mills Martin, - Chauncey W. Fitch, D. D.,

1 Samuel D. Pulford, * Richard L. Ganter,

" James Runcie, 16 William L. Githens,

4 Loren W. Russ, " Theodore I. Holcomb,

" William Turner, Deacon, 16 William Jahn,

" John B. Wakefield.

The Chairman declared the Convention duly organized and announced the following Standing Committees :

Rev. Messrs. Githens and Adderly and Dr. Wood.

Rev. Messrs. Wakefield and Ganter and Mr. Early.

Rev. Mr. Russ and Messrs. Love and Fry.

Rev. Mr. Runcie and Messrs. Ballard Smith and Bick-

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ON UNFINISHED BUSINESS. Rev. Messrs. Carter and Brush and Mr. Jackson. The next business in order being the election of Secretary,

on motion of the Rev. Dr. Fitch, balloting was dispensed with, and the Rev. Elias Birdsall was chosen for that office.

On motion of Rev. Mr. Russ the Convention adjourned to 3 o'clock.

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The Convention met pursuant to adjournment.

The Rev. Mr. Wakefield, by the Bishop's request, presiding. The minutes of the morning session were read and approved. The Committee on Credentials presented the following


The Committee on Credentials to whom were referred the Certificates of Lay Delegates, having examined the same, report the following as entitled to seats in this Convention, being delegates from the Parishes named, viz: *

CHRIST CHURCH, INDIANAPOLISJames Morrison, William H. Morrison, and John Love.

ST. STEPHEN'S CHURCH, TERRE HAUTE-Judge Ballard Smith, S. S. Early, and Dr. John A. Wood.

ST. JAMES, VINCENNES—John Jackson, B. R. Taylor. Christ ChuRCH, MADISON— William H. Fry, s. 0. Charlesworth. St. Paul's, New ALBANY-George A. Bicknell, Franklin Johnson. St. Luke's, CANNELTON—D. L. Armstrong, E. E. Drumb. TRINITY CHURCH, LAWRENCEBURGH-Doctor J. H. Brower. TRINITY CHURCH, FORT WAYNE-Doctor John S. Irwin. St. Paul's, EVANSVILLE—Henry A. Cook, Charles Denby. TRINITY CHURCH, Michigan City, W. R. Godfrey, Z. Gould. ST. JAMES' CHURCH, Goshen–E. S. Wright, George Howell. TRINITY Church, LOGANSPORT—John E. Howes, George D. Davies. St. Paul's CHURCH, Richmond-- Colonel Bridgland, Charles II. Burchneall, Charles H. Strickland.

(Signed) W. L. GITHENS,


* NOTE.-The names of those present are printed in italics.

The Committee on the Admission of New Parishes then presented their


The Committee on the Admission of New Parishes respectfully report that they have examined the papers of the German St. John's Church, Valparaiso, Porter County, and of St. Luke's Church, Indianapolis, and find them correct; we, therefore, recommend that they be received into union with this Convention.



S. S. EARLY. When, upon motion, the above named Parishes were admitted.

Juergen Urbahns and Philip Kern were admitted to the Convention as Lay Delegates from German St. John's Church, Valparaiso.

The Rev. Mr. Birdsall announced to the Convention his appointment of the Rev. W. H. Carter as Assistant Secretary.

The Committee on Unfinished Business


The Committee on Unfinished Business respectfully report the Amendment to the Constitution proposed by Mr. M. S. Johnson, that the words "on the first Wednesday of June" be stricken out, and "on the Wednesday succeeding the fourth Monday of May” be inserted.

Also the Report of the Special Committee to whom was referred the Resolution of Mr. Yundt to prepare, and present to the Convention a paper showing what are the specific duties of Wardens. "That they will not have time fully to consider this important subject, and request the Convention to refer this whole matter to the Committee on Revision to report to next Convention."

(Signed) · W. H. CARTER,


On motion of the Rev. Mr. Birdsall the Convention proceeded to the election of Delegates to the General Convention; the Rev. Mr. Brush and Mr. Early acting as tellers. During the ballot the following motion was made by Judge Smith, which was carried.

Resolved, That the Trustees of the Diocese be requested to report to the Convention to-morrow morning the amount and condition of the Trust Funds, as required by Section 5th of Canon 6th.

The election of Delegates to the General Convention resulted in the choice of

The Rev. James Runcie, Rev. J. B. Wakefield, Rev. Elias Birdsall, Rev. Loren Russ, of the Clergy; and Hon. Ballard Smith, J. S. Irwin, M. D., Hon. J. A. Bicknell, Hon. J. Morrison, of the Laity.

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